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Small Town Feel, Big City Amenities - 3/1/2017
Louisville truly has everything! From all the seasons to every kind of cuisine you could want... Louisville has it. Great cost of living, plenty to do, friendly people, it's a great place to raise a Read More

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bad bad - 1/11/2017
Beware self centered city , They hate all transplants. Very behind on everything ambiance sucks. Read More

The Only People Who Love it Here Have Never Lived - 8/15/2016
The people here are some of the dumbest I've ever met. Which is not shocking as this is the worst school system in the known universe. No one is able to drive. I had on opinion of Indiana until I moved here from Wake County NC. They think they are the south but it's a very midwestern city. They are also very ignorant and backwards. It is also SO racist here and the people think that it's totally normal. If I didn't have to live here for the next 5 years I Read More

Louisville is the worst! - 10/2/2015
I moved here 5 years ago and I hate it. People here are stupid, rude, pathetic losers. I can't believe how bad it is. They would rather kill each other than learn how to drive. I see dumb moves every single time I leave the house. It's gotten so bad I have tried to get my employer to let me work from home. Speaking of employers, the pay is bad, no yearly reviews or raises and in 2015 I'm working on a DOS based system. The crime rate is high and I have been screwed by almost every business I have gone to. No one here, including doctors, knows what compassion, warm hearted, respectful and being considerate means. They kill animals, including my cats, with no remorse. I have seen more accidents in five years than over 40 years in Milwaukee. People don't know how to use their directionals or know when to use their headlights. They also go thru red lights all the time. I know doctors that are handing out pain med to patients who are not sick. This place should be wiped off the map. It is Read More

Louisville is Great: If You Have Never Left - 9/29/2015
These comments got me thrown off of City Data forever. In my naiveté, I thought differences of opinion were tolerated and even appreciated on these types of sites. I guess George Orwell and Aldous Huxley knew what they were talking about.
Try to read this post with some objectivity. I know how defensive folks from Louisville get about any criticism posed towards the city. However, remember without any critical analysis, a city never progresses. In addition, in order to truly evaluate a place, you need to have spent some time living elsewhere. If you have resided in Louisville your whole life, were educated nearby, and have all your connections in this one place, you are unable to objectify what life is like in this city.

I am compelled to move back to Louisville for financial reasons that are too convoluted to describe. I have allowed myself 6 months to a year back before I launch myself to a more salubrious environment, hopefully somewhere in Europe. I Read More

Not For Me - 9/29/2015
The Louisville area is the most urbane and cultured in Kentucky. That is where any sense of urbanity ends. It is representative of the artistic and intellectual repression of Appalacia, and as a result, the city is myopic, parochial, xenophobic, and sadly chauvinistic. To the naive folks who grew up here, Louisville is their "Athens," and would not care to reside anywhere else. However, if you are a person who has "ventured over the wall," and has experienced any city on either coast, Louisville is backward and representative of America during the 1930s with an entrenched oligarchy and little class mobility. While a fun city to visit, especially during Derby season, living here is an utter nightmare for a transient resident with any sensibilities and Read More

dupo - 7/1/2015
Dupo illinois is a small railroad town next to saintlouis mo population about four thousand Read More

Beware of Louisville expensive housing - 2/19/2015
With the exception of the north east and some areas of the east end, affordable housing here is an absolute joke! If you are planning to move here and start looking you will probably not see it but anything that cost less than $600 for a one bedroom is run down and plain old. Owners are backed by the city and the county and they have places here that they rent for about $525 for a one bedroom that will make your life miserable. If you want something descent you have to come up with about 700+ just to warm up, otherwise prepare yourself for hell living! Is up to you but unless you have a job lined up that pays above $15 ph you should find another city like Nashville or Raleigh. Louisville is not nice.  Read More

The absolute worse roads system in the south - 2/19/2015
The roads here in Louisville is modeled after the 70' roads system. Poorly maintained and abandoned. The interstates are getting a little facelift with the new bridge, but that is all. Overall 2.5 out 10.  Read More

I am leaving - 1/7/2015
This is a fun city..lots of great places to eat..cute shops..etc. BUT the traffic sucks! People here do not know how to drive! The number one reason I want to leave though is that it is not a healthy place to live. Awful air quality!
My son has been having breathing issues since we arrived. Not a Read More

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