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For Those Considering a Moving to Sun City, Georg
Star Rating - 1/1/2010
Suggest that if you are considering moving to Sun City that you lease a home there before buying. There are many lease homes available. Just check the bill boards by the two realtor offices right outside the entrance. There are plenty available. I suggest this because many have brought and ended up not liking Sun City after a short time and had to sell at a loss. Another reason is that this area is one of the worst for allergies. You may have never had allergies where you lived before, but there will be a high probability that you will get them here. Check out and compare your present location with Georgetown. We leased and we are glad we did as my allergies will not permit us to live here and we are in the group that did not find Sun City to our liking. Another suggestion, if you are going to buy anyway is looked at some of the older homes. They appear to have more craftsmanship and the developer did a better job of saving the trees.
Pete | Houston, TX
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We bought our Sun City home sight unseen -- without ever having been in Georgetown. We were living out of state at the time. 99% of the people who live here love it! It is one of the best active adult retirement communities in the country. No place is perfect, but this is about as close as it gets for most of us.
Larry | Ogden, UT | Report Abuse
- 6/28/2021
Don’t even think of about living here.
One of the worst places I have ever had the misfortune to live. Quite expensive because of...
Sherwin | Georgetown, TX | No Replies

- 2/11/2016
Georgetown Charm
Charming. Not too big and not too small. All conveniences within 5 minutes. Near major h...
Laura | Georgetown, TX | 1 Reply

- 6/7/2014
Great Health care
Scott & White healthcare system...
R & D ceiling fan | Georgetown, TX | No Replies

- 2/4/2013
Not a Friendly town at all
22 years in the area, lived in town 1990-92 now back in town for the last 4 mo's, and we h...
ed | Georgetown, TX | 1 Reply

- 6/3/2011
Great city, low cost of living
Great little town around Austin. Great place to raise a family...
Mike | Georgetown, TX | No Replies

- 2/20/2010
astronomical raise in taxes in one year!
Beware moving here if you are not rich! I bought a little dump of a house and did all the ...
Bp | Laguna Beach, CA | No Replies

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