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OK place with terrible climate - 1/20/2020
Idaho Falls is the anchor city for a wide region of smaller cities so the shopping and services are better than you would expect for its population. The cost of living is fairly low and so are wages. The city government works better than most and I have found them very responsive to requests to fix things. Sales tax has gotten out of hand in Idaho, rising to 6% but they tax everything, including groceries at 6%. We pay higher fuel taxes than most other states. Property taxes are reasonable in IF. Electric power is distributed by the city and the per kwh rates are low but the service fee is absurdly high so you can't save money by conserving.

The worst thing about IF is the climate. The winters are brutal, long, dreary and depressing. The salt they spray everywhere on the streets will destroy your car. The summers are hot in July and August and the shoulder seasons are completely ruined by vicious winds. The cold blooded need not Read More
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What you see is what you get - 5/17/2019
If you visit here before moving here you'll know exactly what you're getting in to. After living here for three years I can't say there have been a lot of surprises. Yeah there's lots of white people and mormon's but that's what a lot of Idaho is so it seems kind of silly to bag on Idaho Fall's for it. They (the "mormon's") did for the most part settle the area 150+/- years ago so I'm not sure what people expect? I guess I "fit in" because I'm both, but as a guy from the east coast, both have their drawbacks. Fitting in here is more than just stereotypes or the difficulties of not matching a homogeneous population, it's a close knit, old community with a lot of long established and extensive family/friend relationships so that can have it's challenges too. There's really great people here and some people you just roll your eyes at. Volunteering in community organization's is a great way to fit in here.

Working at a moderately diverse (if we make faith a factor of Read More

Southern California Escapee - 5/15/2019
We moved (escaped) from Southern California to Idaho Falls last year. Personally we love it here. Some on this site are complaining of the LDS in the community but we find them to be genuinely kind. I was hired by a small business where I'm the only non-LDS employee and am treated with total respect and kindness. We wouldn't move back to So Cal after experiencing no traffic, slow pace, low crime and low cost of living. We're here to stay! Read More

I love Idaho Falls for the shopping - 3/14/2018
We live in Rexburg where there aren't a lot of stores. So I spend a lot of time in Idaho Falls. Love Sam's club but I wish there was a Costco. My husband and I go there for the restaurants too. They have an awesome 4th of July firework show every Read More

I Love Idaho Falls - 2/21/2018
This is where I raise my family. This is where I work. It is a great community with great schools. It is growing like Read More

did i make a mistake - 11/28/2017
moved here from chicago to get away from the busy city life plus the violence. but after reading im not sure if i made a mistake. i know it's not as bad no where near to chicago but there are some crazy people here. just my 2 centsRead More
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House in Idaho Falls - 1/6/2017
People love to buy house in Idaho falls. They like the main part of the town. It has nice theater, schools, lands, farming land, etc If you are looking to buy or sell land in idaho falls. I am one of the expert Real estate Agent here. Contact me. Read More

Idaho Falls is a family friendly and economical pl - 3/4/2016
I have lived in Idaho Falls for a few years now and find it to be a smaller sized town that is family friendly and inexpensive place to live. In particular, housing is relatively inexpensive with the average home price of $145,000. Another inexpensive part of IF is the utilities. This includes electric, gas, water and trash. I live in a 3600 square foot home and I average $43 per month for gas and $150 per month for electric, and yes I have central air which I use a lot in the summer Read More

Cost of living and lack of crime are the only posi - 11/17/2015
I recently moved here from a very large city to get away from the crime so my kids can have a nice place to grow up. Living here is nice because housing prices and rent are pretty cheap... but that's also due to the fact that most employers in this town don't pay a livable wage. If you plan on coming here thinking you'll find yourself a new career don't count on it.. and if you don't belong to the LDS cult you're screwed entirely. Everything is closed on Sundays and I really do believe the church controls the majority of the city.. if not the entire region. There's a "ward" on every corner and even the local news station reports on all things LDS. They completely cater to the brainwashed masses and don't report on the real news. This would really be an awesome place to live even with the LDS nonsense if there was just a tad bit more culture, food options, stores, or things for families to Read More

New to Idaho - 7/5/2015
Very open and friendly people with very poor driving Read More

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