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Detroit is a Great city that needs to build! - 12/10/2019
I've lived in Detroit my entire 26 years of living, this city is rich with history and has a strong base of people, Detroit is at state where it's neutral between falling under or total rebuilding, the cost of living in Detroit is very affordable, the city is large in area , it's very easy to get around East to West, North to South. Detroit is also very vibrant and fun with Nightlife, Casinos, and Adult entertainment, it's multiple sports venues, there's multiple convenient restaurants, and convenient stores. Detroit is in urgency to build up and be in refurbishment, homes are going up for $1,000 bucks and in 6 months they must be Redeveloped and suitable for tenants, This city needs a percentage of perks from every city in America that has been booming , Detroit is in urgency to build population and employment establishment, Detroit has tooken a total change in 5 years in a blink an Read More

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Detroit - Strong City - 11/6/2019
Lots of things to do. Very safe in the downtown, midtown, corktown areas. Neighborhoods need work but that is every city. Great job opportunities. A good downtown feel, especially in business Read More

Great people, not a lot of jobs - 6/26/2019
I live in Detroit (transplant from the Northland) and love a lot of things about the city, number one being the people. Although I am a minority here, I have always been treated with respect and almost always with immense kindness. The people of Detroit have been kicked around for generations, and they have developed a toughness that is remarkable to say the least. But they will talk to you on the street. People here are generally just awesome.
That being said the gentrification is on. There are a lot of trendy (and fun) things happening in New Center, Midtown, Corktown, the Villages, and downtown. Gross Pointe and the border with Detroit as well. Up and coming areas such as the Avenue of Fashion and the State Fair Grounds will soon blur with trendy Ferndale just on the other side of 8 mile. People are being priced out to the proverbial ghettos of the city, which include the Northwest and Northeast corridors. Just not a lot happening in these areas, so the prices remain low Read More

Married with Children - 11/20/2018
With the exception of two years, I have lived in Detroit for 12 years. I have had challenges, but they were relatively trivial in the long run. I am married and have a 9 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old.

Detroit is a city that needs help, and where you can feel like you are making a positive Read More

Hellhole - 9/2/2018
Not a fan of this place at all. There has never really been a time I was visiting here for anything good. Let's say I almost got murdered here twice, the place is scary and post apocalyptic is the best way I can describe it. I am happy I will never have to set foot in this city ever again. If your white not to be racist stay as far away from here as you can and if you ever do end up here for any reason not of your own choosing I hope and pray you live to see tomorrow. That is how bad and scary this place Read More

Renaissance Detroit - 12/5/2017
I see a lot of old comments on here that aren't as applicable now since the resurgence Detroit has and is going through these past few years. It's a really exciting time to be in Detroit and are we where we want to be yet? Nope not yet but we are definitely heading there. The life in downtown has change from night to day because of the investments companies are now pouring into the area. The outlying neighborhoods will slowly feel the effects of the investments getting poured into as it spills out slowly to any neighborhoods needing some TLC but it will take patience. I have friends and family who go down to Detroit on a regular basis and have also moved there in the past few years while the housing market in downtown is not as expensive as it will be in the years to come. The schooling districts are still in need of change but in order for prosperity to happen their needs to be jobs available for Detroiters within Detroit. Skill trade programs are being placed to make sure the Read More

Been to worst places - 1/5/2017
I was born in Detroit. I was raised in Alaska. Detroit can't be worse than Fairbanks! It has been awhile since I've been there (2010). I live in a mobile home park that was bought by a company out of Farmington Hills, Michigan which I understand is in the Detroit area. This place is beginning to look like Detroit--things are run down and broken. Once was a nice place. OK I should write about the City of Detroit. Nice airport. I would like to go there and see a Tiger game but I am scared to go there so I don't know. As I recall it had to be the friendliest city I've been Read More

2 Detroits - 6/30/2016
There are so many disparaging remarks here about Detroit--I feel I must step in.
Let's not be redundant, people, and add to all the trash-talk rhetoric. That's the equivalent of being the middle-school bully whose favorite target is the poor, obese, or intellectually-impaired kid.
Anyone who reads knows Detroit has taken it on the chin like a punch from Joe Lewis. And we know about decades of corupt government, the lack of industrial diversification, white flight, etc. That's old news.
There's plenty to love about Detroi& not just ruin porn, people!
Ask the droves of creative young folk from Brooklyn and Portland and the like--who moved to the "D" for its creative vibe, its can-do attitude, and above all--the affordability of fabulous loft space.
The problem is, there are 2 Detroits. There are the oppressively crime-gripped neighborhoods with no way out, and there is the central business district with boat-tons of investment underway.
My kids Read More

Percentage of residents with less than 9th grade e - 1/3/2015
I think American factfinder is right because 6.4% of residents have less than 9th grade education in Read More

Not worth the depression - 7/11/2014
Detroit is its own little hell! Not enough cops, ambulances. No money! no water! Everything is burnt down and dilapidated. there are no street lights, which makes everything dangerous. You know your entering the city when you go from street lights and clean empty streets at night to dark dirty streets with drug addicts and prostitutes crawling all over the streets like cockroaches. There is nothing for the youth to do, all the play grounds are hidden with 6 feet tall grass. The houses are all burnt down. When you try to fix the homes up, thieves come in and take everything worth a buck, so there is no trying to fix up the city. Don't wear name brand shoes, jeans, sunglasses, iphone or even your vehicle you could be held up at gunpoint to give up your possesions. If you have children in your car and you are carjacked you may be able to save your children if the gunman will allow you to get your children out before they take off in your vehicle, you can be carjacked in mcdonalds drive Read More

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