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traffic, double parking, crime, drugs, etc.....
Star Rating - 7/29/2009
Lowell... what a city! Remember to read the plaques on each sewer reminding our residents not to wash your daily garbage down the gutters. Remember, here in Lowell, putting on your 4 way flashers is the international signal that you can double, triple park wherever and whenever you want. Remember to leave a few extra napkins curbside for the folks eating out of your trash barrel. Remember, actually using a turn signal is unacceptable. The term "Single Family Home" or SFH actually stands for "Several Families Here".People pushing 12 foot wide shopping carriages in the street have the right of way. Speaking English is just a hobby. Please report any clean street to the Department of Public Works ASAP. Bumper stickers stating "My son is a Blood" is shown with pride. And finally, the Lowell made movie "High on Crack Street" has a waiting list at any local video store.
Lowell Pride Forever!
Jerry | Lowell, MA
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