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Reviews for Wyoming  based on 11 Reviews

Get to know Wyoming with the latest comments and reviews from people who live in or have visited Wyoming

No children specialists in this State - 3/19/2020
I love in Riverton Wy. Nice place. But this in not the place to live if you have children that need any pediatric specialists.my Daughter is doing Chemo treatments and we have to travel to a different state to get treatment because they have nothing in the state of Wyoming. She has to go out of state to see an Oncologist a Pediatric ophthalmologist and also has to go to a different state for MRI’s they have nothing here for children. It is already expensive to live in this state and then you have to throw in travel and hotels and Gas and food. No one helps. So I do not recommend living in this state if you have kids cause anything can happen at anytime and there is no help for them here. Plus in Riverton the Hospital here Sage west is a joke and they were hiking up prices just to make a profit. They are a bunch of crooks. And. Their hospital sucked. Also they don’t help children either they told me they would have to life flight her out if she even had a fever to Salt Lake City cause Read More

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Beautiful state... depends on your situation - 10/5/2018
If I was rich and retired or had the capability to work remotely I would consider Wyoming a choice place to live. As long as I had the capability to come and go as I pleased and had control over who I did and did not want to associate with.

If you are thinking of moving here for employment, think twice and tread lightly. Small town mentalities, cliquishness and nepotism can make your life hell.  Read More

Brown and empty. - 9/7/2017
I've lived in Wyoming my entire life, (I'm 19) and I find it to be the type of place for a very specific kind of person, which I'm not.

If you like camping, skiing, or other outdoor activities, then you'll love Wyoming. You're never more than half an hour from nowhere here.

If you like to do things other than outdoor activities, then you would be better off looking elsewhere, unless you enjoy six hour drives to Denver to find something to do.

The climate is very dry, and very prone to sudden weather changes. The winters get extremely cold (There have been entire months where it never got above 10 degrees at any point) and the summers are very dry and hot. Most summers are around 80 in June, 90-95 with spikes of 100 in July, and 85-90 in August. Expect the smell of grassfires in the summer to be constant, as they start regularly here. Everywhere you look outside of a town (and inside most towns here) you will find seas of tall brown (or green in Read More

Summers are Beautiful - 1/23/2016
Because of the clean air, sunny skies and beautiful mountain ranges, Wyoming is an incredible place to be from May through September. However winters are very long and cold, so this is when you escape to sunnier Read More

Laramie, NO BIG TIME! - 8/30/2014
This is very true, Laramie is horrible, very cold and windy, short summers, depressing and gloomy little sun, expensive and very limited, I will be here for another two years for my PhD, the school became expensive after they raised the fees, limited GA`s and assistance. I hate Read More

Wyoming as Home - 3/30/2013
Wyoming is a Republican state. Period. Even if you live in Jackson, the views are conservative and political life rules social life. There are many young people who are solitary. A re-occuring thought is that each person is a solitary unit, with a sort of cowboy like, outlaw existence. Don't come here unless you want to be a cowboy or marry one. The old families in town have a very unique mean streak and control everything.

Mountains are beautiful, its VERY cold, (-20+ in Dec, Jan, Feb mornings) Skiing is FANTASTIC.
Hope you enjoy Read More

Missing Northwestern Wyoming - 3/9/2010
I have lived in various western states and the mid-west. I was blessed to live in Cody, WY for over 12 years and greatly miss it. The people are genuine, friendly and the clear days summer or winter are refreshing. Wyoming has some of the best public schools and the lowest taxes in the US. There are exceptional outdoor recreation opportunities and even a low cost recreation center for indoor activities. I would move back to this Northwest part of Wyoming if I could. I have been living in the Salt Lake City, UT area and there is no comparison, it is like the dark ages. Wyoming will always be home. If you are looking for what America use to be a clean country with values and a pioneer spirit, you can find it in Read More

great places - 5/5/2009
wyoming is a great place to Read More

sucks - 3/8/2009
nothing to do.Read More

Great Place - For Some - 10/11/2007
Riverton, Wyoming, is a fine place to live. The crime rate is relatively low, the cost of living is moderate, and Wyoming takes education seriously and invests in their schools. However, if one is looking for a place with (or near) some nice amenities, the Riverton area is not it. For those who like various forms of outdoor recreation, Wyoming is Read More

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