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What BestPlaces Users Say about West Virginia

West Virginia is a state located in the Appalachian region of the United States, known for its beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities. It is also home to a variety of industries, including coal mining, healthcare, and tourism. Many people choose to live in West Virginia for its low cost of living and strong sense of community.

User Reviews:

1. "I have lived in West Virginia my entire life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. The people here are friendly and welcoming, and the scenery is just breathtaking. The cost of living is affordable and there are plenty of job opportunities in various industries. It's the perfect place to raise a family." - Emily S.

2. "West Virginia is a hidden gem. The mountains and forests are stunning and there's always something to do outdoors. The people here are down-to-earth and kind. However, the economy is struggling and job opportunities can be limited. But overall, it's a great place to live." - Mark R.

3. "I moved to West Virginia a few years ago and I absolutely love it. The small town charm and sense of community is something you don't find in many places anymore. The cost of living is very affordable and I feel safe and secure in my neighborhood. The only downside is the lack of diversity, but the people here make up for it." - Sarah W.

4. "West Virginia is a beautiful state with friendly people, but the economy is just not great. Jobs are hard to come by and there's not much to do in terms of entertainment. It's a great place to retire or if you're looking for a quiet, peaceful life, but not ideal for young people." - John D.

Overall, the majority of user reviews about living in West Virginia highlight the state's friendly and welcoming community, affordable cost of living, and stunning natural scenery. However, some mention the struggling economy and limited job opportunities as potential drawbacks. Despite its flaws, many people consider West Virginia to be a great place to call home.

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Learning - 2/23/2016
I want to lean things about my home Read More

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Browsing DIFFERENT locations in US - 6/20/2015
great website will be referring it to friends an Read More

Avoid West Virginia ! - 10/25/2014
Fact West Virginia
Among the states with highest illiteracy rates in USA
Among the state with the highest teen pregnancies in USA among unwed mothers
Among the states with highest rates of reported gonorrhea in USA

West Virginia is among the lowest rental rates and property values in USA for SUBSTANDARD HOUSING High taxes
Not unusual in 'good' neighborhoods to see farm equipment, sofas and junk in front yard, no deed restrictions, cables strung from telephone poles for television and internet service resemble spider webs in most areas The overall impression is of a decaying lower class island decades behind the rest of the country, downtown streets in state capitol are so void of people footsteps echo during the daytime
No cultural opportunities, Mountain Stages is the only broadcast from state, there is a pathetic display in State Capitol Building
No intellectual opportunities, state colleges have poor national academic ratingsRead More

WV is refreshingly tranquil, and close to hip & ha - 8/27/2012
Cities rich with art & culture in WV are Shepherdstown, Berkeley Springs,
Huntington, Charleston, and Morgantown, but I happily live in the Northern Panhandle of WV near Pittsburgh,Pennsyl.which is green, progressive, and rejuvenated for the 21st century, I'm pleased to say.
I am a native West Virginian with a Master's Degree and
teach college, in fact. So, tired and outdated stereotypes
of the Uneducated Hillbilly--please R.I.P.

WV is a mellow, low-crime state with friendly, welcoming people. Technology and social media have helped it to evolve in many Read More

Montani Semper - 8/7/2012
Liberi! Read More

need a new start some were new - 5/27/2012
I want to know what kind of jobs and schools are offered Read More

very little in comparism - 4/2/2011
Coming from a big city 8yrs ago I appreciate West Virginia for its beauty,humbleness,churches,and lack of real major crime to the degree in which i was previously used to seeing.Although drugs are redily available its a far cry from anything i have seen in the big city.Its actually a very refreshing place to Read More

Beautiful State but very low in quality of life. - 11/7/2010
About the only good things I can say about WV is that it is a beautiful state and that the people are friendly here but that's about it. The cost of living is relatively low compared to bigger metro areas is probably one more good thing. But the summers are hot and humid, it's a bad state for people with allergies, the infrastructure is not that great, shopping is horrible, there is no public trnsportation whatsoever, the local governments are corrupt, the politics is not progressive at all, there is no culture, there are not enough parks or things to do, and the people are uneducated for the most part. Wages are low. There are not many good job opportunities. Nice place to visit but you do no want to live Read More

looking to relocate - 1/24/2010
i am done here in alaska 48 years is enough ,,can you Read More

Best kept secret - 6/10/2009
West Virginia is a great place to live. Please don't tell anyone or it won't continue to be Read More