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Reviews for Bradenton  based on 32 Reviews

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Avoid University Place development in Bradenton FL - 9/28/2020
Stay away from University Place in Bradenton FL (Cooper Ceek Blvd and Honore Ave.) We made the mistake of buying in this "safe" gated community according to the realtor (please vent all reators as real estate agents are extremely shady in FL) and it was far from safe. We actually had a convicted drug dealer who was openly using the house (renting) as a drug pickup location and after complaints still the HOA was afraid to do anything. And, the gates are very unsafe as anyone could get through them by saying any easy excuse like they are a mail carrier, uber etc and again the HOA was so poorly run no one fixed anything. The HOA finances were very questionable also but again due to the same people running the board and committee for so long you could not get straight answers and we now know why. Sad because kids would be running around and single ederly women living on the street whete all this unsafe activity was going on in broad daylight. Thankfully, we were able to sell but it Read More

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How Bad is Manatee County - 1/28/2016
I just bought a home in Oneco area at 11st and 53rd, Naturally my realtor said its not a bad area and not to worry but seems theres a few gangs near by and a lot of crimes ( Homicides ) Have I made a mistake in moving to that area Read More

Crime - 11/12/2015
I placed a review of Bradenton in previous comments on Bradenton, Florida. I cannot find the review. I have lived in Europe, St. Petersburg, New York, Tampa, and Tallahassee. I am a retired Sergeant of twenty eight years from a local agency. I worked in Miami. Bradenton is a very nice town if you have money. If you can afford to live on the beach, Lake Wood Ranch or along Riverview Boulevard;you will love the Bradenton- Sarasota area. If you do not have money and you don't have a job; don't bother. Go to the compare crime category and put the current town that you live in and Manatee County you will be safer where there is a city police department. This will mean that you pay more taxes and that you will receive more services. The City of Bradenton Police Department will arrive at your home within two or three minutes. Same with most of the other cities. The Sheriff's Office will take twenty minutes. Don't open your door for strangers it may be a home invasion. If you Read More

Bradenton Fl - 6/29/2012
Bradenton is a great mid sized town. Cost of living is not real cheap, houses for rent are quite expensive if you are on a budget. Apartments are cheaper then houses. Most houses under $900 a month lately seem to be less then 900 sq ft and are very small.
People are nice for the most part, not like real small towns but you if you choose you can remain anonymous easier then a small town.Read More

Would chose Bradenton a FOURTH time! - 2/6/2012
I lived in Bradenton for 12 yrs & was then transfered (due to work)to Chicago. Although Chicago is a great City, we counted the days before we could return to our beloved Bradenton! After 6 longs yrs we finally were able to return to Bradenton & even returned to the same neighborhood! No, Bradenton is not perfect, but no city is! But as far as we're concerned it's the perfect location between Sarasota & Tampa with the entire Tampa Bay area open to us offering all the Arts & Culture we could want including world class beaches & shopping!!! Taxes & housing prices are less in Bradenton than Sarasota or Tampa so the choice was easy & this was a choice that I have made "3" times, from the 1st time I decided to move to Florida in '96 to the last move in 2009. If you have complaint's about the city, get out there & work to make it better - it's a town worth fighting Read More

If you can drive in Bradenton you can drive ANYWHE - 12/14/2011
I've been driving for 35 years, different types of trucks and cars in all sorts of weather alongside all sorts of drivers! I'm fron New England, but I have to say holy crap! I've recently started driving in south-west Florida. And the drivers here, especially in parts of Bradenton (I noticed) they are frightening! Scary people behind the wheels! You pull onto a main street and God forbid someone behind you has to brake ever ever so slightly because if they do they will blow their horn at you like you had cut them off into a ditch! What is it with drivers in parts of Bradenton?? The drivers there are worse it seems than drivers in Orlando, St. Pete, Anna Maria and Sarasota. And don't forget the tail-gators!!! OMG! I've never seen tailgators worse than those in sections of Bradenton!!! They're nuts! Some of the drivers will jump up on your bumper and honk wildly especially if you're an old fart that's not in a hurry to move over! I've noticed many senior citizens simply Read More

New Resident - 8/4/2010
Looking forward to moving to Bradenton soon! Spent many months looking up and down the SW coast and chose Bradenton as my new home. I realize there are many naysayers, but since I'm originally from NJ, I understand all that!
It's proximity to Sarasota and Tampa is great, the beaches of AMI are fantastic, and the art scene is nice and hip. Seems to me like Bradenton is a 'poor cousin' to Sarasota. Like any city it has it's problems---no place is perfect. Hope to get active in local politics after settling in. I dislike people who complain but never try to take action to change the things they bitch about! See you Read More

Beautiful Bradenton - 8/4/2010
Bradenton is a beautiful place. It's proximity to Venice, Sarasota, Tampa and Orlando make it a great location. Like any city it has some problems but it's assets far outweigh it's problems. AMI beaches are fantastic, and the arts scene is hip and current.  Read More

Schools - 7/16/2010
There are two great schools in the Bradenton area. Pinnacle Academy is a private school for children with autism and related disabilities. The other is a public charter school called Manatee School for the Arts. Both provide incredible opportunities for our children to grow emotionally and educationally. I couldn't think of better schools for Read More

Salary - 4/1/2009
I need salary and pay info for this Read More

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