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Port Charlotte Living - 6/25/2015
I bought a really nice house in Port Charlotte fl with a pool on a corner lot 1 block from Sunrise park where u can put your boat in a go to the Gulf Ocean-I think its great here. Everything is close and convenient. People are nice like anywhere else -YOU just have to be nice.You have a really good choice or restaurants in Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda . NO WINTER! -who cares that it's hot. I love it! It's tropical weather for C sakes.Is living cheap anywhere??? NO it's not -so get over it! Get a better job and stop complaining.It's Florida not Alaska ! it's fantastic here.I lived everywhere in the USA and I love it here.If you don't like it here, go move to The Pocono's in Pennsylvania and find out what torture really is. Read More

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Port Charlotte was a NO BRAINER! - 6/1/2015
Coming from NC, my husband, an avid fisherman, and I retired recently. We couldn't wait to pick out a town in FL to move to. Anywhere was fine as long as it was on the west coast between Sarasota and Venice/ Ft Myers area. Our criteria was:

Limit 300K
Gulf Access
Open kitchen
At least 1200 sf
3bdrm/2 baths
in a Town with promise/growing
Where we could get the most bang for buck/best value for the $
great fishing
solid investment
has to have local eateries plus some of the chains i love like Panara Breads, etc. and of course great shopping!

The research began. I've interviewed, read local and statewide, blogs and studied every kind of data from crime rates to elevation rates, blah blah.

Buying and moving to PORT CHARLOTTE was a no brainer. What a place to get an incredible deal on a house- still. It is our paradise. We were just getting ready to make an Read More

Port Charlotte - 1/22/2015
Port Charlotte is a region the focus of which is liveability. Internet accessability is the determinant of your lifesytle in work or leisure. Read More

Big City Trafic/Small Town Boredom - 4/11/2014
Port Charlotte used to be a nice sleepy retirement community back in the 80s and early 90s. Its population has steadily increased at a blitzkrieg pace though. You also have a huge number of seasonal residents that come down in the winter as well as vacationers who want to soak up sun. The result is you have a six lane highway with bumper to bumper traffic. Small side roads are full of endless streams of cars. And you aren't even in a city.

Despite what is reported about cost of living, the cost of living is high. Its low compared to New York or California, but compared to anywhere else its high. If you buy a house, its cheap. If you rent, the price is ridiculous. Groceries are very over priced. The restaurants are mediocre at best, but have lines all the way out of the door. And then in the summer everything is dead.

Unless you are a Doctor or a Nurse there isn't any work to speak of. This place is only good if you are retired, but even here I just don't Read More

Most depressing place I've ever lived - 3/12/2014
I don't think there are any words to express my frustration with this town. I unfortunately wasted 6 years of my life living in this place. Good for the commenters who have found happiness here. In my opinion, this is a terrible place for families and working age people. Not a good place to raise kids or find a decent job by any means. Good place if you're retired and don't have to worry about finding income. Everyone loves the cheap rent but you will only make about $20,000 per year here on average. A lot of the communities are drug run because of the lack of employment. The crime rate is just retarded here. Everything nice seems to be reserved for seniors only. Only in Florida! This was a nice place 20 years ago, now its just over populated and slummy in most areas. They've rebuilt a lot after hurricane Charley, but still lacks charm. There is not a scratch of culture here either. A lot of the natives I found to be childish, two-faced and inconsiderate. People here are very in to Read More

great place - 2/2/2014
I moved down here a couple of years ago from a wealthy metro area. The cost of real estate is much lower here than where I came from. There was only one killing per about 160,000 in Charlotte County last year and fewer incidences of violent crime than in the big city. Almost a third of the population is over 65. The local medical services industry has been built up over the years. There are three hospitals within five miles of my location and numerous medical specialists and general practitioners along Rte. 41. The weather is fantastic in the winter. Some people had winter homes in Port Charlotte and then went back north in April. The place is about 250 miles north of the tropics. I planted subtropical fruit trees and was able to grow vegetables in the autumn and spring. There was heat in the summer. I liked to work in the mornings when it was cool. There are fishing piers where people caught fish certain times of the year. I rely heavily on the Internet and that I could Read More

Not for kids - 1/13/2014
I was born in Florida and I am 55 yrs old and can honestly say Florida is not a place to raise children. And it certainly isn't a place to make money. If you are lucky enough to have a retirement/pension from your up north job,then Florida is a great place to retire, but it is my opinion that Florida is not the place to raise children, its just not geared for full time families. Read More

Best places to live - 7/2/2013
As far as I'm concerned, Port Charlotte is Paradise! It has been home to me for a long time! To all my friends and family there, You Read More
Carla | ,  | Reply | No Replies

great housing and plenty of it - 4/9/2013
I have lived in PC for a year now and find it to be a great area for its cost of living conpared to mid-atlantic us. close to shopping and dining and all needed services. the weather is great year round. the local service is friendly and welcoming. looking forward to spending many years enjoying all the area has to Read More

Real Water Quality Results - 11/30/2012
Port Charlotte's water quality results are grossly overinflated. According to Homefacts.com, when they were allowed to post true water study results, showed numerous cancer-causing toxins present in our drinking water that includes:


Many more were included, but this is the short list I remember. True water quality results for Port Charlotte ranked a 2.1 out of 10. 10 being 'best' and 0 being worst. All chem's cause reproductive problems, immune dysfunction, organ failure, etc. The worst is "bioaccumulation," so when doctors say small amounts aren't bad--if they didn't build up or 'bioaccumlate' inside of you that may be true. But they do, so repeated exposure(using water for cooking, bathing, teeth brushing, etc) will absolutely harm you. Just Read More

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