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Honest review
Do not move here. Salt Lake is doubling in size in the next 5--10 years. Crime is out of control and its known that we have a revolving door offender problem because slc refuses to build another prison to house inmates. People who assault women on the trax or bus are allowed to walk in a few days. The cost of living and renting is comparable to CA now unless of course you are on assistance like another post said. Our communities are filling up with the wrong kind of people. 20,000 refugees and counting even though we can barely house our own locals. Please pass up slc if you want a calm, healthy way of life. Me and my husband both came down with serious respiratory illnesses all winter long because of the air quality and we are both health nuts. I was in the ER at one point because I was coughing up blood. I would not recommend having a baby here due to the serious health risks our air quality poses. If you like heavy traffic, horrible air, lack of nightlife and culture (unless you like the ghetto culture building up here from people coming in) ----this is the place for you. Not safe for women, rape rates through the roof.



Not for young professionals....
I do not recommend SLC for young professionals. Limited dating scene, religion based and most young women are looking to have very large families quick vs. progressive partnerships where you have money and time to travel without setting down right away. Housing is limited and even expensive apartments are full of screaming kids everywhere on the property, you will be paying $1500-ish and be dealing with tons of neighbors on public assistance, I strongly recommend renting in one of the large high rise type apartments in Sugarhouse if you need solid quiet as a career-oriented induvidual. Most apartments are NOT pet friendly either, if you are moving here with pets.



If you enjoy culture, safety and fairness, AVOID!!
Several of the reviews below are spot on. Nepotism is rampant in workplaces ,I have been let go at quite a few to "make room" for someone's 2-3 siblings. If you don't go to the same church, ward or share family your days at most corporate office jobs are numbered---and this is a right to work state so good luck getting unemployment. Living conditions in the city are horrid---rents are in the Orange County range minus the ocean or people you can talk to. You will be living alongside thousands of newly arrived Africans mixed in as your neighbors and you'll thank yourself that you didn't drop $300,000 on a house on that street---and this of course ties in with the next topic, crime. Salt Lake used to be one of the safest cities until about 10 years ago when certain peoples in power because obsessed with relocating people from other countries as well as allowing everyone to live anywhere courtesy of the government. Robberies, home invasions, rapes and strings of deadly freeway accidents are the daily "norm" here now, I subscribe to the local KSL news updates so I can monitor traffic for work and the news stories I read make me grateful that I'm making serious plans to leave the state. As far as the single life, forget making many friends. Everyone has 4-5 kids by the time they're 28, and most people carry a general "snooty" attitude so if you're single prepare to hook up with someone who already has a lot of baggage, and there is def. a shortage of attractive people. Be prepared to buy your Roseanne-looking wife that BMW she wants! In short, if you have a family, it's not safe to live here, if you're single, you will never meet anyone who is not existing in some kind of bubble. When I say anywhere else is better than here, I'm not kidding, and I say that after having a lung/sinus infection on and off for 3 months because of the pollution and horrible air quality here. Expect to deal with this ever winter when our famous "inversion" settles in the city and it starts looking like China for about 2-3 months.



the truth hurts
I know that my reviews of your area hurt some people`s feelings but I had to say it like it is.As far as I`m concerned,you created this scene and that means you yes you and you know who you are,so you need to FIX IT!Especially those that were born and raised here that have that typical Utah mentality of,our area is the greatest.You better think twice about that because it is NOT!I will say this though,there are worse places to live.Change has to come from within.If you want the negative comments to not appear then make changes.I dealt with your closed society state for 8 years which I call my years of exile and I simply stated the hard core facts.Facts,not fiction.Feel free to contact me through the website.



