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none - 1/11/2011
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Another POSITIVE review - 12/23/2010
I am really shocked at some of these responses. I am a teacher in Fort Collins who moved from Chicago and can't disagree more about the comments about rude people. Wherever you go in the world, you'll meet people who are rude, but that doesn't reflect everyone in the town. I can't help but notice all the people who smile and make conversation with you, whether at the cashier, waiting for an emissions test result, etc... People ask you how you're doing and are sincere and approachable. I have not had one rude experience yet, although I am not saying I will never encounter one here. It's just life...

Life definitely seems less stressful and the sun is out very often, even in December. Yes, it does get cold, but we have SEASONS, which is priceless to me. If you want warm weather year-round, then FC is not the place for you. It's a modest town with a quaint downtown area and many things to do if you look for them. It's great for kids, and in my opinion, not too Read More

Quality of Life - 11/15/2010
Remember the old Norman Rockwell paintings? If you are over 50 you will see FC in that way. If you are of college age there is a good school here, Colorado State University. Fort Collins Is a great place to raise a family, lots of bike trails a vibrant and a revitalised Historic Old Town. Crime is low. There is a nice balance of old and young. I raised my children here, but, I am ready to leave. Not because of problems with the town, just with the winter. If you are arthritic the wind in the cold season will be a disrtaction. One last thing....Great Read More

Fort Collins is a great place to live - 11/1/2010
I never post on these comment boards, but after reading some of the negative comments, I felt like I needed to defend my city! I definitely agree that one's perception of Ft. Collins is probably dependent upon where they're coming from. We're originally from the midwest, lived in Jacksonville, Florida for a few years and then moved to Ft. Collins almost 4 years ago. We LOVE it here. Have found it to be extremely friendly compared to Jacksonville. I think a lot of that reason is because people really feel lucky to live here. I got the feeling in Jacksonville that people just felt "stuck" there. There are a lot of transplants here and I think that makes for a friendly community because we chose to be here and we're away from family so we reach out to others quite a bit. Yes, there are the occasional pompous "NATIVE" bumper stickers around, but I've never had a negative run-in with a native. I have met a lot of them and I think it's a tribute to their city and state that they have Read More

Trust the Wisdom of Crowds - 10/9/2010
It seems these forums are always littered with negative opinions of people who had one or two bad experiences. Trust the fact that Fort Collins is consistently rated as a top-rated best place to live among most major news/magazine outlets. There are crappy people everywhere...I'm mystified how people simply chalk this up to the town itself.

Fort Collins is world-class when it comes to friendliness, affordability, quality of life, fun, and Read More

Fort Collins is a great place - 3/23/2010
Although I have only visited FC, I have family there that I have visited and cannot disagree more with the statements I have read here. Why all the negativity? Fort Collins is definitely one of the friendliest and safest towns you'll find. I think so much of perception is based upon choices. For example, if you spend time getting to know your neighbors and being friendly yourself, others will return the gesture. Also, one or two bad experiences reflect human beings more than a place. You will find nasty people everywhere. From what I can say, FC is a great place to live. It is very beautiful, spacious, has plenty of outdoor activities, things to do with pets, family-friendly, and has a nice downtown. People seemed to be happy and much less stressed out than in Chicago. Pace of life is a little bit slower, but not that slow. There are still major technological companies out there (i.e. HP, Intel, etc...). I say thumbs up all the way! I can't wait to move Read More

Positive review - 3/23/2010
I was reading the reviews on here, and although I have only visited (plan to live in FC starting July), I had to comment that through my personal experience and from talking to relatives who live in FC, it is def not a "rude" place. In the parks, stores, and just around the neighborhood, everyone said hello to me in passing and seemed very friendly and approachable. It is a spacious and beautiful quaint town with a nice downtown and endless recreational activities. If you love dogs, it is the place to be.  Read More

Sad to hear of another pretty place with such ugli - 10/2/2009
I wonder if the people that are so rude ever consider that it is not just their state that pays for their social security checks, etc. when it is time to retire or disability happens. If it was it would be much less and they wouldn't be able to afford to live there either. My husband and I took a job in another beautiful place with ugly attitudes and were promoted right to the top. But decided not to stay anyway. There are days I wish we would have just to look out for the newcomers and give the locals a taste of their own culture but we are better than than that and wouldn't want our children raised around other children that behave that way because thats' not a good example of functioning in society. That's disfunctioning in Read More

Good areas bad areas - 5/3/2009
My wife and I are moving to Fort Collins in the fall of 2009 so that she can go to graduate school at CSU. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where some good places to look for apartments are (good area, bad area) and what construction jobs are like there right now, Read More

Not a friendly place - 4/29/2009
I moved to Fort Collins, CO in September of 2008 as a job transfer. I have lived all over the southern United States and I have found CO to be one of the most unfriendly places I have ever been. It is unquestionably beautiful here, the climate is great, the views are great and there are lots of recreational things to do. But I have never in my life had such a difficult time connecting with people. They just seem to have the attitude that if you're not from here, you're not welcome. So after only a scant 8 months in the area, I've decided to move back to the South, where people are actually nice and welcome you into a Read More

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