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A sad and corrupt city
Star Rating - 2/26/2020
Winston Salem is a corrupt and sad city. Many residents aren't open to new comers and crime is rampant. The abysmal crime rate is due in part to the corrupt and complacent police force. Sadly, the city is replete with indifferent public servants who could care less about the people they're paid to serve. You'd be wise to avoid Winston Salem.
Emily | Greenville, SC
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It's "COULDN'T" care less. (:
Dean | Sacramento, CA | Report Abuse

I have lived in Winston-Salem for 39 years. As to corruption, that is a mighty nebulous statement. Maybe you should define what you mean. People here are very friendly and accepting. Housing is reasonable. Schools are good for the most part. City government does its job, as does the police department and all other departments. The crime is no worse here than in other cities in the state. We have Wake Forest, WSSU, NC School of the Arts, Salem College, Forsyth Community College, Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Arts are well represented -- Winston-Salem Symphony, Youth Orchestra, Sawtooth Center for the Arts, plenty of amateur theatres, Old Salem, Moravian Band. My daughter lived in South Carolina for almost ten years and was delighted to move back to North Carolina. The crime rate there was higher than it is here and the police and sheriff departments weren't all that responsive.
Katherine | Winston-Salem, NC | Report Abuse

I've lived in WS all of my life and while I agree that the police don't give a hoot about serving and protecting, I don't think the crime rate is any worse than other cities in the state (especially Greensboro, Durham, Charlotte, and Raleigh), nor do I agree with the comment about residents not being open to new comers. What kind of statement is that, especially coming from someone who's in SC, a far sadder state than this one I am about to relocate from WS, from the state of NC in fact - permanently - and I will be very glad to get away from the Trumpism and bigotry, though I'll miss my family.
Michelle | Winston-Salem, NC | Report Abuse
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