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I miss home
Star Rating - 1/31/2007
I was born in WI but spent most of my childhood in the south, young adulthood in CA and TX. I'm back in WI much to my dismay but find myself searching this site for my next relocation. I loved San Marcos. (Pronounced Marcus...I pronounced it phonetically once and a Texan nearly wet himself laughing at me-in good humor). Where to begin??? I lived in Austin when I first moved there and loved it but being somewhat of a small town girl I moved to SM. So it's the small town atmosphere (or was 8 years ago when I lived there) but close to two major cities, smack between Austin and San Antonio. I guess that's what I loved most about San Marcos, that it was between two big cities and a short drive to South Padre Island, the Hill Country, Perdnales Falls, the Guadalupe, Lost Maples, Stinky Falls and various other places in between. I miss good BBQ and breakfast tacos, the most amazing Mexican food (short of going to Mexico, which isn't that horrible a drive either), Shiner Bock and southern hospitality. You know in TX a man will race you to the door to open it for you rather than beat you there and knock you over to get there first as they tend to do where I live now. Yes it is hot and humid during the summer but I'd chose that over 9mos of winter and 2mos of subzero temperatures any day. I am homesick.
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Hi Nichole, You should come back to San Marcos. Some things have changed since you were here last time. The campus has grown. The streets are a little busier. The square is souped up. The new shops are varying levels of cool. The people, who have always been very friendly, are in greater numbers. Also, there is a place in town now that has the best Mexican food.
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