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Great Place - 1/4/2018
Spent years assigned at WPAFB (in Mar 90 - Aug 95') and lived in Oakwood for 5 years. We loved it and have nothing negative to say. Locals were friendly and interested in building friends...of which we still have friends there after 20+ years. Lot's of aviation history! Good places to eat and shop and get an Read More

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Rundown and culture dictated by WPAFB - 6/7/2017
I spent four and a half miserable years here.

Essentially, your only employment opportunities are in healthcare or at the base.

I worked at the base; they were the most provincial and uncouth people I ever worked with. It was like a cult or being on another planet. Indeed, the people were weird. A mob psychology abounded there. They didn't want humans there but instead yes men and robots. This is also the only job I've ever worked at where management will actively hold you back without actually knowing you and solely based on whether or not they liked your smell when you first walked in the door. Indeed, even if they don’t like you they will provide a bad job reference to keep you from leaving. Active judgment abounds, and based on the looks of most of them they didn't have any room to judge anybody.

Shopping there sucks. The few malls that are there are struggling with limited options.

Because it was small and in the Read More
 | Norman, OK | Reply | 1 Reply

Dayton Econom - 11/4/2012
Economy is Read More

Dayton from the rear view mirror - 8/28/2011
Roger Clements hall of fame pitcher and scoundrel was born and raised in the Dayton area. He's quoted as saying, "the best thing about Dayton was seeing it in the rear view mirror." I'm about to join Roger.

Ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in America with among the highest unemployment, people have been fleeing this armpit like rats from a sinking ship. It's just a bloody shame and tribute to a one party political system with nobody in charge.

I was born and raised in Dayton and have watched it deteriorate to about half of it's population and 10% of it's jobs. Unless you are in health care or the Air Force there is zero employment unless you can repeat day in and day out "would you like fries with Read More

Dying - 8/25/2011
Sadly at this time Dayton seems to be Read More

Live Here - 1/9/2011
What do I say about Dayton? I've lived here or in one of the suburbs of Dayton my whole life. Dayton should be a great city, it is near a big river, it has lots of underground water access, a big Air Force Base, many famous inventors of the past, and a long and profitable auto industry, but it isn't great. In Dayton proper the crime rate is very high, there are many racial tensions, and infrastructure decay. Most of our Industry has left the State or gone out of the country. The unemployment rate is high. Our cost of living is very low if you can find a job. We had so many Manufacturing jobs here, but most of them are gone, and they've left people with no job prospects. I've heard that we are turning into a service based economy, but you can't make enough money to live on working in service jobs, even with a low cost of living.

The winters are cold and wet. The summers are nice for a few days, but it is mostly too humid here. Fall is great, but not very long. Spring has Read More

Named a dieing city and little Detroit - 11/25/2009
I live in Dayton I was born and raised in and around the city and I know a great deal about it.First of all the two largest negatives of this city are crime rate and unemployment.Bacicly anywhere within the city limits is dangerous crime wise.Poverty and drugs are huge problems for the city unfortunatly as with alot of cities but with Dayton its self fluxuates between 18th most dangerous city and 8th most dangerous city in america depending on diffrent sources.The west side is the most dangerous of all.There is virtually no segragation there and you can likely be targeted if not of that paticular race unfortunatly.The locals here nicknamed our city little detroit because of the crime,ethnic backgrounds and the automotive industries.
The major employer of this city was of the automotive industry,theres only one plant not shut down as of now out of about 15 large plants.
On a more positive note most of the suburbs are not to bad and there are actually very nice neighborhoods Read More

What can I say, I live here - 11/3/2009
Dayton is a mixed bag. Winters are long and depressing. Summers can be hot, humid, rainy and unbearable or somewhat nice. Spring tends not to happen, we'll go from highs in the 50s straight to highs in the 90s with 100% humidity. One place to enjoy is Fraze Pavilion with lots of summer concerts, usually stars from the 70s or 80s. If you don't have a ticket, you can pull up a lawn chair and listen for free.
Dayton depended for years on old-line manufacturing and hasn't quite figured out how to replace those jobs. Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the major employer. Wright State, the University of Dayton, and Sinclair Community College are good educational institutions. You can pretty much get anywhere in the area in about 20 minutes. Cinncinati and Columbus are easy drives.
If you are moving here, I would stay out of the city limits. Kettering is a nice inner ring suburb, then there is Beavercreek, Centerville, and others. You can live in a bedroom community like Xenia Read More

Dayton Lifestyle - 9/18/2009
In general, Dayton has a slow paced lifestyle. It does not take long to get anywhere, except when roads are under construction, and most people are pretty easy going. There is a great arts community in Dayton, both visual and performing arts. It could be the low cost of living allows for more artistic expression. However, many artists complain about not being able to make a living at their art, because there is not a large enough community to support the number of artists in the Read More

Dayton Ohio - 8/23/2009
In Dayton, crime is at an all time high. The police cannot control the crime and drugs that has turned this city and the surrounding suburbs into a crappy place to live. People are getting shot at local malls and Wal-Marts. Drug dealers can sell on the streets and in parking lots but the cops will blatantly ignore this and go after the buyer. There are numerous "known" drug houses but nothing is done. Instead the focus is on speeders and traffic violations. The police around the area are jokes and could care less about it because they tend to live outside the area in very well communities. The schools are crappy, except in a few outer areas that can afford to spend over $500,000.00 on a fake football field when there are homeless women and children just a mile away. (Oakwood) They should be ashamed of theirselves! If you are planning on moving here, take my advice "DON'T!" The first chance I get I will be out of here and wont miss it a Read More

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179 Baltimore St
Bed 5 | Bath 2

2312 Wyoming St
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1769 Speice Ave
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3608 Wayne Ave
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504 Kolping Ave
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51 Shannon St
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3011 Fairbanks Ave
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