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Paradise lost! - 7/29/2020
Boy, has this once beautiful town changed...for the worse! I initially moved here 20 years ago because the people were so nice, no traffic, great choice of hospitals, excellent restaurants, a terrific university, post graduate schools including a medical, dental, pharmacy and law school, beautiful beaches....everything you would want in a town! Forget it now! At one time, you could drive from one beach to another beach (Isle of palms, Sullivans, Folly, Kiawah and Seabrook) in less than 1/2 it takes more than an hour! And there was never any traffic! It was pure paradise. You could drive downtown Charleston for a casual stroll down the harbor or get a bite on King more! Traffic and parking is a nightmare! Thank you investors, builders, developers and our town council for destroying the last paradise on earth just for more money in your pockets! I hope you can sleep at night because I can't! I am disgusted at what you turned this town should Read More

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Charleston not so great anymore - 11/3/2019
I have lived in Charleston for the last 10 years. The population growth, commercial development and high density housing builds are all out of control. The roads are not updated to support the overgrowth in development causing major, frequent accidents and sitting in traffic for hours on end. They are tearing down trees and filling in wetlands to build on, causing major flooding in the city and homes. The wages are very low here, housing prices have skyrocketed and they do not match the cost of living. The weather is hot, muggy and miserable in the summer leading to high electric bills and moldy home crawl spaces and attics. There is a big welfare entitlement attitude in the city and a lazy work ethic. When I first moved here ten years ago it was a half way decent place to live but not anymore. The quality of life here is not the same anymore. Good job opportunities are scarce and you have to know someone to get into a good Job. Alot of job competition to find a good job with all the Read More

If I Could Give It "ZERO" Stars, I Would - 10/8/2019
For what it's worth, if I could give this place ZERO stars, I would!!!!!!!! I cannot understand why or how the people at the top/the bigwigs/those with money + power, could allow what once used to be such a nice, friendly, quaint, charming + hospitable city give in to over-development, which results in over-crowdedness, which results in angry and frustrated drivers + residents because now, we have more people, apartments, condos, houses, and hotels than we do proper roads + infrastructure, and that is NOT okay!!!!!

When I say Charleston, I'm referring also to the surrounding areas of downtown historic Charleston too (i.e. West Ashley, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Goose Creek, etc.). It is just a massive over-development here now with very poor/outdated infrastructure, resulting in road rage, angry drivers, and lots of speeders + people blowing red lights because they can't get to work on time, even if they do leave early. It's gotten to the point where Read More

Beautiful but Expensive - 7/1/2019
I've lived in and around Charleston my entire life. There are some pros and cons to living here. It is truly beautiful with plenty to see, do, and eat. However, these days cost of living has skyrocketed especially in the housing sector. It's become very expensive to live here and many locals are forced to leave the area to find affordable housing since there has been very little to no cost of living salary increases. Infrastructure is poorly planned making commutes to work, and sometimes just getting somewhere on a Saturday afternoon, long and slow going. I would have given 2 stars instead of 3 but can't deny that if you've got the money it's a lovely place to live but if you're lower middle class you will surely find it a struggle to eek out an existence in this ever more expensive Read More

Charleston is a great city with drawbacks - 4/15/2019
I lived in Charleston for 7 years before moving on to Denver CO. I have also decided that Denver is not for me, but that's another story.

Charleston is a great place. The history and museums are wonderful. The beaches and greenery are beautiful - something I didn't think I would miss living out west. What I wouldn't give for a good ol' summer thunderstorm out here. There are a few things that I didn't find desirable about Charleston:

1. The cost of living. Cost of living really shot up over the 7 years that I lived there. COL in Charleston is actually right on par with Denver with Denver slightly more expensive. That's crazy to think about given the population and size differences between the two cities. Another thing to keep in mind is that Denver has a higher minimum wage and wages overall with a job market better than the national average

2. The population growth. The city wasn't meant to support the population levels being pushed on it. Read More

Charleston: Pro’s, Cons and Why We Moved On - 1/3/2019
If you’re considering relocating to an east coast city with an historic appeal, walkable downtown and great restaurants, Charleston should absolutely be on your short list. While it took us four spreadsheets, months of research and weeks of travel to find our perfect place (hint: it wasn’t Charleston), this is a city that is well worth your time.

Starting with the positives, Charleston does not have such oppressive summers as some of the southernmost cities- ie, New Orleans and Florida. Unlike other towns with a walkable, historic downtown, our experience (make sure to do your own research!) was that urban Charleston was significantly less affected by violent crime than, say, Savannah. The employment options are also somewhat better.

Price wise, the trendy historic homes are affordable if you are bringing equity from a major metropolitan area- case in point DC, NYC, LA. Although we had both lived in these areas, we were looking for 2,000 s/f or more in an Read More

Just Say NO!!!!! - 12/4/2018
First of all, there is NO MORE SPACE HERE!!!!!!! Unless you want to deal with constant 24/7 gridlock traffic, especially when there’s an accident or it’s raining, then Charleston is just not the place!!When I say Charleston, I’m talking all the surrounding areas as well (i.e. North Charleston, Mount Pleasant (which is not so pleasant by the way, West Ashley, Johns Island, James Island, Daniel Island (lots of snooty, stuck up and wealthy babies!), Summerville, Goose Creek, etc), as these are ALL Charleston. They are part of what is better known as “The Lowcountry.”Statistically, over 50 families move to Charleston a day (where the hell are they living?!), the infrastructure is already 20 years too late (you can thank the good ole boy system for that!), there is not much to do when it comes to truly fun exciting things regularly (unless you consider that drinking, partying and overpriced movies), the job market salaries are way below average (unless you happen to be a doctor), and Read More

Sheilah - 9/6/2018
Have lived in this city on and off since 1984. The historic beauty kept intact by the BAR (Board of Architectural Review) coupled with some modest modernization continue to endear any and all who visit and live here. Located in the low country of South Carolina, the weather tends to be wonderful most of the year. With, the exception of some summer days of oppressive heat (which is easy to escape from by all the water fountains and beaches within minutes of wherever you may be) LOVE Read More

Not anymore - 4/19/2018
I think Charleston used to be a wonderful place; 30 years ago.
Now; not so much.
I moved here from the West Coast, and everyone Told me that it would be like going back 100 years. I didn’t believe them, I thought “come on man it’s the 21st-century”! Well, this is a good old boys town, and there is still certainly tension racially, as well as women having no place in business.
I am a musician, and for the first time in my life, I cannot get booked. Everywhere you go, there are men bands, men solo acts, but a small fraction of women performers.
The traffic is horrendous, but no one will do anything about the infrastructure. The developers are hand in hand with the City, as they get the large 500 unit condo projects, and massive housing developments approved with no problems, even with large community disapproval. I am so disappointed in this city. Read More

NO southern hospitality - 11/14/2017
Okay, i so rarely leave reviews but I moved to the Charleston area based on positive reviews so here's my take:
As much as they claim southern hospitality, this place is the most toxic and hateful place I've ever lived (and this is coming from Memphis, TN). The residents here are divided into two groups, native and non-native and that differentiation is of utmost importance. if you choose to move here, you're not wanted and you're reminded daily of this. They do give SOME allowance for military who are forced to live here but they're still treated poorly. You will not be able to leave the house without being flipped off for walking or driving or breathing, whether native or not and fights often break out at the grocery store/park/etc. Traffic is horrendous. I work from home and moved here because I want to adopt soon and wanted a safer place to raise a child. I've unfortunately delayed that until i can move again because I can't imagine raising a child in such a toxic Read More

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