San Marcos, Texas 

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Reviews for San Marcos  based on 5 Reviews

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No Place Like Home - 1/28/2009
San Marcos has the most beautiful people and places that I have ever seen throughout my travels. I love this city so much that I decided to settle down here and start a family. It is full of the friendliest people you will ever meet. The parks are amazing. The university campus is enjoyed by all ages because it is so beautiful and great for getting your daily walk. The city is always alive with people but somehow maintains a quiet charm. If you come to San Marcos, put the river at the top of you itinerary because it is something that you must experience first hand. Take a walk along the river that weaves through several different parks. It is truly awe inspiring. Read More

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Fun college town - 3/1/2008
I spent several summers and a couple winters in San Marcos during my formidable years and really have to tell those interested about what a nice town it is. The best things are the green fauna in a good wet year and the lovely San Marcos River! The college makes it fun with lots of educational opportunities and cultural diversities. The Tex-Mex food, vicinity to Austin's music scene and San Antonio's Hispanic history make it a wonderful place to experience. With the growth I have seen over the years, traffic can be a bit congestive; but not so much as to ruin my romanticism. The smaller towns surrounding San Marcos make it easy to live a country life (my style) while having all the big town amenities. Nothing compares to the Texas Hill Country! And remember to "Drive Read More

Future move - 4/13/2007
We are currently living overseas in Japan but intend on moving to the central Texas area, specifically the hill country area. That is our area of interest and would like to obtain whatever information there is about the area. We have two younger kids and will move back to the US in Read More
ruben | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

I miss home - 1/31/2007
I was born in WI but spent most of my childhood in the south, young adulthood in CA and TX. I'm back in WI much to my dismay but find myself searching this site for my next relocation. I loved San Marcos. (Pronounced Marcus...I pronounced it phonetically once and a Texan nearly wet himself laughing at me-in good humor). Where to begin??? I lived in Austin when I first moved there and loved it but being somewhat of a small town girl I moved to SM. So it's the small town atmosphere (or was 8 years ago when I lived there) but close to two major cities, smack between Austin and San Antonio. I guess that's what I loved most about San Marcos, that it was between two big cities and a short drive to South Padre Island, the Hill Country, Perdnales Falls, the Guadalupe, Lost Maples, Stinky Falls and various other places in between. I miss good BBQ and breakfast tacos, the most amazing Mexican food (short of going to Mexico, which isn't that horrible a drive either), Shiner Bock and Read More
Nichole | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

relocating to San Marcos Texas - 4/19/2006
We are thinking of relocating our family ( 3 kids) to San Marcos from Castle Rock, Colorado. Can anyone tell me anything about the Hays county area? Is it a nice area for families? What about schools? How hot is it really? Is there distinct seasons or is it mostly just hot and humid? What about the pace of life? Castle Rock is always on the go and it is hard to get to know anyone. Most families are dual income and have little time for anyone or anything other than work and their family. We are looking for a slower pace of life and lower cost of living. Thanks for any Read More

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