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Family fun abounds! - 5/11/2020
After moving here in 2011, I've never not had something to do! Especially now that I have 2 small children; there's always family-friendly events going on and outdoor activities, parks, etc. to keep us all entertained! It's a wonderful place to stay active as a family :) Read More

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Small town feel with city amenities. - 5/6/2020
Beautiful city! Small own feel with City amenities. You're minutes away from the mountains, lakes, river, trails for biking, hiking, camping, fishing and more! It's a wonderful place that supports work, live, play balance. Friendly people, safe community and a great place to raise a family. We love Casper! Read More

Casper offers so much for families to do - 5/4/2020
I've lived here for almost 10 years and this place just keeps getting better! Casper offers so much for families to do and as the mom of 2 small kids, it's wonderful to have so many indoor and outdoor options! Lots of city amenities with a small-town Read More

Big City Amenities with Small-Town Vibes - 5/3/2020
I moved to Casper, Wy 8 years ago. When I first moved here, I was surprised by all the big city amenities and how it blends perfectly with a small-town vibe. My commute went from 3 hours to and from work to 15 mins. I have more time to do the things I love to Read More

Wonderful, Family-Focused Community - 5/1/2020
Casper is a wonderful community with big city amenities and a small town feel. There is never a shortage of things to do with community events, museums and so many outdoor recreation opportunities just minutes from our door. The community is safe and beautiful, and a great place to raise a Read More

Hate; my struggle - 4/5/2019
This place is the worst!!! all men here are backwards and dumb! i want a strong liberal man to sweep me off my feet and there are none. :( all we have here is maga wearing fools, they don't even understand climate change either. :((( Read More

Bad Weather - 11/27/2018
This review will be a bit opinionated.

The main thing for me is the weather. I hate it. I like cloudy, rainy, foggy, snowy, colder weather, so keep that in mind.

Casper is too sunny. This is what I mean: we'll get a cloudy, snowy day. The next day will be sunny and you basically go blind if you look down because the snow reflects the sunlight.

We really don't get enough rain. Barely any rain.

Being out on the prarie, the wind is INSANE. It sucks. On a nice cool day, the wind starts blowing and it's miserable.

The summers are HOT. Not compared to like Pheonix, but many days are in the 90s and clear and sunny.

There's like no trees outside of town, which sucks (besides Casper Mountain, more on that later).

There's also a bit of a meth problem...

On the bright side, there are usually nice summer outdoor activites.

There are also lots of movie theaters

Casper Read More

Horrible place to live - 3/2/2017
After living in Ft Collins CO, Casper is truly a dump. I looked for a house for 12 months and for what you pay Casper housing is like low income housing in your average city. 75% of Caspers neighborhoods look like low income housing. The majority of residents have no pride of ownership. Many yards have no grass but weeds, people trash their property with junk. I realize this is not nice to say but the majority of Casper neighborhoods are like white trash. And it's expensive. Housing prices are high in Casper especially for what you get. Looks like at one time Casper boomed and all that was built was cheap box houses. The side walks in Casper are in terrible shape. The city must of used poor concrete at one time as the majority of the residential side walks are heavily cracked and crumbling. Caspers problem is several areas of town is built on a clay/dirt composite and it shifts a lot so beware of foundations if you buy. The wind blows 25+ mph on a Read More

Casper Weather - 11/5/2014
As a lifelong resident of Casper, I feel it's only fair to let people know that we do have extreme winds for months on end! Many people are surprised even though they had heard it was windy. Winters can be difficult and if you're not used to the wind, it could very well send you packing. Some stay and others move on because of the wind. I personally like Casper (and I've been all over), but there are down sides just like anyplace. We do have a meth problem here and it seems the paper is littered with one arrest after the other from crimes associated with meth use and distribution. Oh, and if you're not a Republican, you wouldn't like Wyoming. It's the most solid Republican state in the union!

Casper is central to the state and has many fine qualities. It is an oil town but is diversifying and tourism is now a significant industry here. Housing is a bit hard to find unless you can afford to buy. There are new apt. complexes going up all the time though. It's certainly Read More

Sunshine and wind - 9/17/2012
If you love sunshine almost everyday you'll love Casper however the intense wind that we experience as weather fronts roll through can be difficult to adjust to for Read More

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