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Star Rating - 6/26/2008
We are in a quiet neighbor hood with modtly elderly people on our street, I have always lived in this city and I wouldn't change for any place in the U.S.A I love the ciyy, its history and the different people her
Joanne | Lowell, MA
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- 7/29/2009
traffic, double parking, crime, drugs, etc.....
Lowell... what a city! Remember to read the plaques on each sewer reminding our residents ...
Jerry | Lowell, MA | No Replies

- 12/17/2007
Many parts of Middlesex county have become incredibly congested and overcrowded in recent ...
Rahmbo | Brookline, MA | No Replies

- 10/25/2005
Immigrant City
Always has been an immigrant city. However with the influx of Asians came with them numero...
JC | Dracut, MA | No Replies

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