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Hell drug hell and corruption - 3/11/2019
I lived here 30 years. There was a time in the 90s when people stated it was bad but really the past 5 or 10 years is worse than the 90s.

There is an extensive amount of backroad low key drug dealing to rapping to launder the money. Google 1900 block. There are shootings affilated with this drama, Missings person and decease: Omar, unknown person 2004 or so, Stacey, Mr. Garrison, concert shooting, another parking garage shooting, BB shooting at crab fest, girls found burnt on racetrack road, ICU fights involving VIP, extensive domestic abuse, abuse of kids, detaining victims and witness because of court corruption when cases filed in mental hospital because the truth is coming put and the lawyers I guess trying to hush it along with corruption, hospital employees selling drugs......the list goes on.

Their all involved is how to survive Read More
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A Quickly-Growing City Filled with Rich Culture - 3/23/2017
The city of Gainesville, FL has significantly changed over the past several years. Once a town defined only by the University of Florida, its amazing natural landscapes, unique history, and quickly-expanding business scene have begun to put Gainesville on the national radar of extraordinary, one-of-a-kind cities.

Gainesville is the perfect place to live for someone in any stage of life. Although it is small and centralized, there’s always something to do! The city has a rich culture which often remains undiscovered to travelers solely visiting for the University of Florida.

There is a stigma that Gainesville is only a good place to live for college students, which couldn’t be any further from the truth! While hosting a major public university with top-ranked academic and athletic programs means that the Gators are a large part of the city’s lifestyle, it also means that it’s constantly growing. The city has completely revitalized itself since I moved here in Read More

Gainesville: classic & timeless, young & eclectic - 1/27/2017
Gainesville, FL is such a unique, one of kind city. You have the University of Florida, a central hub for student life, community jobs, research, events, sports and much more. You also have the rapidly growing areas of town: Archer Road, Downtown, the NW side of Gainesville, and more. They are all developing with new restaurants, entertainment establishments, and places to live. The beautiful thing about Gainesville, is that you never know what you'll get. Tradition rings strong in town with holiday celebrations, parades, classic restaurants like the Sandwich Inn and Burrito Brothers, and plenty unique events. Yet, there are always new things to do popping up whether it is a new concert, a food truck rally, a brewery, a farmer's market, yoga in the park, or anything else! In Gainesville, the world truly is your Oyster. Check it Read More

Gainesville FL - great weather and great people - 4/20/2016
Gainesville has mostly sunny days. When it rains, it does so with enough gusto to quickly water the grass and plants, and then it's back to sunny skies a few hours later. We have a lot of lush trees, thanks to a well educated city arborist, and when you drive through town, you're sure to notice that the apartments and houses have meticulous landscaping that looks lush.

There are a lot of great public pools and water features, so that you can enjoy the sun around your neighbors. There are also great jogging and biking trails (I like the Gainesville Hawthorne trail myself) that were converted from the original railroad lines that ran through the city many years ago.

The weather here is great. Fairly warm in the summer, but with a nice breeze that makes it livable even on the hot days. I truly love it here. Read More

Gainesville apartments are plentiful and inexpensi - 4/20/2016
I'm amazed at how inexpensive the housing in Gainesville remains in 2016. With a high population of renters, the apartments in Gainesville are in demand, but there are a lot of apartment complexes that cater to many different types of people. There are student apartments around the University (better if you can stand late night parties) and lots of great, affordable apartments for grad students or working professionals, too. The downtown has a festive atmosphere on the weekends, and there are apartments above Union Street that you can rent or buy now.

Decent houses can be purchased in the high 100s, and depending on where you work in town, you could ride your bike to work.

The weather here is great, with enough rain to keep the landscaping lush, but mostly sunny days. It's a great place to Read More

Gainesville FL is a great city for young professio - 4/20/2016
I lived in and around Gainesville Florida growing up, attending the University of Florida as a college student, and then moved out of state when I graduated. After living in Dallas, TX and Austin, TX and traveling a lot for work, I can confidently say that Gainesville FL is truly a great place to live as a young professional or a person with a family. As a college student, I often felt like the city lacked a lot of the amenities in a big city like Chicago or New York, but I can now see that it also lacks many of the problems in those big cities (like high crime, high costs of living, high taxes, and high unemployment).

Gainesville has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. It's a great place for a working professional to find a job, and the companies truly want to keep their employees, because it can be a challenge for them to recruit replacements due to the low unemployment. There are great restaurants, wonderful playhouses, great music shows within 2 Read More

Genetic Medicine Clinic - 1/5/2016
Popular by the name of The Genetic Medicine Clinic, we are amongst the most trusted providers of unmatched clinical facilities to people worldwide. We provide matchless counseling, risk assessment and diverse genetic testing to the needy. Our prime motto is to provide A-class healthcare services by using state-of-the-art technology in the medical industry. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance related to weight management, cardiac problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and Read More

Cost of living - 1/2/2016
Just see Read More

Gainesville is not such a great place to live. - 3/1/2015
I moved here thinking it would be a great and enlivening place to be with the University and all, but it really isn't. There are the "University People" and the rest of us, who are pretty much ignored. There is no place for anyone but students to live cheaply. GRU has the highest utility rates in the state. If you want to live somewhere with adults, you have to go to the NW side of town, which is full of snotty yuppies and crunchy granola mommies. I wanted to get involved in things here, but without a car, it's hard to get to the places where meetings are held, and people are not friendly enough to offer you a ride. The bus system isn't as great as they claim, and some parts of town have little bus service at all. I ended up not getting involved in anything I wanted to because of this reason. It is a very cliquish city, and very racist and very much against the homeless. I'm trying to save to move elsewhere, but with the high rents and utilities, it's very hard for a "working poor" Read More

Amazing Place - 5/28/2014
Amazing weather all year round. Awesome city. Clean buildings, clean roads, lots to do outside. This is not just a college town, but that is the core of it; something like half of all people are students. I lived here for three years and I want to get back to it. The quality of life in north Florida is great. rent is pretty low. The infrastructure is very decent. Houses are pretty. People are pretty too. As someone from NH, I do not take a clean wide pothole free road for granted, ever. And Gainesville has these by the dozens. There is also lots to do from canoeing to biking (trails or roads) to walking on the prairie among ancient oak trees. There are bars too if that is your thing. Every day is sunny, every summer day is also rainy, just to cool things back down. it's perfect. winter is just long enough to be a relief from the 10 months of temperate summer.  Read More

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