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Not for me - 3/13/2018
Don't know how many stars are displayed on this web page but I rated Boston just one star. I wouldn't go near Boston unless you make or will make at least 150 to 200K a year. Better check the cost of living. Rent there is two or three times what it is in most cities, about like New York or San Francisco. On the other hand maybe you’re reading this because you’ve got affluent parents and you plan on going to Harvard (actually in Cambridge), so cost doesn’t make any difference to you. Just call the parents, tell them how much it is, and they send you the money. I didn't get to do that because my lawyer parents abandoned me when I was 17. That was after years of physical and mental abuse. I didn’t do anything to cause it. Had a heck of a time completing high school, thanks to them, and paying for college. Mississippi doesn’t have very high standards for attorneys. Boston and vicinity seemed really crowded to me but I grew up in American suburbs. I hated the city traffic. Winter in Boston Read More

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Historical, culture, - 2/7/2018
Very convenient to get around by foot.. car traffic is more difficult. Top on historic, preservation, like walking back in history. North End, Haymarket Square, Boston Common, Public Garden, MIT , Read More

Ya know what? - 1/11/2018
The worst thing about Boston is that it is so expensive. And you know why? Supply and demand: people want to live here. I don't understand all the bad reviews. They all sound like sour grapes to me. Boston is an absolutely beautiful city with plenty to do and far fewer of the problems that plague the country's other big cities, most notably violence and crime. We also don't have the nature-related problems that spoil some of the country's other places--earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides, hurricanes, floods. Cold and snow? You bet, but you're not going to die from them. But it is expensive and we do have quite possibly the worst public transportation system in the world. Thank goodness Boston is entirely walkable. For you sour grape reviewers: go away, we don't need you here. Otherwise, welcome to one of the nicest cities in the Read More of the 10 most overrated cities _USA - 2/20/2017
Absolutely......Boston's an overrated clannish dung heap....Nice to visit sure but....The thing about Boston is there are really two Bostons...One where the deified spawn of privilege, the luckiest 1 percent of the world's population among us can send off their little progeny to attend any of the 80 or so dilettante schools - in short for those that can piss away about $250,000-$400,000 for an piece of paper- and the rest who are more representative of the country as a whole -who in turn live in the poor southern sub sections.....Dorchester, Roxbury, Matappan....where they dutifully stay to themselves and for the most part stay in their place - and so far don't cause much fuss in the whiter areas...they know their place. There's no comparison between NYC and Boston....the former being a truly world class city- where talent and hard work usually go rewarded no matter your pedigree or lack thereof whereas Boston's a flake's paradise...where who you know is far more important than Read More

LOVE MY MA - 2/23/2016
SOOOO proud to be from Massachusetts. We have it all here. Great colleges, ethnic and cultural diversity, an hour either way from the pure heaven of the Cape, North Shore, and Western MA not to mention going over the "Bordah" to NH and RI. The food is phenomenal and eclectic with our many farms, fishing ports and dairies, the people reserved and clannish but are made of long term friendship material. A sense of work ethics, a bit starchy but a great dry sense of humor. And we like our independence....oh yeah. We were the ones who broke the King's piece. History and cutting edge medical research. A dichotomy of staunch New England townies, preppies and Brahman intellectuals and Alternate therapy non conformists, wiccan new age hipsters and blue collar sports fans. There's a place for everyone here Read More

If you like high taxes and poor weather move here. - 2/27/2014
Corrupt Politicians, terrible roads and signage, terrible weather, liberal idiots who couldn't live without the government intervening in their freedoms. Oh, high cost of living and high taxes.  Read More

If your a liberal, that loves bad weather and corr - 2/27/2014
Extremely high cost of living. Corrupt and Inept Democrat politicians who never answer for any mis deeds. Taxes that get wasted on money laundering unions and illegal aliens into democrat voters. Police and politicians who want to control your whole life. Horrible weather most of the year. Terrible roads and confusing road systems with poor signage.

The politics get better the further you move west, but the roads don't and all money flows towards Boston, and generally silences out those in Central MA who do have some brains in their head and can think for Read More

Boston is great! - 7/30/2013
I love Boston. It's the most beautiful american city. Lots of stuff to do even if you don't have much money.  Read More

Boston: dirty, deteriorating infrastructure, mean, - 5/7/2013
I have lived in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Washigton DC, and have to say living in Boston has been an education on what I DO NOT want.
At first I was excited moving to a city with a wealth of history and a history of wealth. Boston has played a major role in America, but its hay days are long over.
With horrible government, weak mayors, race relations gone to hell, and lacking leadership for business and industry, today, Boston is filled with ageing infrastructure (bridges and roads are the worst in the nation), the worst drivers ever, poor schools, and the people that are inward looking and selfish.
I have never lived in a city which is dirtier and were people living in the city have to deal with so many issues that degrade their quality of life. If you buy property in Boston, be sure to chain and bolt down anything in your yards, or visible from the street.
I live in what could be called a re-emerging neighborhood with homes, gaining in value and Read More

Is Boston nicer than other major cities? - 4/22/2012
Tow days ago, I moved to Boston area with excitment to learn about the city and people. So far, I have encountered people on the streets and the hotel that I am staying and they have been either mean or offensive. For instance, at the I-95, when I stoped to yield to the traffic before I entered the I-95 people in cars behind me started to shout and stuck their arm out of their cars giving me obscene gustures. I was shocked that people get outraged so easily for me observing traffic rules. By the way, I drive a Z4 BMW and don't consider myself a sluggish driver. I have a speeding tickets to provit too. Another example, at the hotel the the front desk clerk yelled at me when I informed him about the broken refregirator in my room. There are a few other similar examples which I won't bore you with. I am looking for better encounters in Boston. I am sure there are nicer people in this Read More

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