nepotism unlimited but........
I really wanted to finish my review of SLC only because I wanted to be fair also.I did have some good times there but also had some bad ones as well.I also did get some great working experience from living there.Absolute lack of serious professionalism.The stories about the inversion every winter are all true.Every year I would come down with upper respiratory lung infection and I`m a generally healthy man.I did enjoy the mountains and going up to Snowbird and Park City as well.My biggest complaint was the nepotism that existed there.What is nepotism?Let me explain.Nepotism is when you have several companies that are "family owned"and only the family is going to make it.You are not going to make it.There is not going to be any kind of advancement so to speak.The only company that I worked for down there that was not like this was the Utah Transit Authority.I was so sick of family like the previous story about the bosses son that was an absolute asshole that could have a friend work there but if you wanted your friend to work there the answer was a flat out NO!I did in all honesty know some lets just say OK people there but once again,Jay you are a great guy and do a great job for us but that is as far as it is going to go.What would you think?It was very depressing living there for my ex-wife and kids.I don`t know if it is the altitude or too much sunshine?There is something wrong there.The liquor laws are stupid also.I can remember my ex-wife and me going up to Park City one time for dinner and I wanted to order a cocktail and the hostess told me that I would have to get my "setups" and I asked her what exactly she was talking about and she said there were "minibottles"that I had to purchase.It was so confusing to me that I simply told her to cancel the drink.That puts Utah in a nutshell.FRUSTRATION!Glad that I moved and have not regretted it since.



let me tell you about the nepotistic society calle
I lived in SLC from 7/15/1980 to 7/15/1988.I know it may sound strange that I lived there exactly 8 years to the day but it is true!My story is lengthy so please bear with me.I`m going to be completely honest with you and tell you the good and the bad only because I did have some good times there and some bad times there also.I moved there because the economy in the Portland/Vancouver area was in horrible shape and I was looking for employment and sad to say at the time there just was not much to choose from.I went to SLC back in 1979 and had an old neighbor who still lives there and will also tell you that he has NO FRIENDS even to this day!I actually was offered a job with a company at the time but had to refuse it because my ex-wife at the time did not want to relocate.At the time I really knew nothing about the area other than it did have some OK job prospects and that was it.One thing is the wages.You either work for nothing or don`t work at all.It is very difficult to make a really decent living there.I was the type of man that wanted my ex-wife to not work and stay at home and take care of our children which I personally had no problem with.I wanted a traditional family and did not mind being the bread winner.Sounds great.One problem.I could not make enough to keep her home and she had to work also.
Well,after much difficulty I did find a job with First Security Bank which is no longer there anymore and what a nightmare that was.The head of purchasing had his son which was against "company policy" to have a family member in the same building and what an asshole he was.Once again,the Mormon mentality and it did not matter if you went to church or not you were still a Mormon.Kind of like being in an exclusive "club".The "son"could have a "friend"work there and also use the company van at company expense.The bank actually paid for their gas from Ogden to SLC while those of us that lived away had to pay out of our own pockets and at $4.00 an hour it was tough.The son also had the mentality and told me one time,"you better do what I say or I will tell my dad".If you could only imagine working in an environment like this.This guy was a real asshole! I used to go to work absolutely pissed off and my ex-wife used to say that she could not wait until I could find something else.That was in the early 80`s.I then went to work for Utah Transit Authority and that was an improvement over the bosses son but it also had its drawbacks.The Union that represented us really was an entity and just there and that was all.What a difference from living in an area where the Union is a union!I forgot that Utah was a right-to-work state and had no idea what that meant.What it means is that you have the right to not join a Union.This keeps the wages low.Dealing with the people that used the transit system was a challenge in itself.There were some real basket cases.Unlike where I came from where people knew where they were going and which bus to take.I did enjoy the mountains and going up to Wyoming because that was where you could buy beer that was more than 3.2 percent.The beer in Utah SUCKED!The Uintah Mountains are really beautiful and the desert is spectacular also.The people also had less respect for their forests and campgrounds than where I came from.Oregon and Washington are very environmental states.Utah is hatu(hate you)spelled backwards.The mentality that existed there was also,"you could work for `us`and that is fine but once my son or daughter come of age you are history!You have no future here!Yes,there is more.



