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F*** You, Rochester, and F*** Minnesota. - 5/21/2019
Rochester's kind of like one of those little chocolates with the bright, cheery candy shell. Except the insides aren't chocolate.

Living costs are creeping up and up and up as we start to feel the full effects of the Destination Medical Center project. Housing costs are getting ridiculous. 500 a month for an efficiency apartment that didn't even have a kitchen sink - it had a hot plate and a microwave on a wire cart, parked on carpet. The realtor suggested I wash dishes in the constrictive shower or the bathroom sink. The apartment itself was claustrophobic as all get out. This isn't even out of the ordinary. (Best part, SOMEONE TOOK THAT APARTMENT.) Lots of new apartments going up. Can you guess what kind? That's right, LUXURY apartments! Oh yeah. None for you, filthy lower-class plebeians! Go live in one of the exurbs, like Byron or Kasson or Stewartville, we don't want your service-industry-working non-doctor self here! Can't commute? Too bad, sucker.  Read More

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Rochester, MN is a Midwest Gem - 4/23/2019
I lived in Rochester for over 2 decades. It's quite a gem in the Midwest. A metropolitan up and coming city. Home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. It is easy to get around and extremely safe with one of the lowest crime rates in the country. It's also a great place to raise kids. Shopping and dining choices are abundant. I found the business community to be dynamic for people of all ages. Rochester is a great place for medical care. The Mayo Clinic performs miracles every day that don't happen anywhere else in the world. Cost of living is reasonable. Yes - winters can be rough (duh-it's in the Midwest) but there are festivals and activities that embrace the season like Social Ice. If you're not a winter person, like I'm not, the city is designed for indoor people. I used the skyway and subway systems for my winter walks. Summers in Rochester, MN are the best! Beauty abounds with abundant trees, parks and gardens. There's always something to do. Destination Medical Center is Read More

Why does winter have to last so long? - 9/7/2018
First off, I will start with the good.

Rochester is small enough not to have the problems of bigger cities, not yet at least. Traffic is pretty decent, though it does seem to be getting worse. The crime rate is pretty low for a city it's size and the overall infrastructure seems to be fairly well maintained. I have lived here almost 8 years and never had a power outage.

Rochester is also big enough to have many of the things that big cities offer. There are many excellent restaurants, especially downtown and many more seem to be arriving all the time. In fact the city seems to be growing very fast, but not too fast. There are plenty of shopping options and there are some concerts once and a while at the civic center, but I wish there were more. However, it is close enough to the twin cities, an hour and a half, that one could head there for a concert or sporting event every now and then.

Now the bad, and the absolute number one bad thing Read More

Med City - 2/14/2016
Looks like I have to write something here prior to commenting on other people's posts, so here goes. Outside of climate, Rochester, MN is a great place to live. With a population nearing 115,000, it's MN's 3rd largest city and home of the original Mayo Clinic. The city is large enough to have an appreciation of the Arts, but not so large that it has lost all of its "small town" feel. The crime rate is very low here and there are recreational/biking trails all over the city. How bad can it be? The Dalai Lama comes here all the time ;-)  Read More

From the view of a Midwesterner - 6/10/2013
I am an upper 20-something, young married individual with no children and 2 small dogs. I grew up in a town of about 13,000 people in Iowa, went to college in a town of 5,000 for 4 years, lived in Bangor, Wales, UK for a semester, and lived in Bloomington, IN for 3 years before I moved here.

Here is my honest and as thorough of a review that I can give of Rochester, MN:

We moved here in the fall of 2011 and 'endured' a very mild winter by Minnesota standards (meaning, only 1 week of temperatures consistently below 0 degrees Fahrenheit). We have found the town of Rochester to be big enough to have a decent amount of things to do (we're more outdoorsy people, so night clubs were not high on our priority list of things to do). There are a ton of movie theaters, a few bowling alleys, quite a few parks with trails to hike, 2 dog parks, several fitness centers, lots of BIKE trails (more on this later), decent restaurants (more are coming into town all the time Read More

Cold - 9/24/2012
The cold winters are too cold and last too long for Read More

Best of both worlds - 8/31/2011
I recently moved from Dallas, TX to Rochester, MN. It has been quite a shock to say the least. However, the cultural diversity despite the small town feel is great. There is plenty to keep you entertained and best of all it is all so close to you! It only takes a few minutes to get from one side of town to the other and you never have to deal with traffic. You have the best medical care with Mayo and with IBM headquarters here it is also a rising star in the tech Read More

Rochester, Minnesota - 2/26/2011
First off the positive, Rochester is a nice city,with a population of around 100K, its a nice size, easy to get around and a good clean safe palce to live, with Mayo Clinic, World Class Medical Care being its number 1 asset. Its a great place to go when your are in need of medical care, thats for sure. Unfortunately,it is Minnesota, and with that comes a very difficult climate that beats you up with a vengence, and Winter is a season that dosen't seem to want to leave very fast.Winters icy grip takes a toll everything it touches, the roads, buildings,nature,homes,cars, and most brutal to your body, your health both mental and physical. It has no mercy, you feel older than you are, every injury you ever had lets you know when the icy cold touches your body, your skin drys up with the heated homes and you look 10 years older after one winter. It is a hard life in this climate, I have lived in kinder,gentler climates and prefer it and seek to return to that Read More

Minnesota Nice - 10/27/2010
I've been here for a couple years now for work. Like others have said it's great if you're married with kids. In my experience the people aren't that nice, they just pretend to be. They call it "Minnesota Nice", which I guess is another way of saying fake. Of course some people are incredible, but in general, I've been shocked at the unfriendliness of people here. They claim diversity, which could be true but the mindset and stares of the people make you feel unwelcome if you're not of the majority. You can always tell when someone isn't from around here because they will speak to you out of the blue. It feels like they are stuck in the past and have no intentions on changing. They've had exhibits on cultural diversity and advertisments about it, which to me says a lot about what lacks here. Kudos to the people trying to educate others on how to be more open minded. Don't come here just for a job because the location and the community matter just as much as the Read More

The Goods and Bads - 5/10/2010
I was born and raised in Rochester. Last year I moved to Clarksville, TN and I saw some differences.

Minnesota in itself is cold. The temperatures are bad for anyone who likes a little warmth. I have heard, however, that the people there are great. I personally, felt that was partially true. Also, they are better drivers. They know to be cautious in bad weather and sometimes you'll have those bad drivers no matter where you go.

If you like alot of diversity, races, and culture. Rochester is the place to be. I personally, don't like the feeling of having to look over my shoulder periodically. I'm sorry, but I feel the town is overrun with Somali people.

The jobs suck. Like another person wrote, unless you are going to work for IBM or the Mayo clinic, you're out of luck. They do have a community college, but the whole town has no feel of community.

After hours, there is nothing to do. You have your bars, and a dirty old club that Read More

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