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Georgetown Charm - 2/11/2016
Charming. Not too big and not too small. All conveniences within 5 minutes. Near major highways. Property tax is more reasonable than Travis County (Austin). Read More

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Great Health care - 6/7/2014
Scott & White healthcare Read More

Not a Friendly town at all - 2/4/2013
22 years in the area, lived in town 1990-92 now back in town for the last 4 mo's, and we have the house up forsale already! the town in very unfriendly and you find yourself in "Austin wanna be land" yes they are overbudgeted and over coped for sure, they have so many squad cars they let the cops take them home now, and yes even right down to the Electric charge stations for battery operated cars like the Big Boys have (doubt there is one of those in the town)top it off with overtaxed and run by a bunch of rino's (they all jumped the Democrat ship in the Clinton era)these guys have not met a new city code/regulation they just can't pass in off with more NON english speaking wellfare types and I am gone out of this mess Read More

Great city, low cost of living - 6/3/2011
Great little town around Austin. Great place to raise a Read More

astronomical raise in taxes in one year! - 2/20/2010
Beware moving here if you are not rich! I bought a little dump of a house and did all the work myself. My taxes have nearly doubled in 3 years!!! it went from under 1,400 a year to over 2,100 a year, all while home prices barely crept up .5. I hate to say it but the old boy system is still alive and well here. They assess you in one month in spring and you get your tax bill 8 months later when it is too late to fight it. I was penalized for working hard on my home every weekend. They told me that was not true, when I complained, but there is no other way they could have changed the value of my home so much when prices were stagnent. I am going to fight them this year, but I doubt I will win. If you are 65, they freeze your taxes, but by the time I retire, at this rate my taxes will be well over $1,200 a month and I will have nowhere to live.... sad. The city is fixing all kinds of things up, but you won't be able to enjoy Read More

For Those Considering a Moving to Sun City, Georg - 1/1/2010
Suggest that if you are considering moving to Sun City that you lease a home there before buying. There are many lease homes available. Just check the bill boards by the two realtor offices right outside the entrance. There are plenty available. I suggest this because many have brought and ended up not liking Sun City after a short time and had to sell at a loss. Another reason is that this area is one of the worst for allergies. You may have never had allergies where you lived before, but there will be a high probability that you will get them here. Check out and compare your present location with Georgetown. We leased and we are glad we did as my allergies will not permit us to live here and we are in the group that did not find Sun City to our liking. Another suggestion, if you are going to buy anyway is looked at some of the older homes. They appear to have more craftsmanship and the developer did a better job of saving the Read More

good place to live only if you are a senior - 5/4/2008
I am 34 years old and am a former home owner of Georgetown. Georgetown is a pretty town, but not outsider-friendly. The commute to Austin(where any decent jobs are) was bad, but most of all, the skyrocketing housing prices and property taxes are not worth moving to Georgetown for. An over-budgeted city and county law enforcement make it an unpleasant town for younger people who are frequently pulled over and harassed for no reason, and much worse if you are not a local country boy. My advise, move to South Austin or the Buda/Kyle area if you want affordable housing, friendly people and close access to Austin or San Antonio Read More

Quality of life - 2/26/2007
Georgetown is growing very rapidly. More cars, more people and more noise.
Housing is expensive as are property taxes. It is not a bad place to live if you don`t mind all the hustle and Read More

Georgetown is a pretty and rapidly growing city No - 9/1/2006
Georgetown Texas is pretty, very low in crime with LOTS of nice low-priced real estate available. The fact of no State Tax is nice yet the definite lower cost of everything is misleading because property taxes are actually 2 to 3 times higher here! Nice place though, check it out. There are rumors that the property taxes are coming down so stay tuned to Georgetown Texas, Round Rock, too! Actually Round Rock has more good restaurants. Georgetown and Round Rock are about 10 miles apart going towards Read More

Much cheaper than Austin - 7/17/2006
We moved from Austin in March, 2005. The Cost of Living, housing and especially taxes are much lower. We have twice the house for the same money we paid in Austin. Our property taxes are half. Georgetown is a great place and for anything I want in Austin, it is a short 30 miniute Read More

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