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High Pediatric Cancer, Poor Water & Air Quality - 11/12/2019
I have been here since 2013 and have watched child after child be diagnosed with Cancer. Many of the children have been diagnosed with "rare" Cancers. It has been devastating and I am actively trying to move out of the area. The water quality is horrible, the air quality is as well. If you dig a little you will see how unhealthy the air and water here is. The school district allows cell towers right outside the school buildings and refuse to remove them even though the towers emissions are being investigated as a cause of Leukemia. I guess it's no wonder, kids are being diagnosed with Cancer at an alarming rate. If you live here or decide to move here , treat your water right away! There is a very large Mormon population and they are blatantly terrible to anyone who is not of their religion. Kids aren't excluded in this issue. It's a beautiful place from the outside but once you scratch the surface you realize pretty quickly it's not a good place to raise Read More

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I Grew up in Meridian - 1/12/2018
It has changed a lot over the years... Crime rates are still low and people are overall still nice HOWEVER way too many people are moving to my wonderful town! All the out of towners are causing a competitive housing market driving rent and purchasing through the roof. The average wage in Meridian isn't high enough to afford rent or a mortgage but the out of towners from higher wage cities can. Not to mention a heavy increase of traffic. So.. thanks a lot... don't move Read More

did i make a mistake - 11/28/2017
moved here from chicago to get away from the busy city life plus the violence. but after reading im not sure if i made a mistake. i know it's not as bad no where near to chicago but there are some crazy people here. just my 2 centsRead More
Eric | ,  | Reply | 2 Replies

Awakening - 3/26/2017
We moved here less than a year ago. We are pleased with the schools. My kids have made very good friends. We like the weather. Housing is very affordable still. We plan to move to Boise once our kids are out of school. The LDS influence feels like about 80% in Meridian, tho city data says 16%. There are some excellent Christian churches and more people coming here. So I predict more diversity will be coming which will be good. It is very difficult to find work for those with education in Idaho. Connections with the LDS community definitely can help. Read More

No longer the best - 3/22/2017
Hi, we moved here 7 years ago and thought that this place was heaven. But once we were voted the best place to live, we saw a 845.95 % rise in population. The traffic is beyond belief, the road rage has now begun. When we moved here, there was NO crime. Now, there is so much crime that we no longer feel safe. All of the farms are gone and houses are everywhere. It no longer is inexpensive to live here. In Meridian, plan to pay more than 3.80% more than the national average. The unemployment rate is low, the problem is that it is low because so many restaurants and fast food placed popped up giving citizens a very low rate of pay, just over $7!!!!!!!!!!!! You will have to work 2 full time jobs to make it here. Even if you are educated, good luck finding work outside of the health care arena. So very sad that this place has gone to hell. We are planning on moving when my daughter graduates. I thought that we would grow old here, but now we no longer feel safe and the traffic is so bad Read More

30 Minutes to Anything - 2/5/2016
Born and raised in Idaho, now in the Boise area. I've snowboarded and waterskied in the same day here. I've driven through mountains to get to sand dunes. I go back to my hometown and still know many of the proprietors still there. I've lived in several other states and always return to this great state. I hate to promote its beauty for fear of others coming in and turning it into the place they left in the first place. But confident that most will eventually come around and figure it Read More

Climate - 8/27/2014
The climate in Meridian or Boise Idaho is dry and sunny most of the time except from January-February. We have dry heat in the summer with occassional high temp over 100 degrees but the grass are kept green due to well irrigation and sprinklers around the major cities. It's beautiful here in the spring, summer, fall and even winter because it's Read More

Ready to move on - 8/9/2013
We moved to this suburb of Boise 8 years ago from W WA. It's an ok place. I could stay if we have to. The crime is low & that's important to me. The only things I don't like are the climate & the traffic. It's too hot in summer (many 100 degree days) & too cold in winter (icy wind). Hit zero last winter & the bricks fell off the front of our house! I feel that this is "New LA". So many people from LA came here with their bad driving habits. Tailgating, no signals, aggressive driving, passing on the right. There aren't enough lanes to keep up with the traffic. Our daughter graduated HS here & I wasn't impressed with the education. People don't seem that bright. All her friends became unwed mothers with multiple baby daddies. The only work I could find was in call centers. Pay is ridiculously low. I am making $3/hour LESS than I was 8 years ago back home. I didn't like the traffic there even more but I'd trade the rain for sweltering heat day after day. Very poor road Read More

A Wonderful Lifestyle in Idaho - 6/12/2011
I have lived in the Boise, Idaho area, Meridian, Idaho for approximately 5 years. I have found the beauty, the mix of country and culture and the natural wonders here to be second to none.

If you can make it through relatively long winters, you have 5 months of great outdoor options in the warm Read More

Good place to Retire - 4/4/2010
We have lived in this city for 4 + years and enjoy the quality of life it offers.The Climate is fairly mild compared to other cold weather areas of the country, although we do have the four seasons. This high desert area is somewhat arid so temps seem mild during the summer months. This allows good winter sports yet provids a vasst array of activities all year long. The area is great for hunting and fishing and all other out door activities. housing is affordable and taxes are about average. There are several good hospitals in the area. Read More

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83646 83642

4774 N Station Pl
Bed 5 | Bath 3

5762 N Rosa Springs Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 4

1319 W Newport Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

6156 W View Point Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

6485 S Ten Mile Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

232 W River Heights Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

5415 N Senita Hills Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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