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6 feet of snow and counting....... - 1/25/2011
This is my first post on this site.
I just wanted to give all you out there a heads up re: Boston
It's WICKED snowy. I mean frigid cold. Depressing.
If you like to shovel up to six feet of snow (and counting) then come on by.
In the last month we've had four major storms.
If you can't afford to live in a complex with covered parking (and I'm betting most of you can't because the average 2 bed in this area is $1200 a month) then you'll be shovelling for hours every storm. It's grueling.
Last storm I spent five hours outthere and it's snowing again...
and this is just January.
We're in Forbes' top snowy cities.
On top of that, it's extremely expensive. (see above for ave 2 BR)
If you make under 40k, you will never own a home.
This is not a place to start a life, a family, or ever retire.
we treat our working class.. and middle class for that matter... as if they have no right to have a decent life.Read More

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Boston politics - 8/29/2010
Boston is overated. It is a bastion of liberals, progressives, mindless Democrats who do not think for themselves, but keep the same Democratic party scoundrels in office year after year. Then they wonder why the taxes are high, corruption is rampant. Despite this, Bostonians think they are superior to the rest of the country, more enlightened and progressive, but what they are in effect is a bunch of smug and narrow minded elitists. Boston is a city in which the Democratic party is so entrenched, that there is no competition. Even indepedent candidates, unless they are indeed progressives, do not stand a chance. If a rare Republican is elected, he or she better be pro-gay, pro-abortion, a free spending big deficit Democrat at heart. Thank God much of the country is not like places like Boston. You have to go west of Boston to find sane, reasonable, patriotic, and real Read More

Jazz and rock'n roll - 5/22/2010
A lot of grass roots jazz and rock'n roll Read More

To Outsiders, From Boston - 2/21/2010
Enough with the negatives about Boston please. The FACTS are that this city has the best hospitals, education, schools, history, and many other wonderful qualities that other cities lack. Also, the FACTS are that: Bostonians are loud, rude, snotty, close-minded, don't know how to drive or get along w/ anyone outside of the Mass. border, and oh yes...the world does revolve around us. These are all known facts around the if you don't like it, leave or just don't visit at Read More

Charlestown - 2/19/2010
Very "vanilla" living experience. Mix of "townies" and young families is nice. Waaay too many smokers to dodge when walking into the post office or super market. People don't seem to want to be healthy around Read More

Boston Doesn't Care What You Think of It and Neith - 11/29/2009
I lived in and around Boston for 22 years. I got out because of high population, very high cost of living (from food to renting to car insurance to owning a pet to owning a car/house and high income tax, it is a wallet drainer), the impossible winters and the ignorance of the typical Bostonian.

Since leaving almost nine years ago, I realize that although I wouldn't want to go back to live, there are some great aspects to the city and even the attitude of the people.

After living in Michigan, Florida, Nebraska, New Jersey, Maryland/D.C., New Hampshire, and Washington State I can assure you that yes, Boston still possesses the rudest inhabitants and yet, they are real. Rarely do you NOT know where you stand with a native Bostonian. Also, Bostonians can be friendly in their own way - they aren't always bubbly and in your face (although some are) but they take some time to know. I also realize that after people find out I am from Boston, they tend to think they Read More

Housing Prices in Boston & Beyond - 9/23/2009
Boston is a small city, surrounded by smaller cities and townes that are up to 40 miles away. The resession has lower the housing costs in many of the cities and town by as much as 15-20%.

New homes are still being built in the $500k to over $1 MIL cost. Most homes in this price range are in some of the "exclusive suburbs", such as Wesley, Concord and other. The housing sizes for that kind of money start at about 2500 sq.ft, and go up.

MA towns rely on the homes property taxes to survive. There are no "county" taxes, but each town sets it's own tax rate, which can differ for commerical property vs. private residents.

I live ~40 miles west of Boston, in a 1800 sq.ft 2 story colonial home, public water & sewer, in a town of ~ 5,000 people. Volunteer Fire Dept, full time police. 3 out of 4 schools are new and shared with the neighboring school. The house is currently assessed for ~ $350,000, and taxes are $4,300 / Read More

living - 9/20/2009
Tell me about the Boston Read More

Craptastic! - 9/7/2009
Now I can wait for the Ivy League elites to let me know I'm beneath them because "craptastic" isn't a word and only the most brilliant can really appreciate all that is Boston. Well, Boston is a great place to visit and a lousy place to live. (Boston is similar to Chicago on that regard.)

Go to Boston and enjoy the history, the decent food, Fenway and a little culture--and enjoy teasing the snobs while you're at it. Then leave it all behind. The locals are generally a joyless bunch of hard Left, over-educated twits who pride themselves on voluntarily being overtaxed and underserved. That's just the way utopias should be. Everyone should be equally miserable and they better like it.

If you must live in New England and if you must work in Boston, get as far out as you can while still being able to tolerate the Read More

cost of living - 7/30/2009
Boston can be an expensive place to live. It's most affordable to live with several roommates and it can be pretty pricey to live by Read More

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40-40A Newbern St
Bed 2 | Bath 2.0 |

18 Westover St
Bed 5 | Bath 2.0 |

49 Georgia St
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251 Reservation Rd
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33 Parkman St
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69 Russett Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2.0 |


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