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Antifa and Homelessness, name a more iconic duo - 2/3/2020
Home to Antifa, what more do you need to Read More

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Portland is only for the rich now. - 2/3/2020
Unless you have a lot of money to buy a house in a good neighborhood., don't move here. The city has gone down the tubes in the last 10 years or so, as have all the cities on the west coast. Homelessness is everywhere and crime is skyhigh. The local government is useless and police aren't allowed to do anything about the addicts camping out everywhere and trashing all open spaces. It is so sad to see what was a great place to live become what it is now and I don't know how it will be turned Read More

sucks - 12/14/2019
i hate it it is so stupid wouldnt recomend Read More

The people are bigger drips than the rain. - 10/22/2019
Here's your weather: It's either raining, fixing to rain, or just stopped raining (for a short while). There's two or three months of beautiful summer, then nine more months of grey, soggy gloom. Very depressing. The people are more depressing than the weather. Everyone is borderline depressed and grumpy. Why do you think there are so many coffee shops in Portland? A lot of delusional boosters too. Sorry, it's far from being a great city. Downtown and the whole Burnside area is a dangerous, dirty dump. And so racist! I'm from Mississippi, but these folks bring racism to a world class level. Very politically correct too. Those people are just white yuppie snobs, NOT liberals. Portland wouldn't know a real liberal if they bit them on the......The housing prices are insane. MAX is a joke. It screeches and jerks along so slow, I felt like slowly waving to the pedestrians (who were walking faster than we were going) as if I were in a parade. Drug addicts and homeless are everywhere. Not Read More
steve | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

its good - 9/5/2019
enough Read More

Homeless Drug Addict Utopia; Hell for Families - 9/3/2019
We've lived here for 4 years, transplants from Seattle, and can't wait to move away,

A homeless woman lives on the playground of my daughter's school in downtown Portland. Sometimes she assaults 1st graders (the youngest group on that playground,) causing injuries and forcing the school to go into lock-down. The police refuse to remove her "because that would violate her rights." Children in Portland have no right not to be assaulted and are often targets of Rose City Antifa scare tactics.

Antifa likes to chase small children with weapons if they see them downtown.

If you are on hard drugs, sleep exclusively outdoors, and use public walk-ways as a toilet Portland welcomes you with open arms.

Otherwise, you should feel shame because you are probably inconveniencing a drug addicted homeless person, a.k.a. someone who matters more than you, at least in Read More

Don't move here - 8/19/2019
Lifelong Portland/area resident, 40 years. Understand the city of Portland holds sway over the PDX Metro area and the state of Oregon.

Pros: Still the cheapest major metro area on the west coast. So if you need to live on a coast, this might be for you.

Weather - very mild climate. Yes, it rains a lot. It rains from October until June. June to August is summer, sometimes into September. Summer can get hot for 10-15 days total, temps approaching or over 100. But it's not humid. Some years it does snow for a week here and there in winter. Below freezing temps are usually fairly limited. It's overcast/gray a lot of the time.

Cons: Housing costs. Entry level is about 400K. You can go lower than that if you are willing to live east of I-205 north of Foster Rd. A house that's 250K in much of the midwest or southern U.S. is 500K in the Portland area. The urban growth boundary has artificially restricted housing growth for 3 decades. A residential Read More

Racist as it gets. - 8/11/2019
I am disgusted that Portland is so racist, and so protective of racism. Oregon is the home to 11 separate hate groups, and ALL of them are based in Portland. I was shocked to learn this. Skin Heads, Neo Nazi's, you name it. And the wages are low compared to housing. With a MEDIAN home price of $430,000+, there is no way to buy a home on a normal income. The place just seems to attract the nut jobs as well. Not my idea of home. Read More

Portland gets MY 5-Star Review! GREAT city! - 5/30/2019
After living in Texas hell for 20 years I moved to Portland, Oregon. It felt like I moved to heaven. In comparison with where I lived in North Dallas, Portland is so beautiful! It’s friendlier, has better schools, much lower violent crime rates. Housing costs more, but the thousands of free amenities make up for it. Portland has a thriving music scene, tons of jobs, outstanding public transportation, great weather most of the time. It’s a friendlier place over all, with a much better quality of life.  Read More
Randy | ,  | Reply | 3 Replies

Portland...the cesspool of the Northwesthwest! - 4/30/2019
I've lived here now almost 30 years. This place has slowly declined to be one of the WORST cities to live or visit. Downtown Portland is nothing but a cesspool of druggies and homeless from all over the country. Other cities ship there homeless here because Portland officials don't "man up" and take care of the real problems downtown. Take a walk, if you dare, and see drugs beings used openly, prostitution, pan handling everywhere, homeless urinating and the local police officers just walking by and not seeing any of it.

I feel safe in NYC, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Miami, Atlanta then I do here in Portland. Hotels charging over $350 a night while having the homeless sleep in its doorways and panhandlers attacking you as you leave the place. Restaurants charging $75+ for a meal while you have to try to dodge all the homeless just to get to the doorway. I'm a VERY proud liberal person with good values, we just have the WORST politicians in place at this time. Those who say  Read More

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