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Is it time to leave? - 3/12/2016
Hattiesburg is generally a pleasant city to live in and raise a family, and is a convenient for several weekend destinations, but I'm seriously contemplating a move. Maybe I've become jaded, and maybe it's just time for a fresh start, but after spending more than half of my life in this fair city, most of the changes I'm noticing aren't positive ones. Sure, there are interesting things going on...plenty of high school and college sports, festivals, a few fun antique/vintage boutiques, some interesting downtown revitalization which has been a long time in the making, and the Biloxi Shuckers recently stolen from Huntsville, Alabama, and now just down the road...but in general, daily living in this city feels like wading daily through the Read More

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A varied little flood zone. - 3/11/2013
Hattiesburg experiences virtually all of the extremes in weather.
The summers are hot and humid.

Fall is still pretty nasty, except for the latter part of September. The weather is absolutely perfect. It's simply impossible to complain either way, but that only lasts for a week or two.

Winters--while not comparable to say, Buffalo, NY--are still frigid. We sometimes get snow and ice; I dislike the cold, so maybe that's just my bias showing.

Spring can get uncomfortably warm, and unbearable for people with allergies. On windy days, you will definitely see pollen swirling madly about.

I've lived here for a few years and I have experienced snow and ice; hurricanes; lightning storms; insane torrential downpours; flooding; and of course, tornadoes.

If humidity and pollen aren't deal breakers, I'd advise that you be mindful of the fact that virtually all of Hattiesburg is a flood zone. There are tons of low-lying areas Read More

Larger MS Town - Smaller Minds - 10/5/2012
I grew up in Hattiesburg but have lived in many US & Int'l cities. There is an oddity about Hattiesburg. Many of the average citizens behave cliquishly, live beyond their means and spend most of their life & efforts trying to scale a social ladder that leads nowhere. I have found their intelletual level, common-sense, logic/rational, world-awareness and ethical behavior to be far below par.

This is not a good spot to try to open a small/medium business with new concepts unless you have many years capital to sustain the business while you try to educate and urge the sheep-like consumer that it is okay to try something new.

It has been said, "You are entering Hattiesburg...Set your watches back 20 years."

I'm not sour...I just really know this town & it's people. Save yourself the greif - Choose another location to visit or live. Read More

Culture, what culture? - 1/10/2011
Well, I hate to bash, so I will try not to...
I've lived in several different places in my 30 years including overseas, and this is my least favorite (My family moved here in 1993). My husband and I are, at the moment, getting ready to relocate to Texas.
There are two good universities here, none of which I went to (I attended college out of state). My sister attended USM, and was ecstatic to be done with that particular institution. I have only heard positive things about William Carey, although it does not have as many programs to offer as USM. Even having two universities and a community college located in city limits has not made this town a true "university town". I understand that several years ago it was voted one of the best towns to retire in, and that sounds more accurate to me. Rent is high and so are housing prices despite the economy.
I do not live IN Hattiesburg, but 10 miles outside (Sumrall). We do most of our shopping and what-not in Read More

A great place to live - 6/24/2009
Hattiesburg has two universities, the University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey University which has a new medical school. There are numerous community colleges.

The drive to New Orleans is 1 1/2 hours, Gulf Coast 1 hour, Gulf Shores, Alabama 2 1/2 hours and Destin, Florida 3 hours.

Hattiesburg and the surrounding area have great law enforcement and fire departments with low crime rates.

Hattiesburg local government is multi-cultural, efficient and cooperative. Mayor Johnny Dupree has been re-elected and has done an outstanding job.

It is hot here from June to October but there rest of the year is Read More

Great Place to live - 5/8/2009
Hattiesburg is the perfect small town! We have great healthcare, and the University of Southern Mississippi. It's about an hour and a half away from New Orleans, Molbile, Gulfport, and Jackson. Plus- most people are literate Read More

Hot and Humid - 6/4/2007
If you like the heat and don't care about how the humidity will frizz your hair from May through October, this is the place for you. The four seasons don't exist here. Inland enough that the hurricanes don't affect you much, aside from Katrina which hopefully won't happen again for another 30 years. Close to the water, bring your Read More

manager - 5/23/2007
I have been doing research on child care facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I have discovered that there are no facilities that have extended hours. All the facilities close between the hours of 5:30PM -6:30PM. Is there not a need for an extended hour facility in the Hattiesburg area? Are there any information on child care facilities in the Hattiesburg Read More

Went to college there..loved it - 6/27/2006
From Chicago, New Orleans, Miami, etc...went to college here at Southern Miss....I live in Colorado now and actually missed it. It is a small town that is family orientated, with good local restaurants. There is an bar scene with a little something for every type. It definitely has personality. But, you have to stay awhile to appreciate it. Hattiesburg is even revitalizing their downtown and I went one of the newer restaurants. The food was great, priced well. Here in Denver, they would have charged ten times as much and called it "Fusion Cuisine". Anywho, it was nice living Read More

Hattiesburg - 6/4/2006
Not much to do here especially with the coast devasted after Read More

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01 N Founders Way
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Mount Pleasant Dr
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19 Pleasant Pond Loop
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17 E Yellowstone Rd
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73 Saint Andrews
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