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The average one-way commute in Boston, Massachusetts, takes 19 minutes. 76% of commuters drive their own car alone. 11% carpool with others. 2% take mass transit and 2% work from home.

  TRANSPORTATIONBoston, MassachusettsUnited States
  Commute Time  19.1825.71
  Auto (alone)  76.46%76.41%
  Carpool  11.26%9.59%
  Mass Transit  1.89%5.06%
  Bicycle  0.70%0.59%
  Walk  4.91%2.78%

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Not for me - 3/13/2018
I wouldn't go near Boston unless you make or will make at least 150K a year. Better check the cost of living. Rent here is two or three times what it is in most US... (Read More)

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Historical, culture, - 2/7/2018
Very convenient to get around by foot.. car traffic is more difficult. Top on historic, preservation, like walking back in history. North End, Haymarket Square, Boston... (Read More)

Ya know what? - 1/11/2018
The worst thing about Boston is that it is so expensive. And you know why? Supply and demand: people want to live here. I don't understand all the bad reviews. ... (Read More)

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