I have lived here on and off because OF family and family alone otherwise I'd be gone already. The PROS and only pros are: beautiful mountains, hiking, recreation, beautiful lakes and nature. Ok---if thats enough for you you will love it here. If you care about your health and sanity: CONS:----Extremely superficial people. Every fat Utah housewife drives a $40-50,000 SUV, Lexus or BMW---so if youre a single man moving here be ready to take care of a below-average partner who will expect some very pricey shows of income from you. (Im not being rude, its the truth---these women don't know how to use a treadmill or back out of a parking space yet they all drive a luxury car)---the men all own 20 foot long brand new pickup trucks. The struggle and competition to show WEALTH is suffocating and meeting a genuine person with a smile is next to impossible. Jobs? plenty of them but most of them will fire you based on if you go to church or not (Mormon) and again, if you're a big girl with kids you're safe----single and non-religious get judged and quickly moved to the bottom of any promotion list. (Again, lived here on and off for 20 years so making anything up it a moot point) ---this is NOT a place for alternative people who don't want children and enjoy making fast friendships with open minds. I made more friends in one weekend in Chicago and California than I have been able to here in 5 years. People are not warm, inviting and all they seem to care about is making children and paying for that brand new car that literally just arrived at the dealership. Another thing I need to note here---and don't remove this review because people deserve to know----Salt Lake City, Millcreek in particular is bringing thousands of Muslims here from Somalia. It's starting to look like the Middle East----even though Millcreek used to be one of the most high--end areas but now has section 8 communities full of Muslims alongside $400,000 homes. Be very mindful of this because the passive culture here does not think it's a big deal yet----but it ABSOLUTELY is if you have paid attention to what happened to France and Germany. Also---DO NOT come here to retire. My 62 year old mom gets $650 from the state and was almost homeless. While they have no problem paying $2,000 a month to room and board Muslims and welfare recipients they DO NOT take care of their elderly and only have two 50+ community apartment complexes. This is something that I feel like is very important for anyone older to know who is considering coming here to spend their later years. The air quality and inversion is REALLY BAD----and in the winter some people will wear dust masks to go outside. It kind of feels like when you're trying to breathe in a steamy bathroom and it feels heavy. So---if you want to come here to make money and have a career in medicine or accounting you will do really really well----if youre single---be prepared for some very demanding singles and not a diverse (or good--looking) selection.



The snow is great!



Salt Lake City
A great place to live



People in Salt Lake City smell disgusting and are
Salt Lake city is home to some of the most uneducated and foul smelling residents in the United States. I would avoid this place at all costs!!! They natives steal, lie, fight and lack personal hygiene habits. Try Denver and pass on Salt Lake City.



Great place to live in 1987
If you are skier,great...go to Park City, if you can afford it.If you are LDS (mormon) move to Idaho.Bad air quality 9 months of the year from Ogden to Provo,the entire valley now days.Did anyone said kids...asthma? Taxes are up and up; property tax,sales tax, gas tax...etc.Road infrastructure does not support the ever increasing traffic anymore.
Avoid living west of 700 East and 3300 South if you have a family.If you intend to move to Draper/Sandy area check deadly radon levels before you buy/rent anything.Rated sixth in 2015 most overpriced real estate in the country due to poor quality homes and overpriced high desert dirt beneath it.Other than that business is good and powder days are unforgettable.



The only real negative above and beyond those common to all big cities is the air quality. The inversions especially in the winter are just horrific. There are just too many days where it is like trying to breath mud in the valley. On the other hand if you live in the mountains the winter commute up and down the passes can be nerve wracking, but that is offset by living in one of the greatest places on the planet, the Utah mountains. So the deal is to find work or retire on the mountain and live on it too. Then you have the best of all worlds; nature in all its glory and the culture that a big city affords make this place just about perfect...



