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Living in Des Moines as a teen - 12/21/2020
Des Moines is a ok and pretty quiet place but as a teen it could be dramatic because Des Moines do have is fair or violents places to avoid in Des Moines would be the north close to west side of Des Moines crimes do happen around those area and as a teen walking around at night around drake I could feel unease sometimes I’ve even been assaulted or hurt for apparently no reason or petty reasons if your thinking of moving to Des Moines and have a teen or kids Des Moines is fairly dry but I don’t recommend you sending them to Hoover or Roosevelt high school or even some of the middle schools I’ve even seen a kid got stabbed or a all out brawl at Hoover high school and the shooting at the home coming game this is a honest review I would lie or anything to others Des Moines seem ok and calming and it is but as a teen here I have to say is not the best experience and I used to live in la so I never expected a place I didn’t even know exist to be like Read More

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Scary - 4/4/2020
This city is violent, there are too many gangs especially on the north Read More
Dude | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

Parka and meat loaf - 11/20/2019
Good for the old that like slow pace and cheap buffets. Also good for non-descript mid-westerners that don't like a lot of action. No nightlife or mountains to hike on. Flat terrain with cows and cornfields. No trees, flat grasslands only. People tucked in to bed at 10 Pm on Friday so if you're out looking for fun you'll be the only one. Driving in your car past a certain hour will profile you to be pulled over by the police who will think you're up to no good. Old guys will like it cause there's nothing going on and that's how they like it. The housing very inane and uninteresting. Very mid-western. Bring a Parka and golashes and you will be on your way to fitting Read More

Rated #5 Among Best Places to Live for a Reason - 10/2/2019
Google these: State of the Air Cleanest Cities ~ US News Best Places to Live ~ Heartland Hotspot: Why Millennials Are Flocking to Des Moines. And there are more for sure, but here's the thing about such comments sections anywhere: Angry hurt people are analogous to wounded dogs; they will bite! I get it! When someone or some place pisses you off, you must tell the world that -- based on your micro-experiences there -- the rest of all humanity forever must avoid the bad place & people. But everyone, every time, will have a different experience, anywhere on Earth. If you are a loving, friendly, hard-working, caring, positive person, your experiences on any square mile of Earth (anytime), will differ greatly, from a victim-centric, anger-conquered, hypersensitive, loveless, lazy, emotionally immature person. I moved to a downtown loft in DM, as an income restricted person, due to a disability. I researched based upon overall cost of living, safety, clean air, Medicaid coverage, and Read More

Turn around go back home - 6/26/2019
It’s good and bad, great for the anyone making 6 figures and a professional and drives 30 miles over the speed limit like they do. Iowa is the top ten of lowest minimum wage at $10 an hour if your PT. And they do not budge. If you don’t drive a truck, delivery, construction, or fast food, you must have a masters to get a real paying job. House prices really are $245,000 and up in a non criminal neighborhood for a 3,2, small lot. Cost of living is not less than the US average, gas is 30—45 cents higher, meat is outrageous and the vegetables and fruit do not last more than 2 days after bought because they are overripe by the time they get here, and you will pay $124 for a simple doctors visit of ten mins.
There is nothing to do here for teens or children over 10, everything closes at 9 and traffic is obsolete after 10pm. No one stays up after 11pm if that and this is a city. Iowa is one of the highest top ten in income taxes for the state. People will take from you like it’s their Read More
Jim | ,  | Reply | No Replies

It's ok Property values and property taxes, INSANE - 3/26/2019
Lived here for 10+ years. It is an ok place to live. It has everything anyone could ever NEED and most anything you would want. Food options are plenty. Entertainment is getting better with upgrades in downtown. However, there is one huge negative aspect to this city and surrounding cities. Property values have skyrocketed and property taxes are completely out of this world. It is not uncommon if you are in a surrounding suburb (waukee, urbandale, johnston) to be paying near or over $1000 a month in property tax. Honestly, that alone makes me want to rent or Read More

overpriced everything and unfriendly - 1/27/2018
The shock is housing prices here are comparable to bigger cities like Charlotte, Dallas act and should not be. Its a podunk area with no culture, great restaurant with any food with taste, and people are very unfriendly super judgmental and obnoxious. Lived here 5 years and have yet heard thank you, excuse me, hi or even a wave from neighbors. What they do is just stare at you like you an alien from mars. Maybe its something in there water system. I am used to other states where people talk with you not at you. If you do not agree with what someone says they jump down your neck. They think they are California and are all that but they have NO CLUE about real life, politics, being kind or even know what real art is. Its annoying and we can not wait to get out of Read More

Not a city for renters - 9/15/2016
I will be moving to Des Moines due to a job offer. Little did I know that it is extremely expensive to live here. It's a little deceiving since everything you read online says the opposite. What they don't tell you is that the properties are crap and not maintained or updated. Most rentals look like they've never been renovated since they were built in the early 1900s. The appliances are also older than you can imagine. For something "decent" expect to pay around $900-$1100 a month. Had I known this, I probably would have rejected the job offer since I'm only making 6K more than I was in my previous job (western state). I had to find something in Grimes (about 20 minutes away) and am still paying nearly ($1,000) a month in rent for a two bedroom. Lots of apartments are only available to those that make around 30K a year and still charge around $800 a month. I moved from the southwest and you can rent a 3 bedroom house for around $800 a month. Most people are shocked a Midwestern state Read More

Good housing value for most - 12/24/2014
I'm living in a hotel in Des Moines and looking for a place to live. What I've found is that Des Moines has a tremendous amount of subsidized (known as "income restricted" housing available. If you're a couple making less than about 36,000 per year (more if you're a large family, a bit less for singles) you can get a terrific apartment or house at greatly reduced rates... Not so great for me, as this drives up the rates of the remaining "market rate" homes and apartments. However, there's a lot of new building going on and I think things will even out soon (overbuilding seems likely).
Also, if yhou're in the market to buy or build a home, houses are inexpensive and land is plentiful, even in the urban areas... The typical lot seems large enough to hold three houses, especially in the older Read More

Late night eating - 3/23/2014
I just drove all over Urbandale, Clive, and West Des Moines looking for a place to get a burger and fries. Granted it is Sunday night but still I would think there would be some place other than a sit down restaurant or a convenience store to get a sandwich! I went to a McDonald's that I know has a 24 hour drive through. There was a sign on the drive through drive that said the drive through was closed and to come inside. There was a lighted sign in the front window saying they had a 24 hour drive through... neither was open!
It is things like this that make people have a wrong, and bad, attitude about Des Read More

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