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Great place for young familes and retired folks - 5/31/2019
I have lived in Bowling Green 12 years, prior to that I lived in the Terre Haute IN area. Compared to Terre Haute, my husband and I much prefer BG. The winters are much milder here, nearly no snow and if it does snow everything shuts down so you get a day off. Summers are hot and humid, but not much different than summers in the Midwest. It does rain more here than in the Southwest US, but that is why everything is so green and lush most of the year. The economy is good, even during the recession, the BG area economy kept chugging along, we really did not see much of what the rest of the US went through. There are lots of beautiful homes on rolling green hills, and due to local zoning laws, lots of beautiful landscaping, even in parking lots. There are two industrial parks, both full of various industry. The local university WKU, is a good regional public comprehensive university. It is a good place for those wanting to go into nursing, physical therapy, photo journalism, business, Read More

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Worst of the worst - 1/29/2018
I was born in BG 62 yrs ago. I left at 17 and returned in 2015. Compared to Texas & the west, BG is the worst. If you like sunshine (I do), it is horrible in BG. Regardless of what you read, it is mostly cloudy 2/3 of the time, with rain, drizzle & some snow. The economy is primarily low wage service jobs w/a few factories thrown in. My industry (EMS), pays 50% of what I earned in Wyoming for similar asset management. BG may be the chain fast-food capital of any town this size, and ALL that entails. The University (Western Kentucky University) is very poorly ranked comparatively. However the local denizens have an arrogance that belies the quality of the school (you would think MIT is here). It is laughable, but troubling all the less. BG is loved by a lot of people that have not lived other places, therefore their comparisons are circumspect. The Healthcare is subpar for a town this size, luckily Vanderbilt is an hour away. Traffic is horrible for a town this size, jammed and Read More

Never Been Able To Adjust Here - 1/13/2016
I have lived in Bowling Green for almost seven years now. I'm originally from the Oklahoma City/Moore OK area. My husband and I moved here for his job.

Honestly, I've never been capable of fully adjusting here even after all these years. It's very different here compared to where I'm from and I have tried to be impartial, stay positive and give this place an unbiased chance. It's simply not for me.

People here in general don't seem to be as friendly as I'm used to. Don't get me wrong, I have met and know some wonderful people here and I know they're not all bad. People just seem to stay more to themselves, it's difficult to catch a smile, wave or hello but maybe that's just my experience. I'm outgoing, talkative and will always smile at every one I make eye contact with, I'm usually greeted with a stare or a somewhat confused expression like I'm weird or something or they immediately turn their head and look away.

I've noticed a puzzling Read More

Bowling Green KY - 4/30/2012
58,000 population with 265 blue sky days per year, four-season climate, located in the beautiful, rolling green hills of south-central Kentucky. One hour north of Nashville TN for direct access to the Nashville International airport. Very culturally and religiously diverse population with a true commitment to community and educational excellence. Home to Western Kentucky University, second largest undergraduate enrollment in Kentucky with multiple advanced degree programs. Excellent housing options, medical care, and social Read More

A really great city! - 7/21/2010
Bowling Green, KY is one of Kentucky's best and most progressive cities in which to live and work. The economy is growing, jobs are available in many fields, pay is a little above average for most positions. New companies and businesses are opening all the time, new subdivisions and houses are springing up all over and general growth within the community is constant. The are more restaurants per capita in Bowling Green than anywhere else in the state and the food quality is wonderful! The city and county schools are great, Western Kentucky University (Go Big Red!) is a terrific university with award winning programs! Because we are in the Bible Belt, there are an abundance of churches of all religions and we have a very diverse population; people from many states around the country have moved here, as well as people from around the world. Bowling Green is the Home of the GM Corvette; every Corvette made since the 1980's has been made here with pride and integrity! We have our own Read More

The Area - 10/17/2008
Bowling green is a nice place to live and raise children. The economy is for the most part strong and the cost of living is low. There isn't alot of crime and with the exception of a couple neighborhoods, it's a safe place to be. We are close enough to Nashville to see a Titans game or hit the club scene but far enough away not to attract too many people from the Read More

Balance in BG - 3/30/2008
I am a young married woman who moved to Bowling Green almost three years ago. And on a scale of 1 to 100 I, personally, would rate Bowling Green 98 overall. BG is a perfect balance between the north and the south. BG is in my book the perfect place to raise a family. Great schools. Great parks. Great community opportunities. BG is a beautiful, safe, and welcoming community for all people. In addition to the city itself, Western Kentucky University is an incredible school also offering many opportunities for both young and old. And being only an hour north of the great city of Nashville, you're just a short drive away for all that Nashville has to offer. BG quickly became home and we absolutely adore this special Read More

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