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It's kind of shit, but has nice mountains. - 5/22/2020
Born and raised here.

-You've got decent schools that aren't trying to rip your eyes out at the time of this review. Compare the U of U tuition to UC Berkeley.


-Pretty good infrastructure.

-The economy is good.

-Comparatively safe to more crime ridden cities.

-24 hour shopping at some locations

-Extensive canyons in southern utah

-Magic underwear

Very fake superficial people. The LDS church propagates a toxic, exclusionary and judgmental culture. Very tribal, keeping up with the Jones's.

We're leading the United States in depression and are up there for suicides. I think part of that stems from the toxic perfectionism people to try to display. (Off topic but my friend's wife actually killed herself, a member of church came by to point out that she'll never ascend to the celestial kingdom or some non-sense, you Read More

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Beautiful Scenery / Fake People and Bad Drivers - 3/31/2020
Coming from a non-Mormon transplant who has lived in SLC for almost 2 years now:

Outdoors - Mountain access is less than 30 minutes away, even in the farthest reaches of the valley, and it's closely situated to tons of national parks. The options for an outdoorsy person are limitless.

Jobs - There is a large job market, especially in tech, which means that you have a lot of maneuverability and growth opportunities.

Commute (outside of winter) - As long as you don't have to get on the freeway going north of SLC, or south of SLC, commutes are very manageable.

Fakeness and Cookie Cutter Personalities - Unless you are Mormon, you will struggle to find people that can become friends or that you can connect with. The Mormons that I have met, the majority of the population, are very sheltered and their ignorance shows when they talk about social issues or issues that they would not have encountered, having lived in Read More

Nothing special about this place - 3/24/2020
I've lived in Salt Lake for about 8 months now (moved here from St. Louis) and I'm really struggling to find what sets it apart from any other place, especially if you're not Mormon. Sure we have really great mountain access, but the city is very generic beyond that. Not a lot of diversity, not many good restaurants and bars, and doesn't feel very urban even in much of the city proper. The cost of living is outrageous here for a city that is frankly quite bland. There's a huge homeless problem because of it, which to me reflects a failure of city and state leadership. I find the dating scene to be pretty bad as well. From the perspective of the LGBTQ community, people here generally come off as stuck up for no apparent reason and won't so much as give you the time of day (I haven't had this experience in other cities). On the positive side, I will say that the street network in Salt Lake is easy to navigate, public transportation is decent, people tend to be very nice, and the Read More

I wouldn't recommend - 9/30/2019
Nasty air, lots of Mormons and the church does rule the place, though people claim Salt Lake is "liberal." Nasty, tribal attitudes, finding friends, socializing is really hard. Utahns are also very envious people, they won't let you excel in a company if you a smart foreigner.

Mountains, lakes, national parks.
Proximity of those.
No traffic jams.
Park City - if your'e into skiing.Read More

Keep Denver, SLC for me - 7/19/2019
I am a native Catholic Coloradan, however I lived for 13 years in SLC back in the 60s. It was a great childhood and I loved the fact that within 10 minutes I could ride through the national forest on a mountain bike. Being anti-Mormon is still acceptable in the age of PC BS. Imagine the uproar if one said they did not want to live in Minnesota because of the Muslim influence? I’m proud to currently live in Colorado Springs for the past 20 years. Thank goodness, because I couldn’t take Denver again, especially wit’s the antifa/liberal/anything goes political climate. Hey here’s an idea, let’s go over to Aurora, desecrate the American flag and fly the Mexican. SICK. If it weren’t for the Springs, my family would return to SLC in a Read More

Air pollution and Ill-mannered people - 6/16/2019
Before moving to the Mormon Mecca, check crime stats and You also better love loud aerial cake fireworks that bribe-taking Utah legislators permit. If you’re single don’t pay more for a house with a backyard because squealing kids from large Mormon families and loudly barking dogs (SLCo Animal Services is worthless) mean you can’t even sit there and read. Bigotry is a given Read More

Mountains, mormons and homelessness - 5/21/2019
Salt lake can be fun with all the mountains and recreation around you. However there are a ton of homeless, most of the politicians are mormons which means there really is no separation between church and state. The housing prices have gone way up and even a crappy house will cost around Read More

Sad to leave SLC but had no choice. - 5/17/2019
Before I left SLC to move to Oregon, there were 55 car thefts in 14 days, a guy was filled with bullets on state street by about 20 cops after he drove around with a shotgun shooting at strangers not to mention the mall shooting. Typical SLC resident response: "Its a big city what do you expect." It amazes me how SLC residents will downplay how absolutley horrible the city has become under Liberal leadership. This was once one of the cleanest, safest cities before the last liberal Mayor was elected putting our homelessness and crime at an all time high, not to mention our drug problem. You turn on the news and cops are begging for raises and another jail because funds aren't being given for it in one of the most economically sound states in the USA. If you don't start electing people who reflect Utah (and NOT California! please stop coming here, you already ruined your own state)----Salt Lake will be Los Angeles. One bedrooms went from $650-750 to $1100 in a matter of a few years. Read More
Jess | ,  | Reply | 1 Reply

For a conservative life style - 3/16/2019
Salt Lake City or Utah is an ok place, if you have something to be busy like a good career or education opportunity only for a couple of years. This state is extremely family and religion oriented and it limits social opportunities drastically.

Friendly people (mostly)
Relatively low crime rate

Harsh climate
Limited social and cultural activities/scene
Very Poor dating scene (quantitatively and qualitatively both)
Increasing cost of livingRead More

I couldn't ask for a better place to live. - 12/21/2018
I've been all over the country and I was born in Salt Lake City. It gets better every day. It is the cleanest place, the mountains are awe inspiring every day even after living here for years. The police force is good, family values and relationships are important, it is quiet for a city, and you are within 20 minutes of Park City, the mountains, the desert, lakes, hiking trails, restaurants, and getting around town is so easy and convenient. It is easy to get parking and you are not overcharged for fees like that. Bicycles can be rented downtown and make for a fun activity while getting around the people-friendly city. There are bars, museums, historical sites, malls that are new and some of the best, sports teams, musical performances, universities, views, and beauty everywhere you look. This is one of the greatest preserved secrets and cities of this country. I'm grateful every day to live here. Read More

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471 E Garfield Ave
Bed 4 | Bath 2

672 E Milton Ave S
Bed 3 | Bath 2

1729 S 300 E
Bed 4 | Bath 2

465 E Downington Ave S
Bed 2 | Bath 1

204 E Ensign Vista Dr N Unit 84103
Bed 5 | Bath 5

238 W Paramount Ave
Bed 2 | Bath 1

234 E Kensington Ave S
Bed 3 | Bath 3


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