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Charlotte is a boring city with no identity
Star Rating - 10/1/2020
I lived in Charlotte 10 years. I've grown to despise Charlotte in that time period. Literally nothing to do besides go to breweries on the weekend, unless you like the occasional Panthers or basketball games. It's just one big sprawl with sh*t roads, bad traffic, and poor city planning/cohesiveness. The city just has no identity or anything that draws you to it besides it's new and cheaper than the cities all the Northerners are moving from to bombard Charlotte. I only suggest people moving here so they don't fill up any of the cities I'd prefer to move to...which I did this year.
Fakle | Scottsdale, AZ
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Your statement about Charlotte is very negative and not accurate. One big sprawl,s*** roads,bad traffic and poor city planning/cohesiveness? I think you are talking about Atlanta dude not Charlotte. These are the problems Atlanta has. You have to see where I am comming from though I have been to Charlotte a lot over the years and I only been to Atlanta once.
Benjamin | Reston, VA | Report Abuse

You Can’t Call it boring when you haven’t gone to WhiteWater Center, Or Frankie’s Fun Park, Nascar Hall of Fame, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden,
Jose | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse

Did you even try to go on Yelp and see any good places to go to in Charlotte? ???????
Jose | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse

If you are bored in Charlotte, it is your own fault. Perhaps you don't have the type of personality that makes people wish to be part of your life. My guess is that you haven't been to places that are as big as Charlotte or are not used to getting out and being part of a city. There's lots out there. Go volunteer or get involved in the theater scene.
Arthur | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse

This is the worst description of Charlotte I ever read.
TJ | Concord, NC | Report Abuse

Have you not been to any of the local theatres, art museums, greenways, neighborhood festivals, art walks, or any creative space (of which there are plenty)? How about the vast variety of restaurants?
Stephanie | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse
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