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Not for me. - 5/30/2019
I was excited about moving to Butte--I used to visit a lot in college, and fell in love with the history and scenery. Unfortunately, after the first few months in Butte, it became clear it wasn't for me.

The economy is piss poor--there are really no jobs for people without medical degrees unless you want to work at a gas station or fast food restaurant.

The historic district has amazing potential, but most of the buildings have been left to rot on the side of the hill.

People are not inviting, and change is mostly unheard of. People are wary of outsiders because they believe they will come and change everything overnight and make it too expensive to live like Bozeman or Missoula. I see the point, but Butte has a long way to go before something like that would ever happen. Being open to new ideas and taking pride in a community does not necessarily lead to overwhelming growth and mcmansions.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for Read More

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Unique, Cheap & Scenic - 10/7/2018
I feel compelled to comment on my adopted hometown after reading the interesting and not entirely incorrect reviews posted here, particularly Disappointed’s. I have lived in Butte for 15 years. I was able to buy an incredible, historic, Victorian home for a very cheap price. Like many of the homes on “The Hill,” which one can still buy at a great price, it has a sweeping, panoramic view of the area’s mountains and valleys. Butte is the largest National Historic District in the country. Nowhere else can you find such beautiful, affordable homes with these incredible mountain views. With that said, all of the challenges mentioned in the other reviews stand true. This is a small city with many of the attitudes and shortcomings one would expect. It has slow growth and is relatively arid and cold. The community is unusually insulated from outside influence. And its hard rock mining past has left environmental hazards to clean up. But, there are some particularly outstanding attributes Read More

Its like living in a Steven King movie - 3/27/2018
We moved to Butte because my wife said she liked the look of the old timey western buildings uptown and that people seemed friendly here. I tried to talk her out of it, but she had made up her mind. Living here now for about 5 years is akin to living on a movie set. It is not at all as it appears. The Old Timey buildings are actually just piles of rubble waiting for demolition that never comes. The friendly people actually are from a movie set, maybe a Steven King movie where they all share a horrible secret that they must keep secret. The secret is like a cancer with tendrils everywhere waiting for the moment to unfurl its long fingers and wreak havoc on your life. Homebuying was like trying to navigate a gorged spring creek with sweepers and jams around every bend. We were sucked in by an agent posing as a knowledge guide. The weather is something people always like to complain about because there is common ground. In Butte, that ground is frozen most of the year and when its not Read More

Butte - 1/15/2015
A town with deep (literally) roots in Montana's history. The community struggles with being relevant and honoring its heritage. Read More

new business growth - 11/5/2012
I wish too express my interest in growth of business in Butte MT. As it appears alot of people really need work and a life thats able too work for them rather the agaist them . butte Mt can grow with the determiation of safe planning ahead based on which kind of business should come here which brings the city the most real success rather then failure. Read More

housing - 8/30/2012
the neighborhood is very nice. the schools are also Read More

housing - 8/30/2012
the neighborhood is very nice. the schools are also Read More

stay away - 5/31/2010
Moved to this horrible town about five years ago. When first arriving I just couldn't believe my eyes..I can't believe this town has not been condemned. The older homes here aren't even liveable. 90% of these homes should be torn down. There is no culture or class here. When you go out to eat expect to see people wearing their pajama bottoms. There is no good customer service here...they think that if you don't like the way they treat you then go some place else...because there is no place else to go in this town. The mall here is a joke...never have I seen anything like it. The weather here is cold and miserable...expect 10 months of winter....I have so much else to write but so little space. If at all possible my advice to you is to go someplace else...you will be very unhappy here as I am.
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ZIPCODE - 4/28/2010
The zipcode for Butte Silver Bow is 59701. I don't know what the population is, probably about 35,000.  Read More

A few comments about Butte, MT - 1/11/2010
Small town lifestyle here in Butte. The people are friendly. Shopping choices are limited. To go to Costco, it's 68 miles to Helena or 84 miles to Bozeman. Same with Home Depot. Climate is mistakenly identified as many days of sun per year. Mostly overcast weather with 9 months of winter. The last frost of the year is in June or July, and the first frost takes place in September. The rainy season takes place summer, with lots of lightning storms. Weather is unpredictable, and can turn on a dime. Property prices are low, and employment is limited. On the plus side, absolutely no problematic traffic, and when you drive in any direction, you will see miles and miles of open spaces. Extremely limited in neighborhood parks or closeby outdoor recreation, and it would be too cold to spend much time outdoors anyway, unless you are really determined. Very few choices for activities for children. A bright spot is Rocky Mountain Martial Arts, a wonderful Taekwondo studio. Large shortage of homes Read More

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