Review of Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Progressive, artsy small city
Star Rating - 6/14/2018
I didn't fully appreciate WS until I left. I still have family and friends there, and when I visit (I've lived in various places, now in the midwest for about 20 years) I realize how much it has to offer. The weather is much milder than here in Chicagoland, and although there aren't as many things to do, for a city its size, WS has a lot more to offer than you might expect.
mary | Terre Haute, IN
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- 2/26/2020
A sad and corrupt city
Winston Salem is a corrupt and sad city. Many residents aren't open to new comers and crim...
Emily | Greenville, SC | 3 Replies

- 1/4/2020
Beautiful and Quiet
I’ve lived here since 2008 and the community is beautiful and quiet. Convenient to everyth...
Charlotte | Winston-Salem, NC | No Replies

- 6/13/2018
Not My Cup of Tea
I lived in W-S for 2 years while my husband was in grad school at Wake Forest. Our first ...
K.D. | Shady Side, MD | 4 Replies

- 8/2/2017
Attractive neighborhoods/lack job opp. + entertain
Winston-Salem has one of the most attractive residential neighborhoods in NC. Many streets...
Jason | Indianapolis, IN | No Replies

- 7/14/2015
The living is easy
It's a hard place to set down roots. Most people and their predecessors have been in WS fo...
Dee | Los Angeles, CA | No Replies

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