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Needs to be cleaned up!
Star Rating - 5/2/2021
It’s a dump, downtown is absolutely invaded by homeless people. It’s not safe to go down there even during the day now. I wish the mayor would get off his lazy bum and do something about it. Downtown used to be lovely, a great environment. But now, you can’t even go down there and it smells horrible. The police need to do their job and the mayor needs to clean this place up!
Becky | Springfield, MO
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- 5/22/2021
Lovely scenery & good climate but poor politics
We moved to Springfield in mid 2018 for a job in a neighboring small town, which lasted un...
Dorinda | Springfield, MO | No Replies

- 4/5/2021
Slum town
Springfield is a slum town, especially downtown. I have never seen such a slummy dumpy tow...
Tevon | Battlefield, MO | 2 Replies

- 6/4/2020
As Bible Belt as you can get, no diversity
I grew up here, moved to the west coast a year ago. If you're a caucasian white person who...
Matt | Portland, OR | 3 Replies

- 4/15/2019
Diversity is lacking
I lived in Springfield 2005-2007 and then again 2017-present (2019). I absolutely hate it ...
Amber | Springfield, MO | 10 Replies

- 8/11/2018
I've lived here almost 10 years. And it's okay. It's just...okay. If you have to live in M...
Ker | Springfield, MO | 1 Reply

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