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MN Nice!? OK sure only on the surface not the soul
Star Rating - 8/7/2020
I Lived here for 3 years and I have to say Mn landscape nature biking etc is Nice lots of malls specially in Metro .Great Entertainment for sports it has NFL MLS MLB NBA WNBA HOCKEY so in that category it is awesome 5 stars. Concerts are ok could be better but good Food is ok could be better sure if you search you will find good places but not like other city's where good food is a rock throw away.The Cold here aint that Bad people over react it aint Alaska its just a hair worst then Milwaukee and Chicago.I have lived in IL and WI and I worked in both and in the job market I have to admit in MN if you dont have a degree or high skill you basically will be treated like a slave every where you work soo be aware of that work over load and pay is not that great doe not match economy here almost pays the same as Wi or IL but in IL and WI the dollar goes farther so Work Here in MN TWO Stars basically it sucks.My Opinion also MN is a lil racist I have personally experience more racism here in 3 years then in 10 years in WI so in comparison MN is more racist then WI and IL by the way almost zero racist experiences in IL,MN not only is more racist then IL n WI it is also way more class segregated much much more then WI n IL.Why did i give it 3 stars not 2 well because it is Beautiful here and if your tough and can survive the peoples BS and dont mind not having the best food here compared to other states If you just want to be in a small circle family only and can put up with shtty people at jobs or customer service at stores well you just might like MN I do but its has not been easy Mn Nice yeah the State NOT the People overall yes there is good and bad everywhere i know but I have just seen more bad here Then in WI and IL thats all.My experience take it for what its worth,But if you dont believe me just Remember his name FLOYD.oh and if your Asian or straight from Africa not black american you just might like this place because there is Alot of Asians her and shockingly alot alot of Africans IN Brooklyn Park and sorrunding areas.Im going to relocate soon back to IL the best out the three from WI and MN.But I might try Texas or Arizona ?
S | Shakopee, MN
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Don't bother with AZ; go read the comments
Duke | Houston, TX | Report Abuse

Anchorage still has a higher crime rate per capita than Minneapolis according to the FBI stats. Alaska is more dangerous than people realize. Sure, it's beautiful and remote here, but the "shady people" tend to come here to hide from the law and to evade taxes, child support, etc. Some of them continue to commit crimes. In 2016, Anchorage has tied an 1995 record for most homicides in a year. There's racism of all kinds everywhere, believe it or not. You can't focus solely on this for your decision to move to a place.
Bob | Anchorage, AK | Report Abuse
- 2/26/2021
Well, it's the Midwest.....
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Best of the Midwest!
Minneapolis is my hometown. One would think that that would skew my review, but I actually...
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Decent & Underrated
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Candid review from a long time resident
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As underrated as they come!
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- 10/9/2020
Not So Great - Minnesota
I have lived her 5 years and cannot wait to get out. This is the worst place I have ever l...
P | Roseville, MN | 1 Reply

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