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NYS has beautiful scenery - all 4 seasons are enjo - 6/11/2012
I will miss the change of seasons terribly but we are looking to move out of state because it is just too costly to live here. The Buffalo area has so much to do during the summer months - so many festivals - I am hoping to find the same where ever we end up. Also, the pro sport teams does create a great deal of excitement for the area. Being so close the Canadian border is a plus - if you have a Read More

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Everything - 5/27/2012
New York is extremely diverse, but like any other state , its a big state with different areas, and big differences in those areas. Manhattan, everything you can imagine to see, eat, shop etc. expensive to live, the boroughs outside,queens is the most nationally diverse area, there is and are areas where you can meet anyone from anywhere in the world that lives here,brooklyn has wonderful areas, bronx, staten is= but every town/borough/neighborhood has some crime ridden areas, need to check out. There are beaches all around the coast lines (Rockaway is great from 100 street up), but you have upstate as well, beautiful catskill mountains, hiking,skiing,boating,kayaking etc, view points from people will change in every county=buffalo is a dead or dying city, most industry closed down long ago, the "hood" is very bad with crime, people tend to be friendly tho, but the races seem to be divided when i was there. I am white and date black woman, I didnt see that there at all, not saying it Read More

Escape from New York - 3/31/2012
The fundamental problem with New York is that its rulers believe that its citizens exist only to pay taxes that they can then redistribute to those who vote them into power.  Read More

Do not move to Long Island, NY unless you are whit - 3/2/2012
If you happen to be Black, Asian, or Arabic origin, you will constantly be looked down upon and treated as less than human to your "white counterparts"... The racism here is preposterous; embarrassing nonetheless. Not to mention how the authorities view you, especially if you're Arabic or Black. You’ll be lucky not to be arrested for jaywalking, or running a stop sign. I cringe every time I see a police officer, just hoping I do not have a broken taillight or else I may be arrested for reckless driving… haha! Moving on; the best communities with the best schools, beautiful scenery, and low criminal activity (excluding sexual predators since they are a low priority) are 100% white, and that this how they like it. Diversifying a neighborhood is like committing an original sin?
The black neighborhoods tend to be louder, less safe (depending where you are) but the biggest issue is the schools if you have children. Housing is really expensive (go figure), and the majority of your Read More

Hudson Valley Region - 3/2/2012
Some of the prettiest country you will ever see in the world.  Read More

a great place to live - 2/16/2012
reportedly I live in the most exciting state in the world,but my community is quite serene,and a beautiful place to Read More

nice - 1/30/2012
nice Read More

Albany - 11/23/2011
If you're looking for the city feel without the city expense, Albany is a great place. Good schools and several good hospitals. Read More
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syracuse metro population - 11/11/2011
Where does this website get its population information? I ask because the Syracuse metro area population actually grew by 12,000 people or so between Read More

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