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YUK!!!! - 8/20/2012
I have lived in Florida for 27 years and I grow to detest it more and more every year. Let's start with the weather first...It's ALWAYS hot here. You WILL NOT get the 4 season effect here. Many of you are probably thinking "hmm, I could deal with tropical paradise weather year round" but when it's Thanksgiving and Christmas and your siting around with the AC cranking and it's to hot to put up your tree or to cook a nice holiday meal for your family, you will think twice about it. Maybe if your as sick of snow as I am of constant hot weather, this place would be for you. Next...raising a culturally well rounded child here is really hard as there is little to no culture. Museums and good theaters are sparse and there is really nothing to do in most areas unless your visiting Orlando (home of Mickey Mouse) or going to the beach, which gets really old really fast. Actually, come to think of it, Florida has some of the most polluted beaches in the country...right up there with New Jersey Read More

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The over all job and ecinomical situation. - 2/2/2010
Port Charlotte was a growing little place since I started going down there in 1998.
I fell in love with Port Charlotte and wathced as it grew until hurricane charlie, and the four others that followed that year. It will bounce back the people gotta come Read More

We'll stay in Paradise, thank you! - 8/6/2008
We moved here full-time in June 2003, a year before Charlie hit. We searched up and down the east coast and finally discovered this little paradise in Port Charlotte, FL. We love the weather (hate anything below 70 degrees!), the tropical feel of the area, and the fact that it's not too big (less than 50,000 people) but still has all the amenities. It's nice that they don't build anything higher than 3 stories (no huge condos or office buildings like in Ft. Myers and Sarasota). The older homes from the 50's and 60's add to the charm of the area, but many are being replaced by newer Florida-style homes that are amazing (and can probably take any Hurricane that might come along in the future). It's not the little fishing village that Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte once was, but still has a lot of charm. Because it's so nice in the winter, we have to share our town with many "snowbirds" during the winter, making the roads busier, beaches more crowded, etc. But Port Charlotte is not the Read More

Charlotte County Rocks :) - 7/18/2008
We're hurricane survivors- and I think that is Hurricane Charley hadn't ripped thru here in 2004, I doubt that this community would be as tight-nit as it is now. I'm in a local band here, and we've played a million community events for charity, and there's always a good turn out, and there's always smiling faces. I've lived here for 20 years, and the culture here gets thicker and thicker every Read More

Port Charlotte is horrible - 6/15/2008
Terribly overcrowded,poor city planning, and crime is going up every Read More

Florida is beautiful - 1/3/2008
I moved to Port charlotte in March of 07 to be with my childhood sweetheart. I was so captivated by the beauty of the water. Being from Ohio, we dont see views like that. Some areas are a little hectic as far as the driving, but there is always something to do if you like to shop and eat, not to mention the beaches! Everything you need is so close. The only thing I really didnt care for was that I felt, coming from a small town, I felt the people, were somewhat cold. You didnt get the feeling that if you were in trouble, anyone would stop or care. Some of the locals seemed to be stuffy. I really dont see how a young person could get a start there financially as it is very expensive to live. The jobs are very Read More

Thumbs down on "Thumbs down".... - 6/30/2007
I, too, want to comment on the "Thumbs Down" poster. Since the post is two years old, I'm hoping she has already left the state. To that I say, "Thank God!". The Port Charlotte area is no better or worse than 99% of the comparable size metro areas in the country. It has its good points and bad. With "Thumbs Down"'s attitude I suspect the quality of life in Charloote County improved immensely as soon as she Read More

Want the truth??? - 6/26/2007
I moved here 15 years ago. At that time Port Charlotte was a sleepy fishing town. Since then a lot of doctors, etc have moved in because they could buy a mansion on the water for less than $500,000 (home prices were very affordable at one time--I bought a nice 3/2 with a big pool for $65,000 in a nice neighborhood). It has grown--big building boom and with that the prices of homes went up dramatically (my house would probably go on the market for about $240,000) right now.
Hurricane Charley attracted many investors that came in and bought up destroyed homes from people who "wanted out". Now our real estate market is flooded; sales are very slow--because of it homes are creeping down in price somewhat especially with a motivated-seller (and there's many right now). So there might be some "deals" available...
But consider this...
Since the wave of hurricanes our home owners insurance has tripled in price-going from $800 a year (pre-charley) to $2400; flood insurance Read More

It grows on you - 5/19/2007
We moved here from Michigan 8 years ago. We absolutely hated it at first - mostly because we were of the "that's not the way we do it up north" mindset. We came to realize that this isn't up north and things are done differently down here. The weather in the winter is absolutely gorgeous - no more snow shovels for us! It does rain quite frequently in the summer - but you learn to anticpate/adjust to it. We have all the national restaurant chains as well as quaint local eateries. The Town Center Mall is small, but at least the crowds are manageable during the holidays. Our daughter graduated from the local school system and has found employment locally. Although my husband and I moved here to retire - we immediately found good paying jobs and went back to work. The beaches are close by with easy gulf access for boaters.

Sure, it is quiet and not as sophisticated as most metropolitan areas - BUT, you are just a short drive to so many big cities - Miami, Tampa, Read More

Not the town for me! - 4/13/2007
I moved to Port Charlotte a little over a year ago from Naperville, IL. All I can say is...does anyone have a time machine?! It's very difficult to find a job let a lone one that pays decent. The average income here is around 22K-24K. I am making 60% of what I made in IL. Property taxes and insurance have sky-rocketed and there has to be a house for sale practically on every block. People are having a very difficult time making ends meet. The cost of living isn't that much cheaper than Naperville. Which leads to the next problem...crime. The crime rate has also gone up. The school system is absolutely terrible and they're talking about cutting more funds for that. The weather is about the only thing I do like and if that's all, I'll take snow over this anyday!

If you're retired with a decent amount of money, with no dependents come on down. This is the place for Read More

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