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Star Rating - 4/19/2006
We are thinking of relocating our family ( 3 kids) to San Marcos from Castle Rock, Colorado. Can anyone tell me anything about the Hays county area? Is it a nice area for families? What about schools? How hot is it really? Is there distinct seasons or is it mostly just hot and humid? What about the pace of life? Castle Rock is always on the go and it is hard to get to know anyone. Most families are dual income and have little time for anyone or anything other than work and their family. We are looking for a slower pace of life and lower cost of living. Thanks for any input!
Vania | Castle Rock, CO
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This is just my opinion but here it goes: San Marcos, Texas is a fantastic place for families. The schools are great. Around the summer-time, it does get humid but it rarely ever gets over 98. Thankfully, we have a beautiful river that runs through the city. That is where you will find people of all ages during the summer. The pace of life depends on you. If you are a work-aholic, you can commute to Austin and stay very busy but if you are like most of us, then you stay inside sometimes and go out on occasion to enjoy any of the multitude of community events that are always going on. The cost of living here is pretty fair too. The rent for a house or apartment can run anywhere between 600-1000. It depends on what you want. Jobs are pretty easy to find,too. We also have a very beautiful campus. I attended it when I was younger and I was very impressed. I hope I have helped a little.
Elizabeth | San Marcos, TX
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