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Close to perfect - 6/20/2014
While everybody is marvelling about 'the sunshine state' California, I find Colorado a real champion in terms of climate and health. The very high level of sunny days makes it even fun to enjoy the occasional rainy day because you know that tomorrow the sun will be shining again. The high altitude living has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and the intensity of the sun rays which in turn is good for Vitamin D synthesis, helping the immune system.
It is a very dry climate which makes the summer heat much more bearable, albeit in down town Denver the summers can get really, really hot because of the lack of vegetation and the tarmac Read More

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Very High Cost of Living - 4/21/2014
I have lived in Fort Collins for almost 11 years now. The weather is nice but the cost of living is horrible. Everything is going up and the prices of homes is high. I have owned 4 homes here. It takes 2 people to work with tons of overtime to survive. The food here is also bad. I agree with the statements of some of the people...not very good food. I dont like living in a College town, alot of drinking, parties, and the downtown is just full of college kids. The property taxes are some of the highest in the nation with very small land. I love the mountains and fresh air, but we are going to move because the cost of living is to much and cant save anything. The roads are horrible in town. For all the tourist we get and the taxes we pay, I would think we would have better roads, and lower taxes. Its great if your young and love the night life here, alot of bars and drinking. I think I am just getting to old for this place. We moved on the outskirts of town hoping for a peaceful living, Read More

critters - 11/21/2013
Colorado is a great place to live if you love outdoors and/or prefer more cosmopolitan living. We have mountains, plains, even a little desert, plus cities like Denver and Colorado Springs. We have suffered some growing pains with lots of people moving in from other states - more crowded highways, more crowds in general, more encroachment on open land, etc. The biggest problems come from folks who want Colorado to be like their "old places". So, a word of caution. If you don't want wild life in your yard, Colorado may not be the best place for you. You will want to educate yourself about wild life, since foxes, racoons, coyotes, deer and the occasional bear, cougar, skunk, elk or moose, do wander into more populated areas as their habitats shrink. Rabbits, mice, rats, squirrels and prairie dogs are just about everywhere. If you want to live in the country or up in the mountains, there will be wild life and they will come into your yard. Please choose a city or town to live in Read More

Sunny days - 7/16/2013
Colorado has lots of mood lifting sunny Read More

I Didn't like Denver - 6/27/2013
This is strictly my opinion after living in Denver for 17 years.

Here's why I didn't like Denver - the "mile high" (5,280 ft above sea level) altitude was very difficult to adjust to. Also, with Denver being a mile high, it is considered semi-arrid, the truth is that you can't possibly drink enough water to stay hydrated and there isn't enough moisturizing lotion in the world to keep you from drying out like a mummy and trust me, your hands will look like they belong on a mummy. I found the people to be mean. Forget trying to make friends if you aren't in one of the "clique" neighborhoods; Parker, Highlands Ranch, Roxborough. Denverites are shallow and phoney (sp?). My spouse retired and we left Denver never to Read More

Don't like the weather? Wait 10 minutes.. - 5/26/2013
The weather here is so incredibly changeable.... Nothing lasts long enough to get Read More

Conrad Balll Middle School - 4/23/2013
Conrad ball needs to up the education of it's Middle Read More

Colorado tech jobs?? - 2/7/2013
I want to relocate to Colorado from Louisiana so badly its not funny. Lousyana is more like it here. Sorry to say but the weather sucks, hurricanes, humidity, and mosquitos too. Plus there are no tech jobs to really speak of, and the pay here is really low, like terribly Read More

Climate - 11/19/2012
Colorado is one of the best places to live and cannot be surpassed for beauty. It is also the friendliest place on the Read More

Colorado I want to come - 11/8/2012
Hi we're from Michigan and we need a change badly! We would live to come to Colorado we have no idea about the place it just looks and sounds beautiful. I'm a family of 6 with a Pitt bull so if anyone can guide me in names of agents for rental homes, areas that allow pit bulls etc if greatly appreciate that. Read More

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