Air Quality
Beautiful city when the air is clear. Terrible pollution in the winter. State government will not act to improve air quality.



All That Glitters is NOT Gold
Salt Lake City and surrounding suburbs are "interesting" to live in. On the plus side: the scenery is beautiful, the health care is excellent, the climate has all four seasons (summers are hot and dry, not humid), the mountains block strong winds, the city is very clean, low crime, and there are great outdoor activities (skiing, hiking, fishing, etc.)and the people are VERY friendly, when you first arrive. On the bad side: the air quality/pollution is terrible in the winter (people that "never get sick" are also affected by it, with migraines, sinus headaches, sore throat, etc.) The cost of living is very high, not Cali high, but still very overpriced. The people who are VERY friendly, are usually Mormons. When you move into a new neighborhood, they will bring you baked goods, shovel your driveway, and offer to watch your kids, all for "free." They take these opportunities to try and convert you to become a Mormon. When they finally realize that you either have your own church/religion or that you just don't want to join their church, the acts of "kindness" stop. The funny part is that they only "work on you" for 6 months to a year; they give up too quickly. I've lived in places where other churches can keep working on you for over ten years. The bad part is that once they know that you won't join, all of the "friendliness" stops. You are no longer included in neighborhood BBQ's, and your kids stop getting birthday party invitations from the neighbor kids. (Even though we pretty much live like Mormons, we have actually been told by a Mormon Bishop, that our kids could no longer play with his kids, because we would not convert to Mormonism.) With the job market, it can be the same way. Mormons usually only hire other Mormons (no, you can't ask about religion at a job interview, but Mormon's will list their Bishop as a reference and list their LDS mission as experience, this and other ways are how they can tell). They also prefer light skinned people (unless you are fluent in Spanish). The good paying jobs usually go to very light skinned Mormons (they even discriminate within their own group). If you are anything but very white, you'd better be a doctor, or a research scientist if you want a job. There is a large LGBT population in the actual city, but many of them struggle to find a job with decent wages, even if they have a college degree, unless they go to great lengths to hide their orientation. All of my previous comments sound nasty, but that is MY experience. I am NOT speaking for everyone. Here's the funny thing, my best friend is a Mormon. For every 4 or 5 that aren't so nice, there is one that is an Angel and doesn't care about your religion and will not try to convert you. Not all Mormons are the same (of course). The only other issue is that there is no real separation of church and state here. While other kids get spring break in March, Utah's revolves around Easter. High School kids are allowed to leave campus during study hall and go across the street to a Mormon church for religious education. They claim that it's not a violation of church and state, because the Mormon church is not on school property. This happens during school, in the middle of the day. The LDS/Mormon church owns a very large amount of property/businesses here. If you are white, straight, and you are willing to convert, then this is the perfect place to live.



Mormons Suck!!!
Hello, my name is Luke, and I have to share some experiences I had living in Utah as a person.
When I first came here, the first thing I noticed how much I hated Mormons, here are my top 5 reasons
1) Mormons are too nice and too accepting, they are always smiling and waving and being happy and friendly to everyone, they should be in a DR Suess Book!!!
2) Mormons donate time and money to non profit organizations and other humanitarian aids throughout the state, country, and world. Who do they think they are??? They think their soooo cool helping other people!!!!
3) Mormons live longer because they don't smoke, drink, do drugs, kill people, etc... Which means they will have longer healthier lives, are they trying to make us look bad?????
4) Mormons don't lie, steal, or cheat!! Which makes all of us who do look even worse!! And all of us who make money doing those things don't get accepted in society.
5) Mormons keep trying to tell me how happy they are and how their religion helps them and how I should read their book and come to church with them!!! Gosh, don't they know that i hate being happy?!?!!?! I am perfectly fine living in my pit of agony!!!

That's why I hate Mormons, and that's why I hate Utah!!!


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