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The place to be - 2/13/2019
I love Iowa like how simple it Read More

Cost of Living - 1/25/2016
Reviewing Cost of Living in Read More

Season Changes - 4/8/2015
Truly have the distinct 4 seasons here. The cold makes you appreciate the summer even more! Spring can be cold, icy and frigid. The following Spring can bring 70-80 degree days, green grass and flowers.  Read More

nothing to do - 1/9/2015
Iowa is a boring state unless you like to hike. Winters are Read More

Living in Washington, Iowa - 7/12/2010
This is the most unfriendly town I have ever lived in my entire life. People make no effort to welcome you, neighbors never even speak to you. If we had only known we would be living in a town that would never make you feel part of this little community, I think, if we weren't stuck here, we would have never packed up and bought a house in this town. Washington, Iowa boasts that is one of the best small towns to retire and live. If you never want to communicate with anyone, Washington, Iowa is the place for hermits, people who are not willing to enjoy other human beings, very strange for a so called "farming community". Sorry to say, I don't know how I could even begin to say this is a great place to live? Perhaps if you were born and raised here, you would be part of things, otherwise look elsewhere for a pleasant experience in your retirement years. Read More

Look around - 5/12/2010
Iowa City is a great place to live in Iowa. There is always something to do in here all you need to do is look around, also Des Moines is not that far away. When it comes to housing don't be surprised at first there are good prices as long as you look around and keep clear of downtown or the football stadium unless your willing to pay for it. Durning football season be tolerant of traffic of the loyal Iowans. Definitely give Iowa City a shot you won't regret Read More

Eduacation - 9/29/2009
Excellent school systems with lots of parentaal Read More

Weather in Eastern Iowa - 7/12/2009
Weather is fairly comparable to Chicago burbs. Extremes in temp-hot in summer, cold in winter. Good place if you like snowy Read More

Cold and Hot - 2/22/2009
Iowa is cold in winter and hot in the summer. You definitely get the full 4-season Read More

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