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Terrible city to live in - 1/18/2020
I've lived in Omaha for almost 33 years. The first 10 were fine. But Omaha has been steadily been going downhill the last 23. The city government has become extremely corrupt. Spending is done based on what benefits the richest citizens. Most currently the City wants to spend 25 million dollars to build an electric trolley system that will only go 5 or 6 miles, mostly through one of the wealthiest parts of the city. Its will exist so those rich people can ride free from their 1/2 million dollar condos to the entertainment center of the city.
Our city/county has 7 school districts plus a disaster they call the Learning Community. The LC was created to stop 9 school districts in Douglas and Sarpy counties from suing each other for tax money. A total failure. That combination wastes over 30 million dollars a year in executive salaries and duplicated administrations. Teachers here frequently have to spend their own money for teaching supplies.
Waste collection has been an Read More

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More minuses than pluses - 6/30/2019
Low cost of living
Diversified job market
World class zoo
Men’s College World Series
Moderate traffic congestion
Good schools
Good healthcare

* Weather sucks. Can snow from Oct thru April. Summer temps can go over 100.
* Roads are awful. Pot holes are everywhere and will damage your car.
* Aggressive and rude drivers
* Nebraska Cornhusker crazy. NU football is to Omaha what the Mormon religion is to Salt Lake City. You will hear about it 24/7
* Difficult for outsiders to be accepted. Everyone who lives here is from here. Their families and friends are all from here. Therefore their social circles are already set.
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Hit or Miss but I like it here... - 6/4/2019
My job relocated my family here in 2015. My company built a new Data Center on the outer skirt of Omaha.

What I like about this place... the slow pace living in a large city atmosphere. Yet it lacks much of the larger city night life, activities and resources that I'm accustom to. I like the free hospital/clinic parking... that's something I don't see much from the previous city where I used to live. I like it that the main roads are straight forward. I can drive any of the main roads from north to south, west to east and not get lost. You pretty much get from one end of the city to the other end on the main roads. Here in Omaha, I barely had a mosquito bite. Could also be that Omaha lack lakes and most are man made lakes or pond in the area. One major attraction to Omaha is it's Zoo. Without the zoo, there's not much to talk about coming here for a visit with my family and friends from out of town. And If you like beer, they are a dime a dozens of local joints in town in Read More

we don't coast - 1/21/2019
too Read More

Negative stars if I could - 7/14/2018
If I could give negative stars not just for Omaha but the whole entire state of nebraska I definitely would. The only reason people are saying good things about nebraska is because they're native. They're brainwashed and this is all they know. I happen not to be Nebraska native. And very fortunate to claim so. Nebraska is not the heartland at all for anything good PERIOD. They are the heart land yes, for getting screwed over by everyone and ending up homeless. The job market is awful and pays horrid. The renting/housing here is ridiculously outrageous. The cost of renting a run down shack/project is insane. The landlords and companies you rent from are absolutely corrupt. They will also screw you over. Have simple charges on your record? Well live on the streets for 10 years waiting to get a place. Own a bike and ride it? Pray to God you don't end up dead 2 seconds after driving. The cost of living here is so ridiculously expensive that a high paying job without required education Read More

Omaha has been a great place to live thus far - 3/21/2018
I moved to Omaha from Southern California in November of 2017. Housing is more affordable, food is more affordable, gas is more affordable, commute to work decreased drastically.
There are plenty of jobs in Omaha and it has been my experience that they pay much better and offer many more perks than jobs I have had in California.
I suppose a certain amount of happiness is dependent upon what your goals and expectations are. For instance, I am late 30's married and trying to build up savings and assets. I am in Omaha to work, save, and invest while cutting down my cost of living. I know there are no beaches or mountains near by, but my purpose is not to go to the beach and mountains.
The winter was not too bad in my opinion, we had a white christmas and experienced driving in the ice. Now I look forward to tornado season, which everyone here has said isn't a big deal, but I would just the same take a California earthquake over a tornado because it is what I am used to. Read More

Lived here twice. - 3/4/2018
Ok, originally from Minneapolis. Came here because the lead singer of the counting crows has a song called 'Omaha' and I saw on a tv special a person saying they take really good care of their homeless there (and they Do).I'm a life explorer and if you really like finding the nooks and crannies of a city this one is a lot of fun. Avoid North= that's where the blacks live and the ones here are pretty ignorant and can be vicious. The South is all Latino and is pretty cool to visit. The food there is excellent if you like authentic Mexican grub. You have a typical mall and rich people all to the west. The middle of the west side had cool bike paths and stuff. Downtown is really neat. Lots of cool building styles representing all decades. Lots of old brick stuff. It's very hilly so expect to do a lot of hills. The 'something to do' is what you make of it?! If you want to hang at a cool bar regularly= plenty to suit your taste. If you're looking for something different to do a few times a Read More

Plenty of Employment Opportunities - 1/1/2018
I live in Bellevue a suburb of Omaha and have been here for 12 years. Omaha really is a job mecca if u need one. Dont be fooled by any homeless you may see, jobs are plentiful.
Crime rates depend on where you live, literally. If u live in Bellevue, Elkhorn, midtown Omaha or Gretna you probably wont see much crime. If u live in North O, there is a lot of violent crime, if you live in West O, with the more wealthy you see more property crime. If u live in South O, you see more tagging and Vandalism. So Literally crime type depends on where you live.
I give Omaha 4stars for the weather, winters are harsh, with temps sometimes staying below freezing for several weeks straight. Summers better but because of the mold of corn fields in the fall and the abundance of Ragweed, one could see an increase in Allergy symptons in the fall. A couple of my kids and I, did not have Asthma until we moved here. We had mild allergies but now they are severe. Because of this I give them Read More

Worst place I have ever encountered - 4/17/2017
I have lived and traveled all over the U.S. Omaha is literally the worst place I have ever lived. I have been her about 9 months now and it gets progressively worse. I made the worst mistake of my life moving here!!
1. The crime here is ridiculous, I spent the last 16 years in a much more urban environment and did not experience the level of crime that I have in 9 months of living in Omaha. My garage was broken into and all my Christmas gifts stolen this year, my credit card was skimmed at a local gas station, packages were stolen off my porch....all that and I haven't even lived here a year. The Omaha police told me that Omaha has a much worse crime problem than people realize.
2. Though Omaha supposedly has this great economy the jobs here are all extremely underpaid from other parts of the U.S. , my pay is 40% lower here in Omaha but my rent and groceries are 30% or so higher than the city I came from.
3. The very worst aspect of living here though are Read More

A great city of possibilities and growth - 4/2/2017
Omaha is a great place to live for those who have no need for image to sustain their sense of self that is provided by eastern and western larger city identities and cultures. Here you'll find the opportunity to be a part of the redevelopment of the central city that is well underway in turning away from the suburban sprawl. You'll find that you can enjoy a lower cost-of-living while exploring your talents as you've always wanted to explore Them. . Omaha has made the cut of smaller cities that survived the recession and have built on a solid base that was retained economically throughout the recession. ( where other cities lost lots of ground because of over involvement in a false economic prosperity ) this speaks to the conservative nature of Omaha in the best sense of the word. but it is not a red city.
by the same token you're not going to find automatically a presumption of blue-Ness on every's a great place for real estate investment and holding investment Read More

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4430 S 32nd St
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11120 Sahler St
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