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Omaha pros and cons - 8/30/2020
This place is great for families and kids, but if you're an empty nester or you're not into the whole having babies thing then it's best to just get out. You'd like it here if you still talk to people from high school and married your first boyfriend/girlfriend. You'd also like it here if you like to binge drink at the same bars on the weekends. You will not like it here if you enjoy professional sporting events, outdoor recreation, or comfortable weather.

Pros: Nebraska nice, good local restaurants, great zoo, CWS

Cons: heavy taxation, it's basically just a sprawling suburbia (oh, and it's highly segregated), nothing pretty to look at - it's just miles of neighborhoods and strip malls, humid as hell in the summer, overcast a lot of the time, high crime, crappy roads, not a lot to do except stuff your face or Read More

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Nothing that stands out or wows you - 5/25/2020
- Great place for a family with school-age kids
- Relatively safe crime-wise, compared to most cities this size.
- Economy is relatively stable compared to other metros
- Doesn't have much of a rat race/keeping up with the Jones vibe. No one really cares about your status, with the exception of a few exclusive social groups here and there. Even the upscale parts of Omaha are no where near as flambuoyant as parts of Dallas or Atlanta. You won't see as many outrageously sized McMansions or luxury cars that the owner can't afford. People in Omaha, for the most part, don't appear to raise their kids with the desire of having the best-performing child in sports/academics/money. I've learned to appreciate this.
-Cheaper than coastal metros
- This city is cheap enough to have the potential to start a progressive hipster movement, but it's moving very, very slowly.

- If you're a single of any age or looking to make new Read More

Feels like home - 4/3/2020
I moved to Omaha in 2017 from Fayetteville,Arkansas. It has been a great choice for us.
Pro- The neighborhoods. There is such a varietyneighborhoods with very distinct vibes.(Benson,Dundee,Gifford Park,Old Market, South O- the list goes on). Love the historic architeture of the Downtown/ Midtown area. You can chose to live an urban more walkable area or there are several nice suburbs. We are able to live in an historic neighborhood that we would not be able to afford in many other places.
The schools- Lots of highly performing schools to choose from. My children's educational experience has been much better than AR. The expectations and goals are higher.
Jobs- There seems to be plenty. Low unemployment.
People- In my experice people HAVE been inclusive to me as a newcomer. This being said I put forth effort as soon as I arrived to get out and meet people right away (Meetup, playdates, everything).In a short time my family has built a solid network of people Read More

The Big O! - 3/21/2020
I have lived here for a few years and I like it. I am Asian and moved here, immediately I realized there are tons of restuarants, a good walkable downtown, not crazy traffic, and thats better than many many places I've lived in the country. Omaha is growing and keeps expanding, making new constructions, shopping areas etc., they need to fix the roads, then it'll be a more charming place! The city should aim to bring in more big businesses to the city and keep working on new modern nightlife, eat, play, shop kinda places, and be an overall more dynamic & more vibrant city. Keep on growing and never stop big O! Read More

Nebraska is a racist state - 2/28/2020
Nebraska is only a great place to live if you are a white person, otherwise it is a very racist state. Nebraska doesn't care about the poor people. At least in Texas, no one goes hungry, and there is no income tax. Nebraska doesn't care about its poor citizens. Only the White people have a chance to earn high income. If you are not White, then tough Read More

Terrible city to live in - 1/18/2020
I've lived in Omaha for almost 33 years. The first 10 were fine. But Omaha has been steadily been going downhill the last 23. The city government has become extremely corrupt. Spending is done based on what benefits the richest citizens. Most currently the City wants to spend 25 million dollars to build an electric trolley system that will only go 5 or 6 miles, mostly through one of the wealthiest parts of the city. Its will exist so those rich people can ride free from their 1/2 million dollar condos to the entertainment center of the city.
Our city/county has 7 school districts plus a disaster they call the Learning Community. The LC was created to stop 9 school districts in Douglas and Sarpy counties from suing each other for tax money. A total failure. That combination wastes over 30 million dollars a year in executive salaries and duplicated administrations. Teachers here frequently have to spend their own money for teaching supplies.
Waste collection has been an Read More

More minuses than pluses - 6/30/2019
Low cost of living
Diversified job market
World class zoo
Men’s College World Series
Moderate traffic congestion
Good schools
Good healthcare

* Weather sucks. Can snow from Oct thru April. Summer temps can go over 100.
* Roads are awful. Pot holes are everywhere and will damage your car.
* Aggressive and rude drivers
* Nebraska Cornhusker crazy. NU football is to Omaha what the Mormon religion is to Salt Lake City. You will hear about it 24/7
* Difficult for outsiders to be accepted. Everyone who lives here is from here. Their families and friends are all from here. Therefore their social circles are already set.
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Hit or Miss but I like it here... - 6/4/2019
My job relocated my family here in 2015. My company built a new Data Center on the outer skirt of Omaha.

What I like about this place... the slow pace living in a large city atmosphere. Yet it lacks much of the larger city night life, activities and resources that I'm accustom to. I like the free hospital/clinic parking... that's something I don't see much from the previous city where I used to live. I like it that the main roads are straight forward. I can drive any of the main roads from north to south, west to east and not get lost. You pretty much get from one end of the city to the other end on the main roads. Here in Omaha, I barely had a mosquito bite. Could also be that Omaha lack lakes and most are man made lakes or pond in the area. One major attraction to Omaha is it's Zoo. Without the zoo, there's not much to talk about coming here for a visit with my family and friends from out of town. And If you like beer, they are a dime a dozens of local joints in town in Read More

we don't coast - 1/21/2019
too Read More

Negative stars if I could - 7/14/2018
If I could give negative stars not just for Omaha but the whole entire state of nebraska I definitely would. The only reason people are saying good things about nebraska is because they're native. They're brainwashed and this is all they know. I happen not to be Nebraska native. And very fortunate to claim so. Nebraska is not the heartland at all for anything good PERIOD. They are the heart land yes, for getting screwed over by everyone and ending up homeless. The job market is awful and pays horrid. The renting/housing here is ridiculously outrageous. The cost of renting a run down shack/project is insane. The landlords and companies you rent from are absolutely corrupt. They will also screw you over. Have simple charges on your record? Well live on the streets for 10 years waiting to get a place. Own a bike and ride it? Pray to God you don't end up dead 2 seconds after driving. The cost of living here is so ridiculously expensive that a high paying job without required education Read More

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