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Virginia Reviews

Virginia State is an incredibly diverse state that has something to offer to everyone. It is home to some of the country’s most vibrant cities such as Richmond, Charlottesville, and Norfolk which provide a wealth of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The state also offers miles of beautiful coastline and countryside for locals and tourists alike to explore. Virginia State is known for its rich history that spans back to the earliest days of America, from the native people who lived along the rivers and shores thousands of years ago to the founding fathers who helped shape our nation's destiny. Tourists flock to Downtown Richmond for a glimpse into this storied past with visits to historic sites like St John's Church and Monument Avenue.
Reviews of Virginia State are overwhelmingly positive. People speak highly of the vast amount of activities available in each city, ranging from area museums and galleries to outdoor activities like hiking trails or zoos. One reviewer exclaimed that they “love how much there is to do here!” Many people have also commented about how friendly the locals are in each town, noting their willingness to help out visitors with any questions they may have about the area. There are also numerous reviews praising Virginia State’s stunning natural beauty, calling it one of the most beautiful places in America. All in all, there seems to be almost unanimous agreement that Virginia State is an excellent place for both residents and travelers alike!

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NO JOBS - 12/31/2017
Virginia is a lovely place to live and raise a family. But, there are no jobs here and it is a very unfriendly state. Housing cost is on the rise and incomes are on a decline. Please bring in more jobs and pay your Virginia family more to live here.  Read More

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Beautiful state is being ruined - 12/24/2017
Overpriced housing. Too much development. Not that many good jobs in Northern Virginia. Terrible traffic. Huge ugly data centers being built on every vacant plot of land. The people living here don't speak English or understand the American way of life here. They drive like a bunch of crazies! I don't recognize this place Read More

Lynchburg - 1/31/2016
It is a great small town. I am not a big fan of Virginia's state government Read More

Transportation - 6/13/2015
The transportation in Northern Virginia has become more congested over the years. Due to the high growth rate in population and government Read More

Looking to Relocate - 4/30/2015
Central Virginia has many things going for it. The nicest thing about living in central VA, in 2 to 4 hours you can be in some of the "Hottest Entertainment Spots found anywhere, or on Ocean sandy beaches, or even in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The State is Rich in History, has some of the Finest Hospitals and superb education at all levels.

My issue with VA, its a Commonwealth. the cost of living is higher than it should be and unemployment is higher in the central to southern areas of Read More

Hi, I am looking to move from Vermont to Virginia this March 2015. I want to take my Mom and she is currently in Assisted Living so I would put her in one in Va. I want the best area for the 4 Seasons. I went to Roanoke this past September, seems like a lot of homes were real old. I am looking for a small home but not too old. I like a rural area not the city but yet close to things ( grocery stores etc.). Do you have any thoughts? I know this is an important decision. I heard the Hampton area does not get much for snow at all? Please let me Read More

Richmond, VA - 10/8/2014
Richmond has all seasons which make it condusive to alot of outside activity all year long. Centrally located to the beach to the east, Washington, DC to the north and 2 hours from the Read More

"Virgionia Is For Lovers" - 4/30/2014
Having lived in the beautiful state of Virginia all my life, I am partial to all the beauty that surrounds each county and city. Virginia is filled with so much history, and the capitol of Richmond provides education to the young and old presenting much history of many presidents. Virginians enjoy the warmth and comfort of four different seasons year round. In the West of Virginia lies the famous Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by lakes and rolling hills. The foliage in the fall is beautiful in bright reds, orange and yellows. Maple syrup is one of the largest homemade items and a yearly festival presents many products from the syrup. In the Eastern part of Virginia we enjoy Virginia Beach which is one of the finest beach resorts around. Anyone would enjoy our way of living in a state that offers so much.  Read More

Charlottesville? Not cool - 3/6/2013
I must say that Tunis is right about C'ville (as the locals call it). If you want to exist in a self-important college town then this is the place for you. Just about EVERYTHING is about the wonderful UVA, which gets really boring unless you just can not seem to get enough of the Cavaliers and their innumerable sports teams. Anyway, I've lived all over from Columbia, Missouri to Chicago to Honolulu to Little Rock to Tucson and I have no idea why this town gets so many awards. Oh, I forgo.... they have a bunch of vineyards where you can have a glass o vino......pleeeeeease spare me! The housing prices are ridiculous and higher than metro northern Virginia and it really is an obnoxious little overgrown college town with a few old buildings, mostly conservative old people (in the county) and spoiled youngsters at the BUS, combined with the local yokels who wish they were more Southern as they are just north of the real south. I find it to be a lousy place to live except for the time Read More

RE: Doe Hill VA 24133

It seems that everywhere I look in VA or WV the crime rate is absurdly high. I read that the southwestern stateline area of VA is infested with MS-13 thugs but, an isolated hunting region [called "seldom seen"] with your reported population of "11".....yes, "11" has a crime rate 1.25 times the national average ? Absolutely, rediculous Read More

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