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Pretty Awesome - depending on what you want - 7/23/2019
Having practically grown up here, it is fair to think I am biased. Before making assumptions about my opinion, though, I've lived in multiple cities in these states - VA, TX, MN, and CA. I think I have pretty broad experiences. Also, I value safety, good public education, entertainment, access to culture, access to the outdoors, and affordable housing.

Safety - 10/10

Rockville (other nearby MD cities include Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac, and Gaithersburg) is the burbs. It sits in Montgomery County and is extremely safe. Homelessness is practically non-existent, however you will still see the occasional well dressed panhandler. There are also pockets of the city that are less nice and sketchier, but compared to other cities I've lived, I have never felt scared walking to my car in the middle of the night alone.

Affordability - 3/10
Unfortunately, it's not affordable when compared to the national average. Rockville is still considered DC Read More

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N/A - 1/15/2015
No comment at this Read More

Land of opportunities BUT.... - 10/11/2011
Like the title says, the Rockville, MD area is filled with opportunities. But if you don't have a pretty high standing job then I hope you have a rich uncle. I may be exaggerating a bit but i'm just trying to emphasize just how expensive the standard of living is. Owning a house or just renting an apartment is depressing being the amount you pay. The price you pay for a house here, you can buy two houses just two states away.

I will say that it is quite a nice place here and the surrounding areas such as Gaithersburg and Germantown are pretty nice as well. DC is not too far away and has many exhibits and tourists spots to explore.

Traffic is pretty horrible. I can't really sugar coat it or deceive anyone into thinking it's anything but horrible. It does surprise me though that car insurance isn't that expensive.

The education system is one of the top in the country. Sometimes it ranks at least top 3 in the US.

Crime isn't really an Read More

Good Economy, High Cost - 8/4/2011
Very nice county and city. Good economy because of federal jobs. Very good education from elementary to university. Cost of living is very high and it is a big concern in todays economy even in federal sector especially because of spending cuts being proposed. Read More

Access - 4/29/2011
Community is on Metro line with easy access to the greater Washington, D.C. area. Downtown parking availability is Read More

City Of Rockville - 1/5/2010
Rockville has been my city since 1994, it's a perfect place to start a family, rise a family or even to retire here. First thing that attracts me to this city is they have good educational system. All my 3 boys starts and finish High School in one of the best high school nationwide ( Wooton High School).Rockville is small city, but, we have almost everything in our neighborhood,we have different Research Facilities here, We have a Community college, Private Universities, John Hopkins Healthcare,Hospitals,exclusive schools,good restaurant,shopping mall and Outlet is just one hour away. Crime is not high, compared to other cities, where l live is busy and people are very educated and everybody just mine their own business, but also a friendly and concerned citizen. Standard of living is quite expensive, if you earn $85,000.00 a year, you can live in a nice Townhome or Condo.Rockville is 30mins. away from the White House where President Barack and Michelle Obama Read More

Winter - 11/2/2009
A little too cold for me in the winter. I spend winters in Las Read More

Rockville, MD - 7/12/2009
Rockville is a great location with easy access via the Metrorail system to Washington, DC, which is he center of our nation's Read More

Lots to do, art, sport, mind - 7/19/2008
Rockville/Gaithersburg area has water for kayaking, lots of swimming and tennis clubs, free tennis at high school courts, lots of bike trail access and interesting paths along Potomac Canal Path. Very diversified because of proximity to DC, DC's overflow of culture from all over the States and world.
There are so many exhibitions by theater groups, fairs, crafts fairs, dog events i.e. field trials of labradors, you can't decide which to go to on a weekend. Also, Rockville is 1/2 hour drive from DC, loaded with museums.

Because of the liquor laws in Montgomery County the best restaurants are not here but the options are plenty within 1/2 hour drive. Bethesda is next door to Rockville and has a better selection of restaurants.
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Entrepreneurship - 7/18/2008
There are many attempts to develop entrepreneurship in the region. For example, the Rockville Innovation Center, an incubator for science and technology startups as well as international firms, has provided avenues for increased employment potential and the start of a long-term goal to make Rockville a hotbed of entrepreneurship in this Read More

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20850 20851

16015 Emory Ln
Bed 5 | Bath 5

4700 Coachway Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 2

11508 Patapsco Dr
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1723 Evelyn Dr
Bed 5 | Bath 3

13701 Mount Prospect Dr
Bed 8 | Bath 6

606 Autumn Wind Way
Bed 5 | Bath 5

101 Lynch St
Bed 3 | Bath 2


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