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I couldn't ask for a better place to live. - 12/21/2018
I've been all over the country and I was born in Salt Lake City. It gets better every day. It is the cleanest place, the mountains are awe inspiring every day even after living here for years. The police force is good, family values and relationships are important, it is quiet for a city, and you are within 20 minutes of Park City, the mountains, the desert, lakes, hiking trails, restaurants, and getting around town is so easy and convenient. It is easy to get parking and you are not overcharged for fees like that. Bicycles can be rented downtown and make for a fun activity while getting around the people-friendly city. There are bars, museums, historical sites, malls that are new and some of the best, sports teams, musical performances, universities, views, and beauty everywhere you look. This is one of the greatest preserved secrets and cities of this country. I'm grateful every day to live here. Read More

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Recommended - 11/10/2018
Interesting jobs and a great place for the outdoorsy and Read More

Good Place - 11/10/2018
Friendly city with terrific mountain access and a strong, interesting economy. Read More

Downtown is a homeless convention center!! - 8/16/2018
Absolutley horrible The amount of homeless in the city is so much that it looks like a PARADE. Elderly, drug addicts, people lying on the sidewalks after overdosing. One guy overdosed on heroin in broad daylight and a bystander gave him CPR. There are needles everywhere. There is a homeles person sleeping under every tree. Thanks to the liberal mayor, who has diverted all funding to help Muslims instead of programs for our homeless or resources for needy families. I am not making this up, my wife is afraid to walk to her car and works in the city. The amount of homeless is staggering. This looks nothing like the SLC I grew up in. Please, please consider who you vote for because we are slowly turning into California. This is mine and your CHILDREN's future. Read More

Three Stars and Dropping - 7/5/2018
Access to great mountains and desert areas (amazing)
Crime is manageable if you live in the right area
Outdoor culture
Great Universities
Pretty decent jobs. Aerospace, tech, food, etc.
Good airport with good connections and centrally located .
Still better than many places if you love the mountains, but see the cons.
Too much growth is basically creating congestion on the roads, trail heads, and resorts. Even the backcountry, to which we have great access, is getting tracked out.
The LDS culture can be creepy unless you live in the right spot.
Traffic just keeps getting worse. The horrible light timing on my commute is a disgrace to engineers.
Drivers education here is a joke.
Basically SLC is experiencing serious growing pains.
OH...and the pollution and inversions. Reservoirs are more consistently being closed off due to algae blooms.
Trail heads that used to promise solitude now Read More

No longer a conservative city - 7/2/2018
Sadly SLC is going through some kind of forced-progressive "white shaming" movement and our Mayor is a far leftist who is obsessed with turning SLC into refugee relocation central. If you even dare mention that we are already too overpopulated for a flood of newcomers on assistance you get called a bigot or Islamophobe immediately. (We are turning into CA) Since neighborhood statistics only update every few years---I will save you the trouble of finding out for yourself that certain (even nicer) parts of SLC are turning into what looks like side-streets of Detroit with thousands of hood-rats and shady people on assisted housing.
If you are conservative and love a place that's made up of clean, working American families, SKIP Salt Lake. It's no longer what it used to be, and I've never seen neighborhoods fall apart so fast in such a short amount of time. Read More

Honest review - 6/18/2018
Do not move here. Salt Lake is doubling in size in the next 5--10 years. Crime is out of control and its known that we have a revolving door offender problem because slc refuses to build another prison to house inmates. People who assault women on the trax or bus are allowed to walk in a few days. The cost of living and renting is comparable to CA now unless of course you are on assistance like another post said. Our communities are filling up with the wrong kind of people. 20,000 refugees and counting even though we can barely house our own locals. Please pass up slc if you want a calm, healthy way of life. Me and my husband both came down with serious respiratory illnesses all winter long because of the air quality and we are both health nuts. I was in the ER at one point because I was coughing up blood. I would not recommend having a baby here due to the serious health risks our air quality poses. If you like heavy traffic, horrible air, lack of nightlife and culture (unless you Read More

Not for young professionals.... - 5/3/2018
I do not recommend SLC for young professionals. Limited dating scene, religion based and most young women are looking to have very large families quick vs. progressive partnerships where you have money and time to travel without setting down right away. Housing is limited and even expensive apartments are full of screaming kids everywhere on the property, you will be paying $1500-ish and be dealing with tons of neighbors on public assistance, I strongly recommend renting in one of the large high rise type apartments in Sugarhouse if you need solid quiet as a career-oriented induvidual. Most apartments are NOT pet friendly either, if you are moving here with pets. Read More

If you enjoy culture, safety and fairness, AVOID!! - 4/29/2018
Several of the reviews below are spot on. Nepotism is rampant in workplaces ,I have been let go at quite a few to "make room" for someone's 2-3 siblings. If you don't go to the same church, ward or share family your days at most corporate office jobs are numbered---and this is a right to work state so good luck getting unemployment. Living conditions in the city are horrid---rents are in the Orange County range minus the ocean or people you can talk to. You will be living alongside thousands of newly arrived Africans mixed in as your neighbors and you'll thank yourself that you didn't drop $300,000 on a house on that street---and this of course ties in with the next topic, crime. Salt Lake used to be one of the safest cities until about 10 years ago when certain peoples in power because obsessed with relocating people from other countries as well as allowing everyone to live anywhere courtesy of the government. Robberies, home invasions, rapes and strings of deadly freeway accidents Read More

the truth hurts - 3/14/2017
I know that my reviews of your area hurt some people`s feelings but I had to say it like it is.As far as I`m concerned,you created this scene and that means you yes you and you know who you are,so you need to FIX IT!Especially those that were born and raised here that have that typical Utah mentality of,our area is the greatest.You better think twice about that because it is NOT!I will say this though,there are worse places to live.Change has to come from within.If you want the negative comments to not appear then make changes.I dealt with your closed society state for 8 years which I call my years of exile and I simply stated the hard core facts.Facts,not fiction.Feel free to contact me through the Read More

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