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Scenic, But Plagued By Quality Of Life Issues - 12/28/2019
Eugene, Oregon is a college town (home of University of Oregon) that has grown in population significantly in the past decades. Springfield – smaller population-wise and a polar opposite of Eugene in many ways – is split from the larger city almost entirely by Interstate 5. Both cities make up the metropolitan statistical area (MSA). Before relocating out-of-state in recent years, I spent almost three decades living and working in the community.

Eugene is traditionally a close-nit community, where most people have grown up here and know people they have grown up here with them. This is generally true all over Oregon, despite the influx of people that have moved in from out-of-state since at least the 1980s or earlier (most “transplants” are from California, Texas, New York State, and the Midwestern states near the Great Lakes. Eugene and Oregon are almost entirely Caucasian non-Hispanic (White), with the next biggest demographic group being Hispanic. There are a lot of Read More

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Resident from October 2018-present - 10/14/2019
Beautiful scenery- The Eugene area is full of greenery, rivers, lakes, buttes, and mountains in the distance.
Moderately sized- not quite a big city, but not too much of a small town feel either. Traffic exists but is seldom more than a few minute ordeal.
Excellent arts and culture- With the University of Oregon here, there are plentiful book, art, and music stores here. There is also a market downtown every Saturday that is full of interesting products and people.
Tolerant culture- plenty of ethnic diversity here, and people mind their own business quite well. Not much bigotry happening here.
Excellent beer- Oregon in general has incredible beer.
Excellent geography-
Eugene is just a little over an hour from the coast, and an hour from the mountains the other way. There is a spectacular range of natural beauty surrounding this area.
A lot of rain. Eugene gets more sunny days than rainy days on average, but 47 Read More

I've never felt so unsafe! - 10/12/2019
There are so many homeless people here... At first I had sympathy but after all the robberies, vandalism, litter, drugs and broken glass/needles in every corner... I can safely say I will never go back to Read More

Terrible. College town of dimwits. - 10/12/2019
TERRIBLE! This is the worst town I have ever been unfortunate enough to wind up in. Expensive rent, college students who act like neanderthals and shake the whole town's walls with thumping music 24/7.
And the worst part, the homeless and drug problem. I literally couldnt go more than 24 hours without kicking homless people off of my property. They would leave so much trash and broken glass and even needles! The students of U of O should be ashamed for ruining what could be a good town, and the police need to actually do something about the horrible crime problem. Read More

Trash town - 8/27/2019
Nice if you're a drug addict criminal. But if you re an innocent person with career goals stay away. You'll be robbed, stalked, tormented and basically tortured until you're forced to move. I've only lived here a year and the amount of break ins and robberies I've had is shocking. the police do nothing, I kick homeless people out of my backyard every day and they leave behind all kinds of needles and broken glass. Avoid Eugene at all costs, not even worth stopping in, I'd take the long way and drive around it. This town is a stain on the otherwise beautiful Oregon. Read More

THE WORST - 8/26/2019
Dont move here, trust me. Not a single good thing to say. the trees and nature are nice but they're filled with litter and heroin needles. The homeless are out of control. Drug addicts will break into your property every day. Just forget this town exists. Read More

Worst city - 8/26/2019
Worst place i've ever lived. I've been here a year and had 2 car break ins, a home robbery, and had drug addicts stalk/attack me. never coming back. Definitely not worth the expensive rent Read More

Avoid - 8/26/2019
Awful, just awful. I lived in a bad part of LA and the crime and drug problem here is way worse. Read More

Not a very nice place to live ... too much crime - 6/30/2019
My daughter lived here 4 years and attended school at UofO. In that time her car window was broken 2 times even with nothing in vehicle and one time it was parked in her apartment's secure parking lot. She was a victim of hit and run twice while riding her bike, and had to replace it once. Rampant illegal drug use everywhere down town. Generally unpleasant central city area. The area is beautiful except for the urban core. Read More

A Special Place to live 2.5 years in... - 7/6/2018
I have lived in 5 states and many towns and cities and Eugene is my favorite by far. Yes it is very progressive, but not to the point where you probably would be uncomfortable if you are conservative. But if you are progressive or liberal, you will feel like you have come home. People may challenge your views, but in a polite and well-informed way. I noticed a difference in the kids here. They seem genuinely happy and free to express their happy silly selves in public. This does not turn heads as there is an air of personal freedom here. Any 18 year old can buy marijuanna here so if you have a medical condition and it is illegal where you live, come for a visit here and give it a go to see if it will help you. People are polite and friendly and are not agressive drivers, but as in other places I have lived, the more expensive the neighborhood, the less likely you will know your neighbors. I love that there is a thick booklet that tells you all about the farms, CSA’s, organic grocery Read More

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2770 Riverwalk Loop
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2580 Gilham Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

3836 Kirsten St
Bed 4 | Bath 3

88780 Evers Rd
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1890 Lorane Hwy
Bed 5 | Bath 2

675 Fox Pine Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 3

2605 Lawrence St
Bed 4 | Bath 2


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