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My views of Las Vegas - 9/30/2005
Las Vegas is a very confused place with major growing pains.
Neighborhoods are all but non existant except in the older sections. These areas have many different types of homes on one street. A crack house can be next to a new million dollar home. Most areas are gated communities so all you see are walls lining the streets, walls and walls and more walls... mostly peppered with gang grafitti. If you are walking and are accosted by someone, there is no place to run. Just walls as far as you can see, or open parking lots.

Until recently, the older sections of N. Las Vegas were mostly ethnic and very low income. Now, with so many people moving here and prices skyrocketing, these people are being displaced and other older (over 20 years old) neighborhoods and walled complexes around the city are seeing more and more poor poeple coming in. A lot of times there are more than one family squeezed into one small apartment to share expenses.

Homelessness is Read More

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Crime - 9/24/2005
Articles in the Las Vegas paper rarely shows any crime statistics...this site too? I wonder why.....? What are they trying to Read More

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