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High Quality of Life
Star Rating - 3/20/2017
I have lived in Toledo, Ohio for about 7 years now. Toledo has one of the highest qualities of life I have experienced. Here are some highlights I enjoy:

-Revitalized Downtown
-#1 Art Museum in Ohio
-Amazing Metroparks
-Easy Commute
-Affordable Housing
-Farmers Markets
-#2 Zoo in the Country

Pro Tip: My favorite neighborhood in Toledo is the Warehouse District. The Warehouse District is home to 5/3rd field, Hensville, The Farmers Market, 40+ bars and restaurants, and 2000+ residents. It is very safe and walkable.

Justin | Toledo, OH | Send Message
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- 2/2/2017
Bad vibe living here like doing time
This place has a bad vibe. Yes there are things to do. There is a list that is popular wit...
Shaun | Toledo, OH | No Replies

- 9/23/2014
Toledo "jobs"
Toledo is a very good place to live if your in the health care. Yes Toledo is a Medical Ci...
AJ | Pickerington, OH | No Replies

- 6/16/2014
It ain't horrible
I'd imagine that if you're a blue collar worker with few prospects, Toledo ain't the place...
whatever | Toledo, OH | No Replies

- 10/1/2013
Toledo: Better than its Reputation
Toledo is an affordable city with an unfortunate reputation. Yes, crime is somewhat highe...
Michael | Toledo, OH | 1 Reply

- 4/12/2011
Racial Climate
Although Toledo is racially diverse, I find it sad that this city still remains racially s...
MSRAVN | Toledo, OH | 1 Reply

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