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LOVE it here and never want to leave! - 4/18/2019
My family and I LOVE it here. There is so much for our family of four with two small children to do, from the Carrousel, Downtown, the brand new YMCA, Kingswood Gardens, free concert series, close to every shopping imaginable, nature reserves, state parks, the restored historic theater, skiing and glow tubing, Amish markets, on and on. Also, the cost of living is amazing. We bought a 2,500 sq ft brick Tudor in a tree filled, safe, neighborhood for $94,000. We stay toasty warm for around $150 a month in the dead of winter. Thank You Brick. Snow on this side of the lake is pretty light. Excellent charter schools to choose from, including a Spanish Immersion and Academy for the Arts. Literally, could just go on and on. I grew up 25 minutes from Boston/20 Providence and we had no where near this level of culture, or the extra money after cost of living to spend on cultural activities. I fantasize about! No desire to leave. Ever. Check out Downtown Mansfield Read More

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Very Sad Place to Live - 3/28/2014
I have been living here for 1 yr. My job required me to move here..As soon as my contract is up which is this year. I am OUT of here. It is so depressing to live here. the weather would be bearable if it was not so depressing. everyone is drug addicts, a lot of elderly people. They require taxes from you but there are NO jobs and NO growth. Where are my tax $$ going. the hospital is the worst I've ever been to. Quality of service at Med Central is BAD in Mansfield. I don't understand how they made the best places to live list because it is really bad. I am 45 years old and I truly HATE Mansfield. I never knew such a place existed, I really think something is in the water because people are mentally slow,city hall is from 1930's,No one knows anything about anything here. I pray the end of 2014 get here so I can MOVE OUT OF this fresh hell. Don't be fooled. Don't move here is you have a life. Mansfield will for sure drain it Read More

Mansfield is teen friendly - 9/14/2009
Contrary to popular belief Mansfield actually is really teen friendly. We have two movie theaters, two drive in's a mall, and a bowling alley. plus We have a place where all the kids tend to hang out it's been called the miracle mile, mansfield drag strip, what ever you will, we just call it Park Ave. we go, we hang out, and we show off our cars. some kids race, they usually get caught, that's not the point. all in all it's actually a teen friendly town, and if you move in the right parts, it's a decent town to live in as Read More

Great diversity for anyone - 9/14/2009
there is such a diversity of religion and culture in Mansfield. i have lived here for 19 years. all in all a great Read More

Gravely Mistaken - 11/29/2008
I just got home from Mansfield, Ohio. I have looked on your city's website frequently as I was contemplating moving there (my main attraction being your colleges).

First of all, I used a coupon that I got at a rest stop for Motel 6 on Trimble. The sign said "ALL NEW ROOMS"... There was nothing new about these rooms... The showerhead was extremely short (I am a 5'10 woman that had to do a backbend to shampoo my hair). The toilet was not even correctly connected to the wall because any time you sat on it made an unearthly sound, I could feel it coming away from the drywall. The room also smelled like cat urination, body odors, and cigarette smoke.

Second of all, I tried to find a place to get some dinner. I was exhausted from driving all day and I wanted to find somewhere that was fast. I went to the Domino's by my hotel. When the people from Domino's asked for my number I told them I didn't know what number to give them because I was out of town. The people Read More

A city with a changing workforce - 6/22/2008
There seems to be job growth but many HIGH paying jobs have left. Still a great value for home purchase and to raise a family. One hour from Columbus or Cleveland in a semi-rural Read More

Worst Place Ever! - 5/17/2008
You heard it right! The worst place ever, Mansfield Read More

DONT BOTHER!!!! Save yourself the headache!!!! - 3/24/2007
I have lived around Mansfield Ohio for the last 15 years. I am moving out of this whole state, ASAP. Do yourself a favor and anyone who is reading this post, and is considering moving here, don't bother. It is freezing here for four months out of the year. Then after that it rains for another two months. I hope you don't like sunny weather cause there is not alot of that here either. This past winter it had a wind chill factor of -17 below for more than two weeks. It was so cold that my kids could not go to school.Snow and ice is bad here too. There are no jobs and no future in the jobs that are here. The property violence is also getting way out of hand. This past year people were slicing and destroying christmas decorations. How sad is that??? The only nice thing about here is the houses are fairly cheap and the summers aren't superhot. That is Read More

Stick a fork in her shes dead. - 1/15/2007
Thats right everybody who reads this post. Mansfield Ohio is one crappy place. This is a town that loses business left and right. We lost three of them in 3 weeks and more will follow. In six months I am out of here as soon as I get out of college. This town is full of racist people, empty buildings, no good jobs and NO Read More

The Truth - From a relocatee - 2/25/2006
When I moved here 9 years ago from Arizona I did not portray the city as mentioned by the natives. Natives of Mansfield or Ohio take this state for granted. There are many, many wonderful things in the city of Mansfield. Ski resorts, tons of restaurants, Horseback riding, canoeing, water slides and hiking at Mohican State forest, shopping, Amish country and festivals you don't see in the West. Small town atmosphere is nice from the big-city living. The people are nice as can be. A calm atmosphere. I would agree it's not suitable for young adults as they prefer the big city, lights and action. That, you can get in Columbus or Read More

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1981 Cliffwood Dr
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