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Based on Personal Perception - 6/14/2021
Six years ago I accepted a transfer to work in Charlotte NC and, now, I can't wait to get out. I believe that opinions regarding the city of Charlotte are based on personal experiences. For me, after living in cities such as : Roma, Milano, London, New Orleans and Manhattan NY, Charlotte is absolutely boring. As a young city it lacks diversity and has no identity, also, it lacks history. It is a very clean city and most parts are safe to walk but, as any other city, it has it's secret agenda's. Of course for those that have lived in small centers Charlotte appears to have all of those elements I don't see when comparing it to my personal experiences. There are other cities that are way more interesting such as: Charleston, Savannah and, of course, New Orleans the eternal party city, rich with culture and where everyone is super laid back and Read More

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Super Sprawl City - 3/29/2021
Super Sprawl city. Very clean, racially diverse, and appears economically strong. The downtown area is unbelievably small for a 800,000+ population size city. Compared to Seattle or Portland, Charlotte feels like a super suburb instead of an urban city. Oh, and on the weekends you can't even enjoy a drink out because all you hear is guys in their muscle cars reving their V8 engines or on their motorcycles to show off to pedestrians. On the plus side, very clean, not a lot of visible homelessness, and has a decent amount of amenities. If you're thinking of moving here, go visit first. On paper Charlotte might seem promising but for me at least it's a Read More

Not for everyone - 2/6/2021
Pro: clean, dog friendly, job opportunities, rent cost, lakes and a lot of trees everywhere.
Contra: boring, suburbs lifestyle,
I moved from Miami to Charlotte two years ago. I wanna leave.
I know that rate as boring a place is subjective, but the only way you won't consider this place boring is because you come from most boring place. It is pretty and clean, but I live in Ballantyne, south center is more expensive, I don't think cheaper places look pretty.
I have lived in many different cities around the world, and visited as tourists a lot, this city is for retirement or people who is used to live in suburbs towns, who like to go to the lake, and it is used to no see people around. The best choice during pandemic thought
 Read More

Charlotte is a boring city with no identity - 10/1/2020
I lived in Charlotte 10 years. I've grown to despise Charlotte in that time period. Literally nothing to do besides go to breweries on the weekend, unless you like the occasional Panthers or basketball games. It's just one big sprawl with sh*t roads, bad traffic, and poor city planning/cohesiveness. The city just has no identity or anything that draws you to it besides it's new and cheaper than the cities all the Northerners are moving from to bombard Charlotte. I only suggest people moving here so they don't fill up any of the cities I'd prefer to move to...which I did this Read More

For Heaven’s Sake! - 6/27/2019
At first glance Charlotte appears to be an attractive place for families and singles of all ages alike. Scrutinizing it in depth however, revealed to me that below the towering banks and luxury apartments of uptown, there just isn’t a great deal of substance. I lived in Charlotte in the mid ‘80s. At that time, Charlotte was one of the best cities in NC for nightlife and entertainment and that remains true today, but the energy just isn’t there! I moved back to the metro area almost 20 years ago and settled in a suburb about 30 miles from uptown. Maybe living in the city limits would prove to be a more favorable experience, but it is not on my list of destinations if I ever decide to make another move. It is growing rapidly and the city leaders are working diligently to keep up with the growth by investing in new infrastructure, but for a city of over 800,000 the urban feeling is simply not there. Moving back to the area helped me come to this conclusion, southern hospitality is a myth Read More

Charlotte is a tiny dump surrounded by suburban sp - 6/23/2019
This isn't a city, it's a sprawling suburb with jammed roads and nowhere really to go or do.
Skip Charlotte altogether. Just a boring big box suburb with massive city crime, drugs, traffic, extreme poverty and pollution.

Frankly, ignore all of North Carolina for living and look elsewhere. Read More

Charlotte - the best city for me. - 6/4/2019
I moved to Charlotte in 2003 and still live here now. I've lived in Charleston SC, Denver CO, Tucson AZ, Santa Cruz, CA, Greenville SC and Winston-Salem NC.

Every city I've ever lived in or visited has issues, it's in every city in every country, so there is NO point in complaining about traffic, crime, roads.... every city has it. West Charlotte is were the crime is. I live in South Charlotte near Ballantyne. I love this city and will probably retire here. Charlotte is large enough to have all the amenities of a big city, but Charlotte isn't so large that we have the major issues that larger cities have. Charlotte is clean, there is little to no crime where I live and travel. There are PLENTY of white collar jobs making 6 figures. Housing is exceptionally affordable and our city has plenty of room to grow and expand outwards. We are 3 hours to the beaches and 2 hours to the mountains. The city is diverse but fairly conservative from what I experience. Read More

Still a S____hole. - 5/19/2019
I wrote a review of Charlotte several years back, and decided to write how things how gotten here since that time. In one word.....definitely WORSE. People come here seeing how beautiful and clean it is, but stay here a while, and you will get the true feel. Crime is soaring out of control with a record number of murders this year. There are shootings nearly everyday; even in "safe uptown". The traffic is even more congested, people drive like they're the only ones on the road, Charlotte has been rated #12 in the nation for aggressive drivers. Roads are even more torn up, even more random road closings. No improvement in the transit system; buses and even the trains will randomly have "technical difficulties" and just cancel routes. School system is still horrid, and all this town cares about is getting in more and more people than the roads, schools, hospitals, police and fire departments can support. Oh, but your tax dollars are going to build another stadium. If there Read More

Too Suburban to be a city... - 3/16/2019
Charlotte had potential before it let Big Box Shopping Centers and housing developments build the "city". If Charlotte would have built a city instead of Cookie Cutter Developments and Big Box Shopping Centers I believe it would be more of a vibrant, unique city. Instead it built same old boring crap that is off every exit across the USA. Charlotte is not a city it is one big giant suburb. Just look at maps of the area. It is filled with cul-de-sac developments and not city blocks. It is not a CITY that it advertises to Read More

Not what I thought it would be - 8/22/2018
I have been here for three years. I have found it to be very over crowded (and getting worse by the day), and not as inexpensive as it first seemed. The only plan that the city planners seem to have is to get more and more people in without thinking for a second about the infrastructure that can no longer accommodate the population. Apartment buildings and condos (as well as houses) are being built at an alarming rate, but the areas that they are built in have the same police, fire, schools, emergency services, and post offices that they always had. We sometimes get our mail delivered at 8pm and on Sundays! Think the post office is overwhelmed?
The health care system is extremely overtaxed as well, it can take a month to get an appt. with a doctor.
Looks like it used to be a beautiful city, but that has gone by.
Don't even get me started about the traffic. The roads can't handle the population, either, and talk about idiot drivers! It is not a question of if you Read More

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