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Selfish State - 1/27/2018
There are pros and cons to knoxville.
Pros : jobs have good benefits
Cheap gas, grocery, and living.
Cons: Ut hospital is very unprofessional there nurses and doctors do Hippa violations. They give wrong diagnoses. The people are very selfish, act like crabs, and Careless. The men in the state Tn are nasty, dirty, and selfish. The women work harder than the men and get paid less. They do not help there homeless people as far as treat them with respect and help them get back on there feet. Go down to the greyhound station area nothing but thousands of homeless ppl outside. The people in work places are unprofessional and half way do there jobs. They treat single people like there a disease. Not friendly unless you have something they can use like car, big house, big degree or you know somebody that can put them on to something. Read More

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Knoxville - 1/11/2017
We live in West Knoxville and have lived here about a year. I have lived in many places, full of diversity, and then not so diverse. Mostly, I do like West Knoxville, but my main concern is the quality of healthcare and air issues.

West Knoxville Pros:

Friendly people, except some people in Farragut

Old-fashioned feel

Beautiful views

Kingston Pike area is nice, but once you get off the main roads, it turns into something out of Deliverance

Slow pace of life, but seems to me a better place to retire

Low traffic

Cheap Housing

Cheap Groceries

West Knoxville feels safe

East Knoxville needs improvement and I am afraid after dark (around the zoo area-where we are supposed to take our kids), and I've been to Camden, New Jersey. :-/

I cannot speak on the school system because we homeschool. There are a number of homeschooling Read More

If you are thinking of moving here, or anywhere ne - 11/22/2016
Oh how we wish we had never moved to the Knoxville area! We researched everything before we did, but we had no idea about how low quality the people are here. We've been here 10 years and we still can't figure out what the heck is wrong with these people.

We are affluent, educated, hard-working, loving, and social. We have the same values they espouse (but don't live up to), and we are ethnically like the large majority here.

I could tell you stories about east Tennesseans and our interactions with them that would astonish you. We've tried everything to integrate and learn to like them over the course of the 10.5 years we have lived here. We have not made a single friend from this area. Our only friends are from elsewhere.

They are only friendly if they think they can get something out of you, and when they do they don't even appreciate it - it just makes them want more.

We've hired them, paid them more than they are worth, Read More

Impressed after a visit - 4/21/2016
We visited last month after receiving a job offer. We live in Gainesville Fl now and we love it here, but the job opportunity makes it worthwhile to consider moving. Knoxville struck me as what Gainesville might be like in 30 years: a bigger city with an excellent University and a highly educated, diverse culture. The restaurants were excellent, the people were very welcoming, and the apartments and houses that we checked out were all very reasonably priced. Definitely considering the Read More

Dismal - 4/20/2016
Dismal cesspool of a town inhabitant by degenerate Read More

Allergies - 3/11/2016
This is not a good place to live if you have asthma or Read More

Could have culture shock! - 3/8/2016
I've been reading the comments, and I can definitely see how some people may have culture shock moving here. Also,l the hesitancy to accept outsiders sometimes trickles down into the school system. Think about this, there are people who have lived here for generations. The preferential treatment of the "Good Ole Boy" network is alive and well and evident in both the workplace and at Read More

Boring - 1/26/2016
This is a pretty city due to a gloomy 120 rainy days per year. Not much to do, unless you like football and bible Read More

HIT THE ROAD! - 12/27/2015
To all of you who have moved to Knoxville from ANYWHERE else, I say this: If you don't like it here, the same highway that brought you here will take you right back where you came from so I suggest you make use of that information and GET OUT! I might even be willing to take a couple of days off work to help you pack. To those of you who say Knoxvillians are rude, I say this: What is rude is to move to a city by your own choice and then make ugly comments about how horrible it is. We did not force you to come here so if you don't like it here Read More

KNOXVILLE ROCKS! - 6/14/2015
Your cup is going to be either half full or half empty. That's up to you in ALL aspects of life. If you 'THINK' Knoxville is wonderful or you 'THINK' Knoxville is horrible, you'll be right! If you DO move to Knoxville, commit to a positive outlook and enjoy the rest of your Read More

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2243 Knollcrest Ln
Bed 4 | Bath 2

7756 Brickchase Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 2

7905 Cody Ln
Bed 3 | Bath 3

6909 Resolute Rd
Bed 4 | Bath 4

2739 Parkview Ave
Bed 3 | Bath 1

405 Sugarwood Dr
Bed 4 | Bath 4

1805 Glen Shady Blvd
Bed 4 | Bath 3


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