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Reviews for Casper  based on 34 Reviews

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Ehhh - 12/26/2020
I lived here for one year (78-79). Saw a lot of cold weather and snow. Most cars had sprung doors from severe winds taking them out of their owners hands. Might have been luck of the draw but in that year we had some bad hail storms. Golf ball size that put dings vehicle roofs and hoods. Summertime was pleasant. Had the opportunity to come visit 40 years later. People are nice but town has a run down feel to Read More

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A small town vibe with big city amenities... - 8/24/2020
There is so much about this place to love! The people, the extraordinary access to outdoor recreation and everything in between. There's plenty to do and see, it's also super business friendly and full of opportunity. If you're looking for a community that will welcome your family, this is it! Read More

Never say never - 8/16/2020
I grew up in Casper and remember complaining how little there was to do. I swore that I would never live in Wyoming again. After living in Montana, Arizona, Upstate New York and then Denver CO, I have come to appreciate my hometown more than I ever thought. In Denver there is no shortage of entertainment but what it lacked was people. With a population over 3 million that says a lot. When my now wife and I started looking to get married and make a home, we knew it wouldn’t be anywhere other that Casper. We wanted to be somewhere a neighbor actually knew your name. Neighbor kids ride bikes together and you know the parents of every one of them. We found people again you could have a drink with and share life with. Beyond that, the miles of trails, the 5 tail waters within 2.5 hours, countless lakes, camping and general adventure make Casper an ideal place to raise and be a family. Though we get a little more than our fair share of wind, this town is by far the best I have lived in. Read More

Great place to raise a family - 5/21/2020
I grew up in Casper and moved away after high school for 5 years and I knew I would never raise my children any where but Casper. We have amazing schools, plenty to do both inside and outside all within 30 minutes of the city. Our family enjoys the 4 amazing golf courses, Alcova Lake which is a short 35 minute drive and has great amenities and of course the mountains which are literally out the back door. The restaurants in Casper are exceptional and the variety is growing. With the addition of the Art Walk and Rock the Block, David St. Station and the revamped Old Yellowstone District there is something for every age. Casper has that big city feel with the small town kindness and Read More

At the Heart of the Western U.S. National Parks - 5/19/2020
I grew up in the nice suburbs of Ohio, moved to Salt Lake Valley, had a family, and moved to Casper two years ago. Of the places I've lived, I've never been so impressed with a place to raise children. The schools, hiking trails, community, and being in the heart of the western US national parks makes this place amazing. What an advantage to be able to be a weekend trip away from visiting Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park.  Read More

Lived in the area for 12 years, and love it. - 5/16/2020
My family and I have lived in the Casper area for 12 years. There is so much that we enjoy about the area. From its fabulous parks for kids to play at, to the Platte River Trail which is wonderful for running, you can always find something to do outside while staying in town. Casper mountain offers year-round activities that we can ALL participate in. My family hikes and picnics in the warm weather and snowshoes and cross country skies in the winter. Edness Kimbal state park and Alcova offer water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding...and Alcova has overnight camping and boat renting at the marina. The downtown has been reinvigorated with outdoor concerts, bars and places to eat at for date night or you can comfortably take the kids. The Casper Events center brings concerts and programs to town to keep things exciting. The multiple museums (including the Science Zone Children's Museum) offer cold-weather entertainment without breaking the bank. Mix in rodeos, fairs, the Read More

Casper WY - 5/14/2020
Casper is nestled in the heart of Wyoming with a population around 55,000 people and has a fantastic symphony, art walks, and more with a booming fine arts community. It is also home to mountain ranges, skiing, lakes, camping, fishing, and hunting for the outdoor Read More

Casper WyHOMEing! A few reasons I am proud to live - 5/12/2020
I first moved to Casper in 1989 to attend Casper College. Previously I lived in Buffalo for a short period of time and before that Paris, Texas. I LOVE Casper for so many reasons. #1 the people here are genuinely amazing. Caring, generous, honest, helpful, hardworking and resilient. I challenge you to try to find a more giving community than Casper Wyoming. #2 the amenities! Outdoor recreation, cultural experiences, community events, and amazing restaurants. #3 close proximity - You are no more than 20 minutes to work, school, recreation (lake, hiking, skiing in the winter) #4 - small town vibe. With population of less than 60,000 people you run into a friendly face when out and about. #5 - Wyoming's beauty and natural wonders within a few minute to a few hours drive.  Read More

Great family-friendly town with lots to do - 5/11/2020
Casper has many things to do any time of the year. Our family loves living in Casper. There is so much to do and we feel very safe living here. Our tight-knit community supports each other and are always welcoming. We love all of the amenities offered here and hanging out in our vibrant downtown area. In the past few years, Downtown Casper has really flourished with the addition of David Street Station and more restaurants, bars, and shops. This means that there are outdoor events throughout the summer including concerts, movies, and festivals. With the mountain, river, and reservoirs within 30-45 minutes from our house, we can sneak away to the outdoors any time of the year when we need to have some space. There is so much to love about Casper for families, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and established Read More

Small town feel with City amenities! - 5/11/2020
I am originally from Casper but moved away for several years to explore other places. I live here now with my young family and we're proud to call Casper HOME. I love raising our family here as it has everything we need. Safety, opportunity, wide open spaces, small town feel with access to big city amenities. We love the outdoors and Casper offers everything to keep us active all year long. I own a business and have been incredibly pleased with the entrepreneurial opportunities here. Read More

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